Punishing Gray Raven Bright Path Supplies Event - Who To Pick


With the Punishing Gray Raven update patch coming to a close and a new update patch announcement is on the horizon, Punishing Gray Raven is holding one of its last event for this update patch in the form of the Bright Path Supplies Event where players can spend their hard earned currencies in order to obtain various rewards including character upgrading materials, character shards, a special weapon selector, a A Rank CUB Selector Ticket and finally, the grand prize - The S Rank Omniframe Construct Selector Ticket that allows players to pick one S Rank Construct out of a selection of 5 Constructs of their choosing.


In this guide, we will go over the details of Punishing Gray Raven limited time event - Bright Path Supplies and advises players on how they can best obtain the rewards provided to them through participating in this event, including guide on how they can obtain the S Rank Omniframe Construct Selector Ticket. In addition, we will also go over the 5 constructs players can obtain from the S Rank Selector and advise them on which one they should obtain.


Let’s play Punishing Gray Raven on PC and find out together!

Punishing Gray Raven Bright Path Supplies - How To Obtain The Rewards

With the final stretch of the Punishing Gray Raven update patch coming and going strong, a special late patch update event have come to pass in order to offer players the chance to obtain special limited time rewards and special items such as an A rank CUB selector ticket, a weapon selector ticket and lastly, the special limited S Rank Omniframe Construct Selector Ticket for a limited time.

Punishing Gray Raven Bright Path Supplies - What Is It

The special Punishing Gray Raven Bright Path Supplies event is a special limited time event where players can spend special currencies in order to roll for special items from the lotto box in order to obtain the rewards. By exchanging the premium currencies on the game, players can exchange for the special lotto tickets for the Bright Path Supplies event and roll on the gacha in order to obtain special limited time rewards and character upgrading materials from the event.


In this event, the rate for exchanging between event lotto tickets and black card premium currencies will change depending on the amount of pulls players have done during the event, with each pull increasing the exchange rate, requiring players to spend more currencies in order to roll for the rewards in this event. Players should pay attention to how much currencies thay can obtain by exchanging black cards for. In addition, players can also exchange for the lotto currencies with the Platinum Cards from the shops.

Punishing Gray Raven Bright Path Supplies - Rewards

By participating in this event, players can obtain various rewards based on the rewards they can obtain from the rewards pool with each roll they do from the lotto.

From this event, the rewards will be divided into several special different tiers known as the Core Layer, the First Layer and the Second Layer with different rewards available for each layers that players can obtain including special event exclusive items.


For every 10 pulls players made in the event, players will be guaranteed to obtain the Core Layer reward - The Special S Rank Omnifram Construct Selector Ticket and players can obtain multiple of these rewards. In addition, for the first 8 pulls players made, players will be guaranteed to receive an A Rank CUB selector ticket after 8 pulls, allowing them to choose 1 A Rank CUB to add to their roster.


The S Rank Omniframe Construct Selector Ticket will allow players to choose one of 5 different S Rank Construct to add into their team roster, including: Nanami:Pulse, Kamui:Tenebrion, Liv:Luminance, Lee:Entropy and Karenina: Ember.

S Rank Omniframe Construct Selector Ticket - Who Should You Choose


Kamui: Tenebrion is a S Rank Dark elemental tank Omnifram construct that specializes in dealing massive amounts of Dark elemental damage to all enemies and crowd controling a big group of enemies, stunning them and dealing gradual Dark elemental damage to them.

Kamui’s strong point lies in his ability to deal damage in a large area with his big swing and the ability to draw all enemies into his attacks, dealing massive amounts of damage to them and crowd controlling them for other members of the team to have an easier time damaging all enemies.


Kamui’s ultimate skill allows him to enter a special stage where all of his attacks will be enhanced greatly and all of them will deal Dark elemental damage with each hit, allowing him to become a sub DPS option for Dark elemental teams and an extremely powerful tank.

Nanami: Pulse

Nanami:Pulse is a Fire Elemental tank Omniframe Construct that specializes in dealing a mix of Physical and Fire damage to enemies surrounding her and inflicting the Burn effect on them, weakening them and shredding through their Armor with ease.

Nanami:Pulse is a very interesting early year Construct with the ability to deal a good mix of both physical and fire elemental damage to enemies while shredding their defenses and armor, however, her kit is extremely limited and is not quite powerful in the current game meta.


Nanami: Pulse’s ultimate allows her to deal a massive AOE fire elemental damage hit to all enemies, massively reducing their armor and defenses while inflicting them with Burn.

Karenina: Ember

Karenina: Ember is a Fire elemental Attacker Construct with the ability to deal fire elemental damage in a large area using her special gauge system, which once filled up, allows her to deal devastating Fire damage to all enemies in front of her.

Karenina: Ember's strong point lies in her ability to deal constant fire elemental damage to large areas of enemies and boss enemies alike by filling her Canon Gauge constantly and converting all of her physical damage to fire elemental damage.


Karenina:Ember's ultimate skill allows her to deal a massive Fire elemental hit in a straight line, disintegrating enemies in the lazer’s path and dealing massive amounts of fire damage to them on short notice.


Liv:Luminance is a Physical healer Omniframe construct that specializes in healing every single ally on the field with massive healing buffs, allowing her to completely hold up the entire team and make them practically immortal as long as Liv herself is alive.

Liv:Luminance strong point lies in her ability and Ultimate skill which allows her to damage enemies in a wide area and heal all allies within the area proportional to her damage dealt, helping to make her an extremely powerful healer for the physical oriented teams.

Lee: Entropy

Lee: Entropy is a Physical damage dealer attacker Omniframe Construct that specializes in dealing massive amounts of physical damage in a wide area with flexible movements, allowing him to dodge enemies attacks while attacking them himself.

Lee: Entropy's main strong point lies in his high physical damage output together with his high mobility and powerful ultimate skill, allowing to quickly destroy enemies in his path while dodging their attacks and countering with attacks of his own.

Who Should You Get For The S Rank Construct Selector

By far the best option to pick out of the 5 S Rank Constructs available for grab for all players is Kamui:Tenebrion. Not only is he an extremely powerful and useful Construct to have, he is one of the few out of the selection of 5 to still be relevant in the meta and is still receiving massive supports and buffs to make him extremely powerful in the future.

LDPlayer 9.0 - The Specialized Punishing Gray Raven Emulator Option 

To prepare for the brand new update and the new limited characters, players should start playing Punishing Gray Raven on PC using LDPlayer Version 9.0. Unlike other emulators on PC of its kind, the newly upgraded LDplayer 9.0 is especially designed to support and enhance the gaming experience when playing Punishing Gray Raven.

With a preset interface that binds certain game actions with keyboard buttons, LDPlayer is designed so that players can execute fast and precise actions in the game with ease by simply pushing keyboard buttons and moving their mouses.

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