Project Slayers Beginner's Guide and Walkthrough Guide (Roblox)


Project Slayers is here to slay the Roblox world again. This time, it is going to have a mix-up of manga and anime. We know how Roblox comes with several themes from time to time, and here they are also taking a step towards the world with a new RPG game. Project Slayers is filled with so many actions and RPG elements on it, and most importantly, this was influenced by the Demon Slayer. But we are not here today to say how inspired it is because everyone who takes a step in this game needs guidance for the game. So here is a guide for beginners.



You don't have to deal with many complications in this game because the aim of the players is pretty simple. There are enemies to fight here, and there is also a map placed on the game where we can earn many rewards and secrets. This is a journey that we need to take on, and the journey you are taking on the game will no longer be easy, especially when you don't come with proper guidance.


So this guide will be aimed at everything you need to know about this game as a beginner, and at the end of this guide, being a better player at your gameplay will no longer be a critical issue for you all. So if you really want to be the best player for this evolving Roblox game, stay with this Project Slayers beginner's guide and let us fix and let you know things as follows.


Becoming a Human

The first thing to talk about in this Project Slayers beginner's guide is how you can be a human in this game. Those players who are looking to be a human need to reach level 12 of the game, and evolving into this step will take you through several steps. Note that these steps will not be going to cost highly from you at all.



At first, players have to farm through their first two quests, and they need to complete them right until they manage to farm Zuko into level 12. After you come to level 12, it is time to find a perfect trainer as you like, and then you can complete the missions. These missions will be assigned to you by the chosen trainer. You have to do your quests and make sure to manage to finish your final selections.


If you are searching for a tip to complete this final selection, you can make some friends with you. So you literally have the opportunity to finish this final selection properly. If you didn't manage to find any friends, remember that it can take a lot of cost from you, so we advise players to create their own party from the game.


Becoming a Demon

In the next guidance from our Project Slayers beginner's guide, let us take you to the life of the demon in this game. This one is for the players who would love being served to Muzan, and there are several steps for being a demon.



First, you have to get into level 15 of this game as the first step of being a demon, and then you can talk to the Muzan. After that, there will be two missions offered to you to complete, and right after you have completed them, you can farm the Zuko. This is also like the human progression steps, but the Zuko has to be farmed at a high level here.


Then you need to find the Muzan, and he will be available at one random spawn to get your Muzan Finder GamePass. But suppose you already have a friend that owns this GamePass. Then you don't have any problem because you can take help from that friend. After you have found the Muzan, you can directly talk to him, and then it is a must to try to complete our given missions. And then, players will have to roll their BDA at the Zapiwara Cave.


Project Slayers Human Bosses

There are several human bosses you can see in this game, and they all have their specific drop locations as well. So we are going to look into them one by one from this beginner's guide as follows.


Kaden Bosss

Kaden Boss or the Bandit Kaden is coming at the early phases of the game, and players need to defeat him. He is from the Ushumaru village, and in the game, this boss is a part of the Grandpa Shiron Questline. Kaden can attack by using his claws.



Zuko Boss

This is the next human boss who will be a part of the Somi's Quest line, and when a player manages to defeat him, Zuko can drop a special item for the players. Usually, Zuko comes from the outside of the village of Kiribating.


Project Slayers Slayer Bosses

Next, let's have a look at the slayer bosses from this Project Slayers beginner's guide.



Sabito comes in the middle part of the game, and he uses the water for his breathing. The Sabito will use the water moves for attacks, and when you manage to defeat him, he can drop a special item.




Shiron comes from the mid-late game of Project Slayers, and she was a Shinobu student in the game. Shiron can attack by using insect moves, and when you manage to defeat her, she can offer a special move to the insect users.


Zanegutsu Kuuchie

Zanegutsu is coming from the mid-game, and he is not using the water like Sabito for breathing. Instead, he is using the thunder. When thunder users manage to defeat him, they have a slight chance to earn a special move.



Sanemi as the last boss from this Project Slayers game comes from the mid-game, and for his attacks, he will use the wind moves. Wind users can defeat him and take a chance to earn a special move as an award.



Project Slayers Map Locations

There are several maps associated with the gameplay as follows.


  • Kiribating Village – this is the starting part where you can choose to be a demon or a human
  • Zapiwara Cave – you can access all the options on a cave here
  • Ushumari Village – this is close to the Zapiwara mountain
  • Zapiwara Mountain – this is near Kiribating
  • Waroru Cave – this is not a place marked by the map, but still, you can find it by searching
  • Kabiwaru Village – higher levels are needed to reach this
  • Ouwbayashi Home – bosses, are here
  • Final Selection – a place that works with time intervals
  • Wind Trainer – this is a dangerous area on the map
  • Butterfly Mansion – the Shiron boss can be found here
  • Dangerous Forests – this is also a dangerous area


Fastest Movements and the Attacks

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And that is all that we can bring you to form this Project Slayers beginner's guide, and it is time to empower a Roblox RPG adventure with the best gameplay. These are your recommendations to start the gameplay with the best turning point and know that understanding a game will make you more advanced throughout the gameplay. So decide if you want to be a human or a demon. And go through this guide to fulfill your desires with an adventure.

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