Moonlight Sculptor In-Depth Pets Guide


Moonlight Sculptor is an extremely intricate MMORPG game. As such, you’ll need to take advantage of every mechanic out there. One such mechanic is pets. This guide talks about everything you need to know to tame, feed, and take care of a pet. If you haven’t already, you can download Moonlight Sculptor for free on LDPlayer.





Moonlight Sculptor In-Depth Pets Guide


Before you get into taming pets, you definitely should know about two particular aspects of the mechanic before you get into it. Firstly, the fact that you will need a monster feed or pet feed. Next, the charisma, which focuses on the taming process of the pet.


One advantage that you get if your character has high charisma is that you will generally better build. In Moonlight Sculptor, the archer is perhaps the best when it comes to pet taming. After you end up taming a monster, they will turn into your companion and always help you in combat.


How To Tame Pets:


Before you tame, take into account your Charisma / Diet and Pet Feed too. Every pet in the game has different requirements and pre-requisites. So, if you want to tame different sets of mobs, you will need a particular amount of pet feeds and different types of attributes too.


To check what particular requirements each has, you can take a look at the game’s codex. To access it, tap on the menu button. When you enter it, open the Monster Tab and look at its requirements, including its feed and charisma.



Moonlight Sculptor In-Depth Pets Guide


When you end up clicking on the pet icon found in the monster tab, you will also be able to find its habitat and location as to where it resides and how you can find it. In almost every case, you will need to go to that particular spot to find the monster.


Types Of Pets:


There are three different types of pets in Moonlight Sculptor. Here’ an overview of all of them:


Common Pet: You can start taming monsters and use them as your pet. These pets help you in battles.



Moonlight Sculptor In-Depth Pets Guide


Mercenary Contracts: You can hire mercenaries for a short period to help you in battles. They are generally stronger and deal more damage than pets but are also more expensive.


Buddy: Buddies do not participate in battles whatsoever. However, their main advantage is the fact that they pick items for you. There are different tiers of Buddies available, with each summon of a buddy providing players with a different kind of boost.


Using Pet Feed:


You will need to use Pet Feed to tame your pet in Moonlight Sculptor. Here’s how you can equip it:


  • Click on the bag or backpack icon button
  • Click on the pet feed option
  • Add it to an attachment slot
  • Go to the pet and get close to him


Do note that you should not hit the pet, select it, and then click on the pet feed.


How to Acquire Pet Feed:


Acquiring pet feed is an essential part of the process in Moonlight Sculptor. You can buy feed from any Pet Supply Merchant. To find a merchant, get the mini-map to the right side and open up hotspot locations.


You can find the supplying merchant and go there. Once you get there, click on the NPC you find there and purchase your pet feed. Do note that you will need to be level 45 before you can purchase pet feed from merchants. If you haven't already, take a look at our beginner tips and tricks guide for Moonlight Sculptor.


Using Pets:


If you end up having a tame pet, you will need to end up summoning it. Here's how you can do so:


  • Open the menu
  • Click on the pet option
  • Once you click on the option, you will find three settings, pet, mercenary, and Buddy.
  • Head to your pet tab and summon whichever pet you need.

As soon as you summon the pet, you can head into combat with them, and they'll be helping you along the way.


How To Level Up A Pet?


To level up a pet, you will need to provide them with XP just like you level up yourself. However, they have different pet EXP, and they will keep going up as you battle. You can also use other items like Star Tablets that also provide you with Pet XP.


Understanding Mercenaries and Buddies:


As mentioned earlier, other than pets, you can also get Mercenaries and Buddies through the shop. However, they can be managed through the Pet screen.


You can purchase Mercenaries whenever you please from the shop. They use the skills of human characters and will never level up beyond the level you got them at. However, note that you cannot hire a mercenary with a higher or lower level gap of 20.


However, you can get more than one mercenary at one time. But, only one can be summoned at a particular time.




To get Buddy Contracts, you will need them the same way as Mercenaries directly from the shop. As mentioned above, they do not participate in any battles but are extremely helpful when it com4es to picking items up.


Moist buddies are usually picked because of the particular buffs they give. For example, an XP gain from defeating enemies. You can also spend Buddy Feed that you get from the shop to use the Errand Function.


You can also access the General Storage Box during Errands, and you can store or use items there as well.


You can summon Buddies, Mercenaries, and Pets simultaneously, raising a small army that does your deed for you. Here’s a complete class guide for the game!


Pets vs. Buddies vs Mercenaries:


While all three of these act as companions, there are a few fundamental differences between each of these types of comrades. It is integral to realize why you should be picking one or the other and which one you should be prioritizing in most cases, especially if you have the gold to only afford one of the following.


Buddies are a really good purchase when you are flash farming. Not needing to pick up items is important as you go higher up in levels as it can turn into a huge waste of time. Plus, you’ll also be spending a lot of time stifling through gear and other resources while your Buddy can just do it for you.


Another advantage that you get from your Buddy is that he will provide you with some sort of passive perk that will enhance your capabilities. These perks can vary from just a base crit rate increase to something even more powerful.




Mercenaries only make sense when you need them. In the end, they have just glorified pets since they pretty much do the same thing except the fact that they don't level up. One advantage of a mercenary is that you can get a higher level than you who you can do your quests or other collection quests easily.


However, over time, the cost of having a Mercenary on you certainly racks up, and you will soon realize that the cost outweighs the benefits in most cases. So, picking up a mercenary in a really hard battle or when you need all the firepower you can get is acceptable. However, in any other case, you should opt for a pet.




Pets are the most used companions in Moonlight Sculptor. This is because they have the upside of being permanent with you but have a somewhat frustrating downside: leveling them up properly. Having a low-level pet won’t do you any favors as you will often find yourself in peculiar situations amongst a cluster of mobs where your pet won’t be able to take a few hits.


In those cases, focusing on leveling up your pet is of prime need. But, treat it like an investment that will pay off in the future. While leveling your pet up might seem annoying at the start, you will quickly realize the utility that it provides and will be able to start taking advantage of it as you go further along in levels.


Tips For Using a Pet:


Treat your pet as a secondary AI-controlled character. You should trust them in terms of damage and DPS, especially if you have invested a certain amount of time in them. As you go along, you'll be able to see the return on your investment.


Moonlight Sculptor In-Depth Pets Guide



Once you get a few pets, you should start analyzing their abilities and skills to find the best pet for a particular situation. Of course, you should always have your pet summoned as there is no downside to it.




Moonlight Sculptor has cemented itself as one of the best MMORPG games out there. As such, you should be on your feet when it comes to choosing a pet that works best for you. By following this guide to the brim, you should have an idea of everything you need to know about getting a good pet.

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