Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build

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Pokémon Unite is out now to play on mobile devices. You can download it right now on Google Play Store and the App Store. Pokémon Unite is a fast-paced MOBA in which five-player teams compete in an arena. Each squad must acquire Aeos Energy, which is obtained by defeating wild Pokémon and opposing players. After scoring 100 points, each goal is destroyed, implying that if teams regularly score points, they will gradually push into enemy territory.


There are tons of Pokémon for players to play with against the enemies. But today we're going to focus on Charizard.

Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build


About Charizard:

Charizard is the evolution of one of the original starters, Charmander, from the Kanto Region. He is also the most known character globally, for sure. He is a Fire Flying Pokémon. In Pokémon Unite, Charizard comes under the All-Rounder Melee type of Pokémon with an Attack stat. He's available as one of the five Pokémon you can choose in the beginning. Charizard is an all-around Pokémon who can attack, support, and defend, making him one of the best in the game.


He can also give the Pokémon the "Burn" status for a short period, decreasing the opponent's HP continually. His difficulty is said to be Novice, so he's pretty easy to control and play with. Charizard has one of the best Unite moves in the entire game. If you didn't choose him in the beginning, you can buy him for 6000 Aeos coins and 345 Aeos Gems.


Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build


He also does not have one specific lane that you need to stick to - you can use him against both wild and opponent Pokémon. But if you want to stick to one, the bottom one is the most preferred one for Charizard. He, like most Pokémon, is ineffective in the early stages of evolution, but once you reach the Charizard stage, you can do a lot of damage, and he becomes much more viable.


In the Charmander stage, you need to defeat more wild Pokémon to gain more experience points and grow up enough to be Charmeleon. Charmeleon stage is stronger than Charmander and you can defeat an opponent Pokémon only alongside a teammate. Charizard is the most powerful, and once you reach that stage, you can easily solo through the entire map. Here's is Charizard's evolution chart that you can refer to:


Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build



Best Builds for Charizard- Moveset:


Fire Punch + Fire Blast Build:

Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build


Both of these moves have recently been improved, making them excellent choices. Fire Blast deals Area Of Effect or AOE damage and applies burn status to the enemy Pokémon draining massive amounts of HP at once. You can easily use Fire Punch to shove the enemies into the Fire Blast damage-dealing area and deal more damage overall. This build makes use of Charizard's attack stat and adds more crit damage with it. It's more offensive than defensive so rather than soloing with this, attack the opponent with your teammates to take lesser damage.


Fire Punch + Flare Blitz Build:

Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build


This build is one of the more popular builds amongst the trainers who main Charizard. Fire Punch can be used to disable the enemies for a bit. It compensates for the Charizard's low damage by forcing it to use more and more Fire Punches to disable it. Also, Fire punch helps shove the enemy farther and applies a burn status on them to drain more HP.


He also already has low defense stats so Flare Blitz can help overcome that with the help of a shield. You can use Razor Claw or Muscle Band to boost Charizard's attack stat and grant your more damage. If you're going to the defense route with this build, you can always use the Buddy Barrier or Focus Band.


Flamethrower + Fire Blast Build:

Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build


This build helps deal continuous damage with the help of both moves. It will extend Charizard's range, and once Fire Blast's slowing effect has worn off, you can use Charizard's Unite move and Flamethrower and Fire Blas to continue dealing damage to your opponent. Flamethrower can be used to deal damage to the enemies who are far away or the ones who are running away.


Being far away is much better since you can also take much less damage and just flee to heal yourself much faster. Fire Blast can be also used to defeat multiple enemies at once. You can use Scope Lens and Muscle Band to buff your attack more and just make this build more overpowered than it already is.


Flamethrower + Flare Blitz Build: 

Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build


This build emphasizes Charizard's ability to deliver massive damage with ranged attacks while also providing ample room for him to run and replenish his HP if necessary. Flamethrower is one the better moves out of them all, you can deal a lot of damage through a longer distance and also shove the enemy a bit.


Fire Blast is fantastic for doing damage in a specific area, most fight opponents know better than to linger in that region once the flames appear. Flare Blitz, like mentioned before, provides you with a shield and causes a massive amount of damage as Charizard charges towards the enemy. You could use Muscle Band, Energy Amplifier, and Razor Claw with this build.


Best Held Items for Charizard:


The items mentioned below will help you a lot to push Charizard to his fullest potential.

Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build


  1. Muscle Band: Basic attacks enhance the damage by 1% of the opposing Pokémon's remaining HP when they hit.
  2. Razor Claw: The Pokémon's next basic attack deals a minimum of 10 extra damage after it utilizes a move. This damage increases as the Pokémon's Attack increases. This basic attack slows down opposing Pokémon's movement speed for a short time when this item is possessed by a melee Pokémon.
  3. Scope Lens: Increases the damage of critical hits from basic attacks. The damage increases as the Pokémon's attack level rises.
  4. Energy Amplifier: For a brief time after the Pokémon uses its Unite Move, the Pokémon's damage is raised by 7%.
  5. Leftovers: Restores 1% of your HP every other second.
  6. Buddy Barrier: When a Pokémon uses a Unite move, they and the Pokémon around them restores 20% of their max HP.


Best Battle Items for Charizard:

Each match allows you to choose only one of them. Potion was a great item to utilize for Charizard to restore HP again and over in the beginning.

Pokémon Unite Charizard Guide: Best items and build


  1. Eject Button: This makes your Pokémon move in a specific direction. It would help you buff Charizard's movement speed and get out of situations faster. It has a CD of 70 seconds.
  2. X-Attack: Increases your Pokémon's Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time. It has a CD of 40 seconds.



Charizard is one of the more popular choices when it comes to choosing the beginner Pokémon game. Even though he is kind of weak early on in the game, later, he would be extremely beneficial due to his tanky nature and unite move. Have fun playing!

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