Fun Roblox Games to Play with Friends 2022


Roblox is the best platform to be together, and it will never change. It gains this advantage since it has a greater chance for the players to create their own games as a user. 


So many users benefit from this platform by playing different types of games, and it is, of course, a great platform to play along with your friends as well. So here is the number of fun Roblox games in 2022.

Talking about fun Roblox games, it has to be a game that can keep your interest for so long, and Roblox for sure doesn’t fail for it. So here is a list to carry out your joy with friends, and let’s give them a try as follows.

Free Roblox Games to Enjoy with Friends

There are so many custom games and different mods, and it is hard to find a specific game that can make you play for hours. But this fun Roblox games are capable of doing so.


Are you a player who seeks more fun with guns? Why not try Arsenal from your fun Roblox games list. Here the players have options to go between an arsenal of weapons, and they will be able to race as a top in arcade gameplay with a fast-paced strategy.

Any player will not be given the clue of their next weapon, and they just have to keep playing. You have to unlock more weapons along with your progression. In addition to these weapons, you and your friends will enjoy so many characters, killing effects, skins, and mods with Arsenal.


Build a Boat for Treasure

This is our second place for fun Roblox games, and it is a custom Roblox game that can test your teamwork and creativity. The game allows players to play with their friends and test their teamwork with friendship.

There should be a goal maintained here to build a boat right from scratch, and it has to be done as a team until it becomes ready for sailing a novel adventure. 

What is more interesting is that this game has a Facebook group to join, and it will earn you extra perks like gold, health, and more.


Brookhaven Roleplay

It becomes more fun when we play multiplayer games since they give us more real-life feelings. So for such an experience, you can now play Brookhaven Roleplay from the list of fun Roblox games.

In this game, players will find many things that they find in their real life, and there are things like vehicles, buildings, towns, and so many tools to make you feel you are in real life. So it is real-life roleplaying, which comes from a custom game.

You will experience minimalist and simple gameplay here, and you even have the chance of taking a group of friends. They can all take their favorite car or house, and they can explore through the city as if they are doing it in real life.


Retail Tycoon 2

There is no single person who hasn’t played Real Estate Tycoon, and this from the list of fun Roblox games are combined with the nostalgia of old school and the Roblox features to a commercial type of game.

This Retail Tycoon 2 focuses on story building, and it can be known as a management game where it asks players to grow their stores from one to another chain of stores. 

Every player can play this game with their friends continuously and choose from buying a car, decorating the stores, selling their cars, or getting money from financial reps. That is how you will be expanded in this game.


Fighting Simulator

Fighting is an all-time favorite game for any player, and for that reason, the fun Roblox games list comes to the Fighting Simulator. You will build the character, fight with other players or friends, improve character strengths and master the techniques of combat here.

Since this is a custom mode game, players will spend most of their time and efforts on being the strongest fighter, and they can also purchase their equipment to use for the fights.

On the leaderboard of this game, players will be given a chance to fight with their friends, and guess what, you will not miss this competition for sure.

Phantom Forces

And this is our next game from the list of fun Roblox games and is an advanced game with a first-person shooter game. Here the players are experiencing an excitement similar to Call of Duty while they are still on the platform Roblox.

Choose to play Phantom Forces with friends, and then you will be able to spend so many hours practicing on multiple maps and planning tactics.

Over five years, Phantom Forces was on the platform, and it has already been played for billion times. But still, it has a frequency of playing with the most significant updates, which is why it becomes a one from fun Roblox games.

Hide and Seek Transform

When we were kids, we were so in love with playing hide and seek for hours. And that combination of features for a Roblox game became the most incredible empowerment as a fun game so far. 

This is a custom game where players will play a hide and seek game with their friends. And the game is happening around multiple maps.

The game consists of skins to collect, and they can be used to transform better on hiding. The three-game modes will add more interest to the game, and players will get their free private servers to play this amazing game shared with their friends.

We must say that this Hide and Seek Transform is the most popular custom Roblox game so far, and it is continuously updating. So a new surprise will always be waiting for every update for sure.



We see as the best that Roblox has custom multiplayer games with fun Roblox games to play with our friends. Having such a wide range of games will let us choose from many and choose one from these to play with your friends and make it a best to make your gaming experience more unique.

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