Pokémon Unite Absol Guide: Best items and build

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Pokémon Unite is out now to play on mobile devices globally. You can get it on the Google Play Store and the App Store right now. Pokémon Unite is a fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena game in which five-player teams compete against one other. Each team must gain Aeos Energy by battling wild Pokémon as well as opposing players. Each goal is demolished after scoring the given amount of points, suggesting that if teams consistently score points, they would progressively push into enemy territory. It used to be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, but it's now available on smartphones as well.

There are now a lot more Pokémon to choose from throughout the game. Today, we'll focus on Absol and how you may personalize him to make him a formidable opponent in future encounters.


About Absol:

Absol is a dark-type Pokemon. In Pokemon UNITE, just like Gengar, he belongs to the Speedstar class and is a Melee Pokemon. His difficulty is categorized as Expert so you need to play with him for a bit to get a hang of how he works and how you can use him to your advantage. Absol is a Pokémon that can close the distance between itself and its opponent in an instant and deal enormous damage. His damage type is classified as "Physical." If you want him, you can get him for 10000 Aeos Coins and 575 Aeos Gems.


Pokemon unite absol


Absol, as mentioned, is the Speedstar class with Attack as his sub-stat. Jungle or the middle lane is the best choice for Absol due to his high mobility ranking. Absol does not have evolutions so you just need to keep leveling him up over and over and get a better moveset as you go on, which could be done easily in the middle lane. He has a strong Unite move that causes a lot of damage and also offers Absol a unique condition that prevents him from being targeted by the opponent. His critical strikes are what deal the most damage, and since he's classified as an expert pokemon, you need to figure out positioning when playing with him.


Pokemon unite absol progression

Best Builds for Absol - Moveset:


Pursuit + Sucker Punch Build:

This build can go two ways, depending on the held items you put on Absol. Pursuit will help deal massive damage to the opponent by hitting them from behind and also chasing them down much faster. It can also reset quicker and can help you get much more KOs and increase Absol's mobility to run and score a goal faster. Sucker Punch does the same while locking onto the enemy and dealing damage. In this moveset, Speed and damage are important. 


pokemon unite absol gameplay


You can use Scope Lens, Muscle Band and Razor Claw / Focus Band build to get massive numbers in terms of damage. The second build uses Float Stone and Score Shield to take advantage of the increased mobility of the build and improve on it and score multiple goals and get a win for your team. Pursuit does not have an option of backing out so you can use the Eject button to get out of sticky situations.


Pursuit + Psycho Cut Build:

This build is one of the popular builds amongst players. Psycho Cut produces a blade full of psychic powers that can help reduce the movement speed of the opponent Pokemon and also increases the attack damage for up to 3 attacks. You need to learn how to get back attacks, and you'll be golden. Absol prioritizes attack above mobility, so you can just deal massive damage and flee the situation. The perfect lane for this build would be the middle lane and you also need to tag along with your teammate to go against the opponent so you can easily defeat him.


Pokemon unite absol in action


You need to use Muscle Band, Scope Lens, Score Shield for this build. If you need an item to recover HP, you can always use Buddy Barrier or Potion in this build.


Night Slash + Psycho Cut Build:

Night Slash helps Absol dash out of a battle after performing an attack first. If the initial attack is successful, a second attack can be launched. The user dashes straight ahead in the second attack, causing damage to the opponent Pokemon while raising the user's critical-hit rate. The user's critical-hit rate increases as the enemy Pokemon's HP decreases. You can build this moveset in the crit damage direction to deal with even higher damage moves. Just use Psycho Cut to slow down your opponent and defeat them and then Night slash to rush out of the battle. 


Absol wild animals pokemon unite

You need to use Razor Claw in this build to proc Psycho cut and slow down your enemies even more. Other items you can use are Scope Lens, Muscle Band, or Focus Band.


Best Held Items for Absol:


We've already suggested what items you can use and here are all the details about them so you can choose the ones you want to form your perfect build.


Pokemon unite absol held item guide


  • Scope Lens: Increases the damage of critical hits from basic attacks. The damage increases as the Pokémon's attack level rises.
  • Muscle Band: Deals additional damage equivalent to 1% of the opponent's remaining HP on basic attacks.
  • Focus Band: When a Pokemon's HP is low, each second for every 3 seconds recovers 8% of the HP that the Pokemon has lost.
  • Razor Claw: The Pokémon's next basic attack deals a minimum of 10 extra damage after it utilizes a move. This damage increases as the Pokémon's Attack increases. This basic attack slows down opposing Pokémon's movement speed for a short time when this item is possessed by a melee Pokémon.
  • Float Stone: Increases the speed of the Pokémon by 10% when not in combat.
  • Score Shield: While charging up to score a goal, you will be given a shield. Incoming attacks will not prevent you from charging up when shielded.
  • Leftovers: Restores 1% of your HP every other second.
  • Buddy Barrier: When a Pokémon uses a Unite move, they and the Pokémon around them restores 20% of their max HP.


Best Battle Items for Absol:

Each match allows you to choose only one of them. Potion would have been an excellent item to use for Absol to replenish HP over and over in the beginning.


Absol battle items

  • X-Attack: Increases your Pokémon's Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time. It has a CD of 40 seconds.
  • Eject Button: This makes your Pokémon move in a specific direction.



Absol is one of the better choices if you want to get a Pokemon from the store, alongside Lucario, in my opinion. You can utilize the held items and upgrade them to use Absol to his fullest potential. Have fun playing.

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