Battle Balls Royale Gameplay Insights and Review


Battle Balls Royale is a competitive multiplayer game from the developers Yodo1 Games. Yodo1 Games have other games such as Rodeo Stampede, Rooms of Doom, Hang Line, and Ski Safari. Battle Balls Royale is also one of the best games from them, evident from the positive ratings it has on the Play Store and the App Store.




About Battle Balls Royale

Battle Balls Royale allows you to choose your desired battle Blob and defeat online players from around the world to top the leader board. The game offers amazing features and three intriguing game modes. You enter the arena to fight and level up by getting bigger and stronger in this game. 


Be battle-ready with customizable skins and weapons and experience the thrill and intensity of the battle arena filled with other skilled players. Attack your opponents and dodge their attacks in Ladder Tournament mode. Learn how to attack and defend and get to the top of the rankings table. 


Battle Balls Royale also features daily rewards where you will be rewarded for each day you log in. You will receive coins, character skins, and chests in these daily rewards.


The chests - Rare, Epic, and Legendary, will reward you with skins and weapons to customize your characters. You can also grab various in-game items, including bombs, to increase your chances of defeating the opposition faster.


This review article will discuss the pros and cons but mostly the pros of the Battle Balls Royale and will give you detailed information on what we think of its features, gameplay, gaming modes, and graphic visuals. We will give you an honest review of the game that will help you decide whether the game is worth playing or not.


Without further ado, let's get started with the pros of the Battle Balls Royale.


Battle Balls Royale Mobile game




Easy Controls


Battle Balls Royale features a very simple control structure. It has a joystick for movement on one side and other options to attack the other side. A total of 4 control options is all you need to know about to play the game.


One to move and the other 3 to attack and defend. With Joystick on the left-hand side, you can move left, right, up, and down. With the sword icon button, you can use your weapon to attack the enemy; the other option allows you to throw fireballs at the enemy. But if you want to go in defensive mode, you can customize the same option for dodging the attacks from the enemy.


The controls are easy to master as the developers place them well. 


Awesome and Unique game modes


Battle Balls Royale features three unique game modes in which players can participate and experience the awesome battle and gameplay. In each game mode, you battle against other players, but each time the battle is different, you will get different powerups in each battle mode.


The three modes are - Ladder Tournament mode, Infiniti mode, and the holy treasure mode. 


The ladder tournament is unlocked from the start, and in this, you will fight other players to get to the top of the leaderboard. In Infiniti mode, the battle is more intense. You will experience a similar arena and battle like Ladder Tournament mode. This mode will be unlocked after you reach level 5. In the final mode, you can engage in a 5v5 battle for the holy treasure. This level will be unlocked at level 9.


We advise you to try all three game modes and decide for yourself which game mode you prefer.


Battle Balls Royale Game Modes


Graphics and Visuals


Battle Balls Royale has good 3D graphics, which matches well with the game's camera angle. Although we would also like to point out, the camera angle sometimes is not very helpful during fights. The graphics aren't that different from other similar games, but it's good.


The buttons, game modes, and other menu options are well placed and designed to improve the overall visuals of the game's menu. The visuals are stunning at some parts of the game but confusing at others. For instance, with too many players, their skins are hard to differentiate sometimes. 


Finally, we would say that the graphics are remarkable. But it all depends on which device you are playing with. With a device that supports higher graphics without lagging, you will enjoy the game and love the graphics.


Battle Balls Royale Graphics




Camera angle


If anything is annoying about the graphics part, it is the camera angle. For an online multiplayer battle, you expect the camera angle to help you locate enemies. But in this game, the camera angle hardly helps. It only covers certain parts of your surroundings each time.


You sometimes won't even know who attacked you if they are not in your visual range. The developers might add new camera angles to improve the battle experience.


More game modes can be added


The game has three different game modes as of now. But they are not so much different. Expect 5v5 battle mode; the first two modes are almost similar. The developers can add more game modes to increase the players' overall experience.


Another thing that can be done instead of adding more modes is to upgrade the existing game modes.



Battle Balls Royale is an amazing game with a challenging multiplayer background. The game modes are full of action, and the thrill it brings to the experience is simply electrifying. The gameplay is fun, and you will enjoy every bit of it. This game might not be that different from other similar category games, but it is awesome. Battle Balls Royale deserves your time.

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