PUBG MOBILE: Arctic Mode Guide

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Tencent, the creator of the popular PUBG mobile game, is continuously adding new features in the game to keep it interesting. The latest update of the game version is 0.17.0 and it works with Android version 4.3 or up. In this update, Tencent introduced a new gameplay mode known as Arctic mode which has gone live on 16 April.


If you are playing the PUBG Mobile game on the latest version 0.17.0 which was released on February 23, then you can play the game in Arctic mode. In Arctic mode, you have to compete with other teams and you have also to fight against environmental conditions. Android users can play PUBG MOBILE: Arctic Mode on their PC by using an Android emulator. You can use a keyboard and mouse to play PUBG MOBILE: Arctic Mode with the best emulator LDPlayer.

PUBG Arctic Mode1


The Arctic Mode:

This is similar to the regular classic mode. The Arctic mode takes you to the Vikendi with your team, where you can collect weapons, armor and other consumable items. The big difference between Arctic mode and classic mode is that  the weather can damage and even kill you in this mode.

PUBG Arctic Mode2


As you land on the Vikindi, you will see temperature indicator on the left side of your health bar. This temperature indicator shows how much cold in your character. During a blizzard snowstorm, your character will lose his health if the temperature drops quickly. To win this game you have to take shelter regularly.


In Arctic mode, there are many boxes. When you land you can see these boxes. These boxes are amazing. All the things that you need are present in these boxes. Mainly you can collect all the guns from these boxes and you can also collect drones, branches and oil heater from these boxes. These boxes are found in many places around the map.


How to remain warm and survive from the cold?

PUBG Arctic Mode3

During the snowstorms, you have to stay warm. If you do not stay warm, you cannot survive. You have to maintain your health and your body temperature normal. You can stay warm by using the following items.


The new features you should know that are introduced in the Arctic Mode are as followed.



PUBG Arctic Mode4

The branches are the main things that help you to stay warm and maintain your health during a snowstorm. These branches are scattered around the map, you have to collect them. You can patch these branches into your bag and use them when you need them. These branches are used as fuel for the fire. The burning of these branches increase your body temperature and maintain your health. You can burn fire inside the house. You can increase the fire by adding more branches in it. But you have to burn the fire according to your need. If you use more branches, there will be more fire and your enemies can locate you easily by your fire. You can also see the players on the map who are burning fire around you.


Oil Heaters

PUBG Arctic Mode5

The oil heaters are also used as a heat source during a snowstorm. The oil heaters not only warm yourself but they also are used to warm your squad. Any player comes in the radius of this oil heater, his health can not be damaged. The heaters can create a wide circle of heat around you and your squad so your squad can move from one house to another during a blizzard. You can found these heaters in houses like weapons and guns.


Warm Pack

PUBG Arctic Mode6

There are many warm packs on the map and you can find these warm packs anywhere. These warm packs are used to warm your body when you are outside the house during a blizzard. Each warm pack maintains your health for 30 seconds. These warm packs are ideal to use when you need to relocate yourself to a safer place.


Hunting for food

PUBG Arctic Mode7

In Arctic mode, many animals like chickens are running around the map. You have to shoot these animals with your gun. You get raw meat from these animals. You can not use this raw meat without cooking. First, you have to cook the meat. You can roast the meat of animals with the help of your heat source. The roasted meat is used to maintain the temperature of your body normal and increase your health. You can hunt more than one animal at a time and patch them into your bag and use them later when you need them. The roasted animals warm your body and also increase your speed.



PUBG Arctic Mode8

One of the new features is the snowboard in this mode. The snowboard is used to move from one area to another area. The snowboard act like a vehicle. It helps you to move quickly on snow.


Use of Drones

PUBG Arctic Mode8

Among other elements found in Arctic mode, one of the most important elements is the special drone item which you can find around the map. The drone is so amazing. Due to the loud blizzards, the player is confined indoor and it is impossible to hear the footsteps of your enemies. You can use drones to see the environment of your enemies. The drone has limited power but it is unaffected by cold.


You can use a drone during a blizzard to watch the movement. You can see the health of your drone on the right side and you can see the power of your drone left side. The drone has a specific limit and specific range. You can not uplift your drone above the limit. You can not drive your drone outside of the specific range and also due to specific range, you can not see the enemies outside the range of your drone.


Your drone is visible to enemies and you can also see the enemy drones. You can destroy the enemies' drones with bullets but many of them are needed. And also your enemies can destroy your drone. So you have to take care of your drone. A single drone can last for the entire match but you have to use it wisely because the drone has limited battery time. After using a drone, you can recall your drone, pack it in your bag and use it later.


How to Download PUBG MOBILE: Arctic Mode?

You can play it on mobile and if you want to play this game on your desktop, then the best way is to download the LDPlayer Android emulator.  Please check - How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC with FPS Boost - for more information. Also, visit our platform regularly to get more guidelines for more games.



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