Pokémon Unite First Anniversary is Coming Soon – Everything We Know So Far


It is the happy first birthday of Pokémon Unite. It means that it has been a year since this amazing game was released to all Pokémon lovers, and it is not going to leave their lovely players with bare hands. If you are a huge fan of Pokémon Unite, know that this Pokémon Unite first anniversary will bring you so much new content for the game, and get ready with yourself to enjoy a new world with Pokémon Unite. It's the first anniversary period.





Pokémon Unite is the first ever strategic battle game released to the love of Pokémon. From then, TiMi Studio, along with the Pokémon company, has never failed to amaze the players with more and more new features. It is fun and exciting with its gameplay, so it is for its new updates as well as the events. So now, with Pokémon Unite first anniversary, there will be more Pokémon, more events, and even more exciting updates to catch by players, and this is going to be a fun era for sure.


So, here is every bit of information we are aware of for the new Pokémon Unite first anniversary celebration, and stay tuned with the guide to know what is coming for you.


When is Pokémon Unite First Anniversary?

The first-anniversary date is the 22nd of September 2022, and it will be celebrated with many events, new Pokémon, and new maps, and you will have to catch up on so many other things.


Season 10 Battle Pass

As for the first thing that comes from the Pokémon Unite first anniversary, we have some good news for all the Pokémon Unite fans out there. Now you are going to have Battle Pass 10 from the game. When it is the 12th of October 2022, the Season 10 battle pass will excite the players with a lot more rewards as

  • Stylish trainer fashion items

  • Wanderer Style: Azmarill as a new Holowear

  • Elegant Style: Mew as a new Holowear


And many new other Holowears. You will see that the new battle pass will have 60 levels on it, and each of the levels will be featured with new missions and their respective rewards.



You can try completing the missions given by seasonal, weekly, and daily tasks, and they will offer you some battle points, which will further raise the battle pass levels of the players. That is not the only thing that you are getting benefitted from here because there will be some new rewards to be unlocked too.


For the players who want to have a premium pass for them, now they are free to use Aeos gems on it, and it is also increasing the battle pass levels of players by 10 with so many rare Holowear and other rewards. With every increase in your battle pass levels, all these rewards will be offered to you.


Try to have this premium pass, as it offers you the opportunity to have the battle pass special tickets. These will be useful for you to exchange for some fashion items, Holowear, and many other additional rewards from the season 1 and 2 battle passes. If you want to have the styles like Space Style: Gengar, don't miss this chance.


New Pokémon Units

The Pokémon Unite first anniversary will offer new Pokémon characters to enhance your gameplay as a birthday offer. There will be this Mythical Pokémon Mew that you can have by participating in the Mew's Mural Challenge. This will be a special in-game event, and Mythical Pokémon Mew will be yours for a limited time starting from the 2nd of September 2022. The special event will end on the 12th of October 2022



You can earn points for yourself by unlocking the Mew's Unite license, logging in to the game daily, collecting six mural fragments, and winning battles. At the end of this event, the Mew's Unite license will be there in the Unite Battle Committee shop, and by spending 12000 Aeos coins, you will be able to take it. You cannot have the Mew's Unite license while the event is still going on, and it has to mark its end to have the license. But still, you are free to use your Aeos gems and have more progress from the Mew's Mural Challenge.


Mew is not the only unit you will capture from this new Pokémon Unite's first anniversary, and Dodrio, as well as the Triple Bird Pokémon, will also be featured on the Aeo Island as a birthday celebration after it is the 14th of September 2022. You will see that Pokémon Scizor will also be featured in the game by the 28th of September 2022.


Legacy Trainer Showdown

The Legacy Trainer Showdown event will start on the 9th of September 2022 and run until the 06th of October 2022. There will be Raihan, Leon, Green, and Korrina with a united battle will be faced against you, and you will do your best to defeat them.



Since these trainers are a bit challenging, you can use the Trainer battle tickets, and one ticket will be offered for free for one day. You can try exchanging items like trainer outfits and show the highest performance in the game to have more of these tickets.

New Map – Standard Battles and Ranked Matches in Theia Sky Ruins

The standard battles, as well as ranked, have been started with Pokémon Unite first anniversary, and those are going to be featured above the Aeos island in the Theia Sky. You will see the Regirock, Registeel, Regieleki, and Regice debuting here as the legendary giants. 



Here the Regieleki is going to be featured from the top path, and defeating it can lead it to fight for your team, so your team can be more reliable for the attacks. The other three legendary giants will be featured from the bottom path, and whenever a team manages to beat them, it is going to have a temporary power-up. The bonuses you can have from defeating these three giants will vary from one to another, and the battles will also not be the same. 


The Rauquaza and the Sky High Pokémon will be seen from the last two minutes of your battle, and a temporary shield can be earned by defeating the Rayquaza.


Ranked Match Season 6

The Ranked match season 6 has been started along with the Pokémon Unite first anniversary, and you can increase your rank here and have more rewards. This will last for over six weeks, and you can aim for a Master Rank here.

Special Holowear

A special Holowear will be offered for players for the mission completions, and then you can earn Theia coins. These coins can be further exchanged for capsules from the Capsule dispenser. More random prizes will be able to be collected from these capsules, and this opportunity will be offered to you until the 15th of October 2022.


With 20 capsules drawn, you can earn a Tuxedo Style: Venusaur, and Tuxedo Style: Espeon can also be earned with the same method starting from the 21st of September to be ended on the 15th of October 2022.


Holowear Gifts and the Unite Licenses

You can have several Holowear and licenses from the day one you logged off Pokémon Unite first anniversary, and these are going to be some of the special presents. For over five days, you can have different Holowear and Unite Licenses, and the period will end by the 12th of October 2022.


Note that if you already have a Holowear or a Unite License with you, you will not gain any of this, and instead, you are going to be offered 100 Aeos coins as the Pokémon Unite first anniversary rewards. There is no need to log consecutive days to earn your rewards.


The five-day presents offered scheme can be shown as follows.


  • The Fashionable Style: Pikachu and Pikachu for the first day

  • Concert Style: Lucario and Lucario for the second day

  • Firefighter Style: Blastoise and Blastoise for the third day

  • Bedtime Style: Snorlax and Snorlax for the fourth day

  • Checkered Style: Sylveon and Sylveon for the fifth day


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And that is all to bring you from this Pokémon Unite first anniversary details, and there are not many days remaining. Be ready for a colorful period with more rewards, more events, and many more additions with the best gameplay for Pokémon Unite.

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