Rainbow Story Global - Review of overall gameplay aesthetics and in-game elements - A new genre in RPG??

2022-01-17 Content Collaboration

Most gamers are already familiar with all the genres present in the gaming world. RPGs are the most sought-after among all the genres due to their unique and awesome gameplay experience. EskyfunUSA has come up with a unique title that is a mix of various genres but mainly has the RPG element. 




Rainbow Story Global is not a conventional RPG where you have monsters and need to defeat bosses etc. instead, you are in a semi 3D world with not much fantasy stuff around you. Generally, role-playing games occur completely in a fantasy world with almost every element different from reality. This game brilliantly blends everything to form a unique gameplay experience.


Before you approach the game, it will be very helpful to go through this review first so that you can know whether the game is worth your time or not. We will review the game based on the storyline, gameplay experience, control, and accessibility. Also, the drawbacks of the game will be mentioned.


Rainbow Story Global Mobile Game


Presence of a story to explain the purpose of the game

Rainbow Story Global also has a very interesting storyline like other role-playing games. You are in the tyre kingdom, and you need to save it from the demon king trying to acquire it for himself. If not prevented, this will bring chaos and despair. 


You will be defending the kingdom by participating in many battles that will progress you towards a better nation. Having a story or at least an introduction cinematic is very important as it will help players cling to the purpose of why they are playing the game and what is happening in front of them.


Overall, the story is very short and sweet and provides a rough idea of what will happen in the game and what direction you will be progressing.


Rainbow Story Global Story


Are the controls optimized well enough?

For a role-playing game, controls are of utmost importance as the entire gameplay experience is directly proportional to the optimization of the controls. Now, in Rainbow Story Global, the controls are not well made. They are tiny for most players; hence accidental touches and analog slips happen quite frequently. Also, some input lags and delays might get frustrating at times because, during battles, action needs to happen instantly. The placement of the controls is accurate, but the only issue is optimization.


If we talk about the controls regarding accessibility, they are quite well placed and can be easily accessed on the screen. So overall, the controls are average, and the developers could have optimized them a little better.


Rainbow Story Global Controls


How are the graphics and GUI of the game?

Rainbow Story Global is a different kind of RPG; hence this includes the graphics. Conventional role-playing games have high graphics and intense visuals, so comparatively, this game has milder visuals and a retro-style user interface. This helps lower-end devices run the game properly without lags or frame drops. 


The graphics on the game might seem old school compared to other role-playing games out there, but sometimes keeping visuals subtle makes it very fun to play. As you play the game more and progress, it will grow on you.


Hence overall, the game is excellent in graphics and visual optimization. There are still some frame freezes and minor bugs which the developers may fix in the upcoming updates.


Rainbow Story Global Graphics



Rainbow Story Global is a role-playing game; hence, it should not have drawbacks as it greatly affects gameplay. But there are quite a few optimization issues that may be annoying. The game controls are not very well optimized, and the game is a bit yanky. If the developers had invested more time fixing the issues, the game would have been a lot better. Also, the gameplay is not very “inclusive,” meaning you are not playing anything in major instead, the game autoplay most of the thing. This will cause the players to get bored because it will become a watchable cinematic instead of a playable game. 


These are some major drawbacks of the game, but the game is quite fun to play and pass the time.


Final Verdict

Overall, Rainbow Story Global is a good game, but there are far better games in the competition that are much more dynamic in terms of controls, in-game elements, gameplay aesthetics, etc. The game is like a replica of already existing similar games, only that there are not many mixed RPGs. The developers could have optimized the game better and added more interactive and playable stuff in the game rather than just being autoplay.


Don’t get us wrong; the game is not bad or unplayable. You can still enjoy it the way it is, and it is very fun to play from a core RPG point of view.

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