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I really like the game. It is one of my favorites to play when I am free. Though I occasionally did face some problems. One of them was really annoying. When you reach the Veteran rank and just finish the 5th level , your rank suddenly drops to the 4th level . That is something I faced 3 to 4 times . Please fix it because It can get really frustrating when you are trying to finish one of the hardest level . Other than that , this game is amazing. Definitely recommend playing it .


This game is pretty good. I personally loved it. But the biggest problem is the matchups in the standard games. People simply come and then exit the game which is very annoying. You are a master class player and you want to play standards but you endup in a team of all the beginners (who don't even bother to play the whole game) and the opposing team has all good players. That would be a very demotivating game. It looks like standard games are not meant for ultra or master class players. :)


I love the game so far, definately recommend getting. Just a few issues. 1. I'm playing on a pretty bulky device, and I'm still lagging. It isn't unbearable, but it bothers me. 2. There's like 6 or 7 different currencies. (I'm excaggerating(sorry I probably spelled that wrong)). I takes a while to collect the rewards from 5-6 different places. Other than that, the game works great, gameplay is fun, concept-wise it's not unique, but puts it's own spin on the classic gameplay. I recommend!

Pokémon Unite is the MOBA multiplayer game brought by the Pokémon Company International, and it will put players into strategic battles in 5v5 aspects. It makes trainers join the head from AEOS Island, where they will be competing in the battles. The trainers are going to sit in 5v5 team battles, and the ones who score the most points will win.

Stylish Battles with Key Concepts
The battles can be launched with the newest Pokémon designed using AEOS energy, and they come in several styles as well as holographic outfits. Players will have to look for the best Holowear in here, and there are many monsters to choose from in several classes. Battles can be conquered by revealing the best powers of the Pokemon, and contributing toward his best movements is the key point to winning the current situation.

You can take part in the ranked matches and see how much scale you have in the game from skill. Participating in ranked matches will earn you points to rank up on the leaderboard. For a more genuine 5v5 battling experience, LDPlayer 9 will offer you the best optimizations.

Cross Platform Gameplay
Pokémon Unite allows players to challenge trainers from all over the world. They can unite their battles from mobile as well as from the Nintendo SwitchTM system. You can use the Nintendo or Pokémon Trainer Club account as a trainer to sync your progress from both tour devices. See how well your battles can be passed while syncing the experience on both platforms you are playing.

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