Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide [Best in PvP and PvE]


Moonlight Sculptor is one of the latest games by Kakao Games. Its main attraction has been the Manga and having MMORPG mechanics in it. This game heavily relies on grinding and equipment farming to make your Class stronger and can be used to increase your stats by fusing Equipment. You can now download Moonlight Sculptor on PC here .


This guide will discuss the types of Classes in Moonlight Sculptor and how their skills and builds fare in PvP and PvE. To get ahead in both modes of the game, you need to farm in this game a ton, and our list will help you choose which Class to start with, so you can have an easy time.



Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide [Best in PvP and PvE]


Let's begin with this guide for the best heroes.


Classes in Moonlight Sculptor and Important Stats:


Before we start explaining each of the classes in Moonlight Sculptor, it is essential first to understand the stats of the game as each Class prefers different stats to grow strong. The second important factor attached with stats is that you need to enhance your stats by applying Fusion which you can do by feeding or scrapping your Equipment to your Classes.


Skill Fusion can take a lot of Equipment and farming to upgrade your stats which can further help you in easy farming both in PvE and PvP. Following are the 6 primary stats in the game, with a short description of each.


Main Stats in Moonlight Sculptor:


Strength – Melee attack power, maximum weight limit increased. Strength is the Main Stat for Warrior and Paladin and somewhat for Sculptor.


Intelligence – Magic Attack, Magic Attack Critical Chance. Primary stat for Mage and Alchemist.


Wisdom – Magic Attack Accuracy, Magic Defense, Magic Evasion, Max MP, MP Recovery. Mainly for Mage and Alchemist when playing PvP.


Agility – Ranged Attack, Physical Attack Accuracy, Physical Attack Critical Rate, Physical Evasion. Agility is the primary Stat for Archer.


Constitution – Physical Defense, Max HP, HP Recovery. Main Stat for Paladin and somewhat for Warrior and Sculptor.


Charm – Pet Taming Rate, Pet Stat Bonus. Secondary Stat for Archer and any other class after level 45 if they want to invest in charming a pet.


Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide [Best in PvP and PvE]



Classes in Moonlight:


When you begin the game, you have the option to choose from one of 6 Classes. These Classes are Archetypes of RPG games, and each has its unique stat priorities and roles and defines them in their use in PvE and PvP.


Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide [Best in PvP and PvE]



Warrior – Warrior, is an easy to play, one-star difficulty, Class for beginners. They will hit very slow with their 2H weapons and wear heavy armor. The Warrior Class also gets the role of the tank in this game and has the skills that do area damage. Warrior is one of the best early classes due to decent damage and defense. Their AoE abilities have stun with knockback, which makes you unstoppable in the melee range.


If you like to play Solo, Warrior is the Class for you.


Weapon 2H Swords, 2H Axe


Recommended Stats Strength for full damage

Their main stats are Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.


Mage – they utilize high Intelligence to conjure and throw devastating skills and elemental damage at opponents from a range and, unlike Warrior, deal tons of damage at a safe distance. Their central role is to deliver serious damage on a large scale. Moonlight Sculptor is one of the very few games that allow you to play Mage as a tank because they can wear heavy armor.


Mage is welcome in teams because of their AoE skills and serious damage from a distance. They are equipped with a burn that damages enemies over time and has some CC to slow down enemies.


Weapon – Wand, Combat Staff.


Recommended Stats – Intelligence, Wisdom (PVP).


Archer is the only Class that can tame a pet from the start, work in tandem with them, and utilizes them in combat. They are high damage dealers to single targets. Their ranged attack and use of pets to fight makes them the best farmers in Moonlight Sculptor. It is preferred that they need to buff their pets to utilize them fully.



Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide [Best in PvP and PvE]


Weapon – Bow, Short Bow.


Recommended Stats – Agility.


Paladin – Paladin, is the only Class with the Heal ability, making them sought-after companions in teams. They protect allies from enemies and hostile forces with their buffs and heals but lack damage compared to other classes. They are the best support class and also an off-tank.


Weapon – Sword, Blunt


Recommended Stats – Constitution for the tank role and Strength for damage. It is better to go full Constitution.


Alchemist – they are the damage over time and status-inducing Class with tons of AoE damage. Their unique ability is to carry potions that deliver these DoTs and statuses on their enemies though if you're not careful, they can run out of it very fast. The best thing about Alchemist is that their Potions damage always hits.


Weapon – Spell Dagger


Recommended Stats – Intelligence, Wisdom for PVP.


Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide [Best in PvP and PvE]



Secret Class or Sculptor – During Class select at the beginning of the game; the last option, "Choose later," is how you choose to be Sculptor. You can only do a secret quest around level 27-35, you can change yourself from a classless Class to Sculptor depending on how fast you complete your main questline.


Their primary Stat is Strength and Dexterity, and this Class is a mix between a warrior and Summoner as they can summon Golems.


Recommended Stats – Strength.


Do take note that after you change to Sculptor, the game will reset your stats.


Best Units for PvP and PvE:


An MMO isn’t complete if it doesn’t cater to both PvE and PvP aspects while providing many activities to engage players to have fun and further enhance their Classes. As with any MMORPG, Moonlight Sculptor contains as such. To explain the best Classes of both aspects in detail, we will discuss some of the activities to enhance our explanation of both parts further.


Best Classes for PvE in Moonlight Sculptor:


Warriors – if you want the easiest start in the game, choose Warrior as they can clear the mobs at the beginning with just a few hits compared to other classes.


Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide [Best in PvP and PvE]



Archer – Archers have the best of both worlds due to their pet aspect, which they can start using from the get-go. Pets make them the best Farmers in the game. Though the archers may lack in Boss fights due to their low health pool and armor, they make up for it by grinding faster and getting more ingredients and equipment pieces to fuse.


Mage – Mage’s AoE skills and high damage, along with the ability to wear Heavy armor, make them a prime contender behind Warrior and Archer to clear mobs quickly.


Paladin – Least Preferred – Paladins are the lowest Class for PvE content because of their low damage and lack of options to impart devastation on the enemies.


Activities for PvE – following are some examples of content in PvE which you can use to level up your Class.


  • Main Quest – quests that you receive during your regular playtime to enhance the story, which will give you XP and gifts for every completed quest.


  • Quest Board – here, you'll find extra quests in different difficulties to get better loot and grind XP.


  • Equipment Crafting and Modification – loot is the name of the game. Most of your time is spending gathering either Equipment or ingredients to enhance your preferred Equipment.


  • Exploration – different enemies drop different loot, so back and forth exploration is the forte of this game.


  • Raids and Dungeons – Raids and Dungeons unlock around level 40. This is where all your grind pays off.


  • Daily and weekly quests – finish them before they reset periodically to gain loot at a steady rate.


Best Classes for PvP in Moonlight Sculptor:


Warrior is the case in PvP for Warriors as they deal with good damage and pull agro from their teammates. They also have stuns and knockbacks to provide CC for the team.


Paladin – Dungeon-crawling always requires a healer and a buffer; therefore, in every PvP content, they are a part of every team and loved if they have invested in their skills.


Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide [Best in PvP and PvE]



Alchemist – mainly because of their DoT, which always hit. Your teammates always count on you to apply curses to their enemies to reduce the enemy's effectiveness.


Activities for PvP – following are some of the activities in PvP.


  • Guild Wars – is the ultimate competition of glory for the fame of your Guild. Our recommended Classes can help your Guild to fare well on this battlefield.


  • Battlefield of Valor – this is the ultimate test of your grind and skill as your rank must be in the Top 100 to participate. If you've chosen one of our recommended Classes, you'll be here in no time. This mode is held every Sunday.


LDPlayer Features for Moonlight Sculptor:


LDPlayer is arguably the best emulator out there for games like Moonlight Sculptor. With the ability to change your key binds to completely emulate how you would play the game with a mouse and keyboard. As such, you can take your gameplay to the absolute next level and increase your mechanical dexterity by an absolute metric ton!


Moreover, you can use the emulator’s multi instance feature to create multiple accounts to start grinding your way towards multiple accounts to start establishing yourself as the best player in the game!




Moonlight is an MMO at its core, so grinding is a must and part and parcel of the game these days. No matter what Class you choose, you will indeed have a fun time, but the recommended Classes will make your life easier to farm faster and more efficiently. Work smarter, not harder. For more information on Moonlight Sculptor, read our Beginner's guide on the LD player website here . We hope that these guides will help you on your epic journey in Moonlight Sculptor.

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