How to progress faster in Black Desert Mobile?


Black Desert Mobile is a critically acclaimed MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss. The game is available in over 150 countries around the world. The game has five unique classes, each having dynamic skills that let you participate in unparalleled fast-paced action and combat.


How to progress faster in Black Desert Mobile


The MMORPG also has an incredibly immersive sophisticated world with stunning graphics. The has been faithfully ported over from its PC version to experience the same fidelity you could find on the PC counterpart.


The game features significantly high levels of character customization and an expansive world. In this article, we will talk about how you can get better at Black Desert Mobile and annihilate your enemies.


Visit and Tend to your Camp:


Your camp is given to you at the start of your adventures in Black Desert Mobile. It includes a wide variety of unlockable features that you should try while also completing your quests and mission.


A camp for every player is their safehouse. There, they can stash weapons, armor, and gear. Moreover, you can also craft black stones, manage your horses while also serving as a gateway to participate in expeditions. You can also build a lot of structures in your camp and expand it as you level up.


You can obtain most of the elements needed to upgrade your camp by mining and logging or completing quests. Some resources can also be purchased from the auction house.


What Structures to Build?


You have to use workers in your camp to initiate the structure building process. You can hire some workers from the pub when you start. The maximum number of workers you can keep at any given moment is five. So, depending on your requirement, always hire more workers.


Workers also vary in their skills; some are better than others. You can also interact with them and discipline them to make them more efficient. 
An essential building in your camp is a refinery. You can get an unlimited amount of black stones you can use in your gears. Do remember, however. It would help if you gathered rough boulders to craft black rocks.


Complete your Daily Quests:


How to progress faster in Black Desert Mobile


Daily Quests are an essential part of Black Desert Mobile. You should always complete your daily quests and focus on them. This is implied because these quests are timed, but they provide you with tons of rewards and resources that help you progress much faster in the game.


The Daily Quests are quite simple to do. However, they involve a lot of general grinds and moving around the map a lot. So, you should always save at least 30 to 40 minutes every day for these particular quests.


If you feel like the resources or rewards you get from the particular quest are not worth it for you, you can stash them in your camp or sell them at the nearest Auction House to be more economical.


Join a Guild as Soon as Possible:


Factions and guilds are an integral part of the MMORPG experience. Black Desert Online has PvE and PvP elements in the game. The Guild System helps you understand the game's crux while also developing friendships with people in your Guild.


Those friendships are beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, there is a high chance that a better player might provide you with valuable insight and information that should let you get better at the game.


Secondly, higher-leveled players can provide you with items and gear that you will not be able to get for a long time. This teamwork is an essential part of Black Desert Mobile and is recommended by the developers.


You can also do Guild specific quests that require party members to belong to the same Guild. These quests are immensely rewarding and can provide the player with many resources that can help you progress much better.


Don’t forget Upgrading your Equipment:


How to progress faster in Black Desert Mobile


Upgrading your Equipment is an essential part of the process. In Black Desert Online, you are given a number of enhancement and upgrade options to strengthen your character and build.


You can also increase your gear score by upgrading your Equipment. Remember that you should not focus on upgrading one item or skill as the cost it takes to upgrade a particular item will increase exponentially.


So, you should always balance your upgrades in such a way that your entire inventory is at the same level. So, you do not rely on only one particular item or skill but are rather a jack of all trades. As you level up further, you can focus on specific skills, gear, abilities, and Equipment.


Choose a Class that Suits your Playstyle:


There are many unique classes available in Black Desert Mobile. For newer players, you should go for a Warrior. They are melee classes that provide them with average durability with good skills. He is one of the easier classes to play in the game.


How to progress faster in Black Desert Mobile


As you get better in the game, we recommend that you go for the Ranger Class. This class is not as simple as the Warrior but is much more fun and more effective in many scenarios. The class has almost no defensive stats, which is why it is quite challenging for newer players.




Black Desert Mobile is an incredibly intricate MMORPG that has taken the Gaming World by storm. In this game, we recommend that you always check your inventory for new consumables as they are randomly dropped in the game.


The MMORPG also lets you make up your own story. So, we recommend that you explore the open world and pick the side quests that you find are the most interesting. As you move further on into the game, the PvP and PvE both get much harder.


This article should provide you with some valuable insight regarding the game that should help you decimate your opponents and progress much quicker in the game.

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