Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Gameplay Insights and Review - Best RPG?

2022-01-20 Content Collaboration

The developers Gravity Interactive have always been a very renowned name in the Ragnarok series. They are generally more into role-playing games; hence Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is also from the same genre. Games from this segment are the most sought-after gaming communities across all platforms. The basic reason role-playing games are more famous than games from other genres is that they have more customizable, explorables, better game control, and uniqueness to them. 




Ragnarok also follows the same legacy with its unique game model and in-game explorables. The game is a sequel to an already famous game, Ragnarok Online, and carries forward most of the original game's legacy. The Ragnarok series of games are mostly known for their extraordinary storyline, and it is nothing different in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories. 


You get an opportunity to be a part of an exciting storyline while having the option to choose your path and progress. Ragnarok is a casual adventure RPG; hence you won't be pressured to keep up with the in-game elements to progress in the game effectively. You can enjoy the game at your own pace without worrying about getting stuck or farming for items or level-ups. 


In this article, we will review all the aspects of the game, including controls, graphics, gameplay elements, etc. This will help players know whether the game is worth their time or not or if there is room for improvement until it makes its way to a larger player base.


Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Mobile Game


Is the storyline up to the mark?

There is no doubt that Ragnarok games have one of the best storylines out there. The entire game can be considered one story, and you will be filling the gaps by playing through it while gathering stuff and upgrading yourself as your progress. It is a fantasy RPG; everything is happening in a fantasy world with monsters and magic.


A very surprising fact is that the game has a role-playing element and is a mix of the card style genre. You have 'Cards' instead of physical characters, making things even more interesting. As you progress in the story, you will be collecting various cards similar to collecting new characters. This unique game model makes the game different from its rivals.


So overall, the story and the gameplay are brilliantly synchronized, and there is absolutely no dull moment while playing the game.


Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Storyline


Are the controls well optimized for the gameplay?

A well-built storyline is the base constituent of the game; hence in terms of controls, it's mostly 'Click and play.' Many 'interactions' need to be continued by tapping on the interactive bubbles. At times, there are basic analog movements of the characters to reach an assigned place or spot on the map. The game will also walk you through a fascinating and inclusive story; hence, you do not need to worry about complex controls and mechanics to progress in the game.


So overall, the controls are excellent and very easy to use. Even newcomers will understand how to control the game very quickly without any hassles. The game will provide a quick tutorial of accessible items in the game right at the start.


Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Controls


How are the graphics and visuals of the game?

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is not your conventional RPG because the visuals are unique. If players have experienced games like Pokemon from the golden era of Nintendo, they are in for a treat because the game style is very similar. It's old school yet very modern in terms of gameplay. The graphics are not very intense and suitable for a mobile device. Even devices with low specifications can run the game very easily without lags or delays.


Despite the graphics being very subtle, the game is very good-looking in overall visuals. Players can have a decent gaming experience with top-notch GUI optimization. This is very important because if the user interface has lags or delays, it will become very annoying during battles as there will be delays and misclicks.


Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Graphics


Drawbacks of the game

The game has a unique model of role-playing and card battles mixed. This mixture is not perfect, and there are quite some flaws. The initial tutorial is too long, and the developers have overdone it for the storyline. Interactions in the game are very generic if compared with other games having the same element. For some players, a very long storyline will become boring, and eventually, they will lose interest in the game and will not want to progress till the end. And despite being from the RPG genre of games, there are not many customizable, and the gameplay becomes quite generic due to that.


Final Verdict

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is one of the best titles made by Gravity Interactive. The gameplay is unique, with pleasing aesthetics and very few model flaws. But unfortunately, it's not for all players as the gameplay is a mix of RPG and card battles, and the game executes the combination just above average. 


The overall storyline is excellent, but the interactions are quite generic, and over time it will become quite dull if you are a player looking for pure RPG action. But if you are looking for some intense story with simple adventure action like small boss battles and mini-games, you will love the game.

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