The Lord of the Rings Rise to War Commanders Tier List October 2022


The Lord of the Rings Rise to War is taking the traditional strategy games with some little bit of steps, and the main reason for that was their impressive detailing. The characters for the game have been originally taken from the universe of Lord of the Rings, and since there is a huge fan base for this massive universe, the game's details were also tuned up to be really eye-catching for many.


The level of the details, the designs and many other features of The Lord of the Rings Rise to War commanders show many similarities for the original universe, and here players will ask to build the bases. They have to attack their enemy bases and build up an entire army which will be led by the commanders.

These commanders are the characters we have seen from the Lord of the Rings series, and they come with their own factions. Each commander or the characters featured in The Lord of the Rings Rise to War have their own skills to the game, and this guide is for you to choose the best commander from The Lord of the Rings Rise to War. This is the tie list we made for players to select their best commander to carry on with the game.




LOTR Rise To War Commanders Tier List

Commanders play a vital role in this game, as many of you have seen these commanders across the Lord of the Rings series, but in this game, they are different as just like any other fraction every commander has their unique skill. This game has 2 types of commanders i.e., Good commanders and Evil commanders, where a good commander will lead your team to victory and a bad commander will be against you in PvE mode.


Good Commanders Tier List

All these good commanders from Lord of the Rings Rise to War will be divided into B, A and S, while S is considered the strongest and B as the weakest. A will be the middle commanders who will do a considerable task from their gameplay.

S Tier

  • Ewoyn
  • Dwalin
  • Haldir
  • Aragorn
  • Ori
  • Faramir
  • Gimli
  • Hirgon

A Tier

  • Legolas
  • Denethor II
  • Arwen
  • Eomer
  • Merry and Pippin
  • Elornd
  • Balin
  • Frodo & the Sam
  • Boromir

B Tier

  • Gandalf (Gray)
  • Galadriel
  • Dain Ironfoot
  • Gandalf (White)

Evil Commanders Tier List



All these evil commanders are also divided into B, A and S tiers, the same as the good ones. They also feature the S tier commanders as the strongest and B as the weakest while A being in the middle.

S Tier

  • Khaldoon
  • Grishnakh
  • Gorbag
  • Saruman the White

A Tier

  • Agzok
  • Maltok
  • Sharku
  • Ugthak
  • B Tier h3
  • Khamul
  • Yusraa
  • Grima Wormtongue

Best Commanders from the Entire Commanders List




Ewoyn is the daughter of the Eomund and can be known as a powerful commander who is packed with a powerful kit. She is not only about leading the good faction of troops, and with her kit, Ewoyn does a great job in this gameplay. She is the fastest commander who can go quickly around the map.

Ewoyn's skills are

Shieldmaiden – attacking the vitals and defense the stance
Dernhelm – giant slayer and crippling
Rohirrim – riding the excellence and cleaving
White Lady Rohan – rescuing the frontline and the nobility


Aragorn is a warrior who has the most decisive actions in the game, and the skills he holds are more compelling than any other commander from the Lord of the Rings Rise to War. So Aragorn will always be the best choice to be included on your team.

The skills of Aragorn are


  • Anduril – expertise in weapons and culling the weak
  • Strider – raiding and precise blowing
  • Dunedain Chieftain – well prepared for the game and brawling his training
  • Hidden Heir – splendor the sun and moon and the nobility skills


Ori is not interested in the battles but will be going towards the tips. The passive stats make him a great commander, and Ori is a peaceful unit. But he will increase his army's attack with the ability he holds called Musician.

The skills of Ori are


  • Clerk – inquisitive and a clear-headed
  • Durin's Blood – all in and whirlwind
  • Musician – level headed and relieving
  • Warrior of Lonely Mountain – giant slayer and a longbeard

Gandalf the White

Who doesn't know about this white Gandalf from Lord of the Rings? Lord of the Rings Rise to War is featuring this magician called Gandalf as a super-powered, and his skills are


  • Wizard – surge and piping weed connoisseur
  • The white – blindsiding and magical barrier
  • White rider – reinforcement and the horsemanship
  • White council – champion of the light and the high alerting



Haldir is following the instructions of Galadriel, and he is more than a great unit for the game. This commander is not just a march warden, and he got the best skills to become a balanced unit. Moreover, Haldir also has a great kit with him. All the skills of Haldir are focused on dealing with the damage. And he can increase the stats of the battles.

Haldir's skills are


  • Sylvan Elf – training bests and forest agility
  • Guide – foresight and the armed escort
  • Marchwarden of Lorien – culling the weak and elite
  • Galadhrim – fortifying and shield training


Maltok is a great commander as a leader, and he got the best stats with a high base to the game. This commander is very fast and can lead the battle as a great unit. Maltok's skills are really worthy for the early game, and it can benefit a player whenever the players are getting started.

Maltok's skills are


  • Easterling – iron guarding and evil alliance
  • Pursuer – overwhelming and deepen the wounds
  • Wrag trailer – beast taming and warg healing
  • Interrogator – restraining and laceration


Gorbag is known as an orc commander, and he is not only a survivor in the game. He carries a great experience for the battles, and those are turning up to make him a great commander to rise with the ranks.

Gorbag's skills are


  • Gray Leader – march and orcosh the warlord
  • Interrogator – restraining and laceration
  • Watchman of Cirith Ungol – corrupting the curse and fatal split
  • Old Orc – dress wounds and headed

Saruman the White

Saruman the white is the Istari first, and he is a great wizard from middle earth with powerful skills. His skills are powered from the dark, and Saruman the White has already betrayed Gandalf from their old friendship to acquire temptation. We can name Saruman the White as the most powerful commander from the entire Lord of the Rings Rise to War commander list, which belongs to the dark faction.

His skills are


  • Of Many Colors – trembling the strike and focusing the discharge
  • Voice of Saruman – soul siphon and the astonishing
  • Palantir Scryer – fanaticism and the wild magic
  • Sharkey – Morgul officer and the captain of Uruk hai

If you really wish to perform better with these commanders from Lord of the Rings Rise to War, we suggest you use the Keyboard Mapping feature from LDPlayer as it allows you to set your own controls for the game. So you will have better control over your characters to do better from your gameplay.


These are the all commanders we see from the Lord of the Rings Rise to War tier list, and make sure to choose the best from them based on our recommendations. Whatever you will be hoping to achieve in your game can be done easily with the right commander. So have a wise choice and lead to success.

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