Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Strategies | Win Matches Quick


Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is an extremely popular newly released third-person shooter with many varieties in its classes and weapons. With tons of strategic playstyles in the game, here's an advanced tips and tricks guide that should help you win matches quickly. If you haven't already, you can download Mech Arena: Robot Showdown for free on LDPlayer!




Winning a match in Mech Arena is not just about getting the highest amount of kills possible. It is also about capturing objectives and ensuring that your team is well-coordinated and stands high at the end of the battle. With tons of Mech variations present in the game alongside Weapons that also present an equal amount of variety, both teams try their hardest to give the opposing faction a tough challenge.


Focus On Your Team Composition:


Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a class-based fighter, which thus means that team composition plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your team succeeds. With good composition, you'll end up winning most of your matches due to the sheer amount of utility each class provides.



Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Strategies | Win Matches Quick


However, when talking about Team Composition, do note that it does not apply to just your classes. Instead, it considers both your class and the weapons and gear you have alongside your playstyle. For example, if all your team starts playing defensively and therefore picks weapons and classes that suit that style, there's a high chance that you'll be great at defense but will get pulverized at offense.


With this in mind, since you can equip different kinds of gear on every Mech in the game, you need to look at what your team has picked up and then alter your playstyle accordingly. While it can be annoying to be forced to change how you play the game just because someone else isn't budging, it is a necessary sacrifice to make if you want to win the game as your chances of being successful drop significantly if you have a faulty team composition.


Energy Capacity and Equipping:


Mechs in the game have an energy capacity that governs their weapon limit. This means that a particular mech can only equip certain weapons with particular energy consumption parameters. What this entitles is you will never have a weapon kit ready that exceeds your total energy capacity. This serves as a limit for all mechs in the game and therefore dictates the maximum strength of weapons you can carry.


Because of this, you’ll often find weapons that are not usable on particular mechs and are meant for those with a higher energy capacity than other mechs. Usually, this becomes an annoyance when you try to equip smaller classes like Scouts with high-capacity energy weapons that they simply cannot use due to their limitations.


After getting an idea of the limit of each Mech, you should start focusing on making sure that you kit each of your mechs properly so that they always reach their maximum potential. This is the key to making sure you win every engagement. As an example, the Paragon class has two Autocannon equipped at all times. This is perfect for the Mech since you are an Attacker and therefore need to be quite accurate with your aim and deal with a sustained amount of DPS. Moreover, the Paragon is also quite tough and sturdy, which makes you perfect for equipping two Autocannons simultaneously.


On the other hand, the Lancer is a very fragile Mech of the Scout Class but is also extremely fast in retrospect. The Lancer is one of the fastest in the game, but its caveat is that it does not have much energy capacity. But still, the Lancer is great for weaving in and around the map and flanking the enemy. Moreover, the Mech is also great for catching intel and slipping behind enemy lines. For a Mech like this, you'd be wrong to go for any other weapon other than the RPG2 since it deals tons of damage.



Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Strategies | Win Matches Quick


To further explain, when you are flanking, you won't get the chance to stay behind enemy lines for a long time. As soon as you are spotted, you'll need to bail, or else you'll end up being shredded by Tanks. So, you need to deal with as much damage as you can in the shortest amount of time possible. For this, weapons like the Carbine or Autocannon simply won't cut it as they are meant for sustained and not burst DPS. However, an RPG2 whose projectile has the greatest single AOE damage in the game makes it an excellent pick to go for a Scout. You can also switch things up with a Shotgun if your particular Scout Mech can entertain its energy capacity requirements.


In this game, always using the right combination of Mech and Weapons alongside understanding what the situation demands is the key to winning fights as it lets you completely take over the battlefield in a short period.


Choosing The Right Mech:


Once you’ve progressed far enough into the game and have tons of mechs in your hangar, you'll still need to pick the right one for the job at any given time. You can only have five mechs at any time. When you enter into a match, you can only select from these five and whenever any of them gets destroyed in a fight.


As apparent, not choosing the right Mech can make all the difference between you winning the game and losing the game. Therefore, you should spend a few seconds of thought before you jump in and pick a mech. In most cases, we recommend choosing the strongest Mech that you have and bulldozing through the opposition. However, that might not always work; as when your Mech eventually ends up getting destroyed, you won't have a lot of firepower left.


Plus, the strongest Mech in terms of firepower might not always be the right choice as they are generally very slow and cannot defend objectives very well. So, you might end up losing the match if you get outplayed by the enemy or if they simply go for objectives instead of kills. If you are caught up in a match that you are losing, we recommend changing your strategy as much as you can.


By changing your strategy, we mean deploying a Scout to try and take an objective off the enemy even if it means losing another mech. Whenever you are losing, you should try to perform unorthodox moves to try and catch your enemy off guard. We recommend switching your game plan and either using a different robot or completely changing your playstyle from a defensive to an offensive setup to try and get into the minds of your opponent.


Suppose you do not end up doing so and keep playing the same strategy. In that case, there's a high chance that you will be extremely predictable and won't face a lot of success, especially if the enemy has the upper hand on you from earlier.


Winning A Losing Game:


While winning a Losing Game might seem implausible, we’re going to be listing down some strategies that might help you secure the win if you play diligently.


Kamikaze: Quite apparent from the name. However, if you are still not sure, a Kamikaze attack involves you attempting to capture an objective or get integral kills, even if it means that you'll end up getting killed too. In essence, by putting yourself in an extremely unfavorable position, you might be able to snag a few cheese kills or get an objective that might cause your team to stick for longer or even win the game.


Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Strategies | Win Matches Quick



To attempt a Kamikaze attack, we recommend picking a Scout and going headfirst into the enemy. Instead of trying to weave through the frontlines, flanking is the best option. Once you are behind enemy lines, either try to do as much damage as you can from the back or, even better, try to catch an important objective. There are two possibilities once you start doing this.


First, you either end up getting objective and create a lot of havoc within the team. Or, you do not capture the objective but bring the enemy team closer towards you as they try and defend the objective. In both cases, you end up generating a lot of space for your team, which can help them get out of their base and take a breather.


Bulldoze: While the Kamikaze relies on tactics and strategy, the Bulldoze is its mirror opposite. As the name suggests, Bulldozing requires you to completely plow through a singular area or objective, trying to exert your entire strength. As you can see, it is meant to be your team's last-ditch effort as they try and cling onto what little hope they have.


To successfully Bulldoze through an area, you'll need your entire team on your side. Once you've clumped everyone up, you need to identify a weak zone that is the most penetrable. Generally, this is a zone with fewer defenses or a player who is easier to kill like a Scout than a Tank. Once you've done so, all your team will need to engage in that particular task regardless of their class. If you can achieve your objective, you'll be able to once again clear some space for yourself and the enemy team and will be back in the game!


Recommended Mechs for Offense and Defense:


If you haven't noticed already, two particular Mech classes are great at offense and defense. While others do fulfill different roles, the Scout and Tank are meant for offense and defense, respectively, due to their class characteristics.


The Scout is speedy and mobile. Therefore, it is great for capturing objectives and flanking the enemy like the aforementioned Kamikaze attack. On the other hand, you need a bulky and tough mech to be present at an objective you need to defend since they'll be able to dish out some serious counter firepower and will be able to hold the base on their own for a short period as your entire team rotates for back up. For these situations, the Tank is the obvious choice.


However, the Attacker Class can also do a solid job of defending an objective and support. However, their use case is very limited, and they are not always the best picks as they aren't that tough and sturdy compared to a full-on tank.


Should You Kill Or Take Objectives?


As of writing this article, Mech Arena: Robot Showdown has only three game modes present in the game:


  • Control Point Clash: A game mode where you are divided into two teams and take down enemy robots before they respawn. You will need to reach the overall point limit or have more points than the enemy once the timer reaches zero. To gain points, you will need to capture points present throughout the map to gain an advantage. Each point captured by a team adds to the overall amount of points they get per second. So, the more the points captured by a team, the higher their overall point gain.


  • 5v5 and 2v2 Deathmatch: 5v5 and 2v2 Deathmatch both share the same premise. With no real objective to control, it is an all-out brawl as the only way to accumulate points is to get kills on the enemy teams. Here,  the round ends either when a kill limit is reached or the timer reaches zero, and the team with the most kills is declared the winner.


Winning Control Point Clash:


Winning Control Point Clash is more nuanced than you think. Generally, the approach you take to this game mode is greatly dependent on your own Mech choice. As we’ve mentioned earlier, particular mechs are much more agile while others are sturdier than others. As such, the Mechs you choose should dictate your playstyle and how you want to achieve victory.


Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Strategies | Win Matches Quick



For example, if you go for a more agile Scout-based mech, you'll have the ability o move from point to point quickly and evade enemy projectiles and fire. This allows you to capture zones quite effortlessly with little to no opposition whatsoever. However, where you'll fall off is trying to defend the points you just captured or any point for that matter, as you will lack the offensive potential to take fights head-on.


On the other hand, if you can go for other stronger, slower prime point defenders who definitely won’t be able to get on the offensive and a Scout. However, they will still do some serious damage and perhaps the highest DPS in the game. They can completely lock an area down for the opposing team, thereby successfully defending it.


But, if you are somehow on the winning side, you should take advantage of your superiority and stop focusing on objectives and instead completely devote yourself to getting as many kills as possible. By wiping the enemy, you can delay their next push while also forcing them to an even worse spot than earlier.


This is particularly where faster classes excel as they can try and flank the enemy and wreak havoc near their base. If you are playing a more defensive class and your team is winning, you should move forward with your team while watching closely for flanks. Having a Tank on the frontline can spell the end for the enemy team if they cannot think of an immediate counterplay.


How To Take Down Enemy Mechs Quickly:


The most important tip we can give you is that Blind Spots are an integral part of your combat strategy that you must incorporate whenever possible. While frontal attacks are great if you want to take down just a singular enemy, you should always try and flank an enemy before you start firing at them, no matter what class you are in.


This helps you in two distinct ways. Firstly, it protects you from counterplay for a few seconds as the bot will spend a few seconds trying to understand where it's getting hit from then face towards you while lastly trying to initiate counterplay. This helps you deal with a lot of damage. Even if they start firing at you, you will have a few solid seconds of damage on them, which they simply will not be able to replicate. So, you are going to always win a sustained firefight with them.



Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Strategies | Win Matches Quick


The other advantage that you get is that they won't be able to run away as quickly. Think about it. If an enemy is right in front of you, they can start running away before you even fire as they'll be able to take a look at you long before you aim at them. They can then try and evade your bullets or just run away. However, if you hit them from a flanking position, they won't be able to run away as quickly, no matter how fast they are.


Taking Advantage Of Your Speed:


Whether you are capping objectives or taking down enemies, speed plays an integral part in your game. You should have a good idea of judging your speed compared to your enemy's and then making decisions based on that. A target that moves is going to be hard to hit no matter their speed. However, the faster a target, the harder they hit, especially if your foe is using moving projectile weapons like an RPG.



Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Strategies | Win Matches Quick


So, if you are playing a Scout Class robot, never stop! You move around as much as possible and dodge and weave as many bullets and projectiles as you can while pestering the enemy so that your team can gain a significant advantage. In most cases, a faster Mech will easily take down a Slow-moving one given that they have an equal amount of firepower.


Do note that this does not apply to a situation where a Scout is up against a tank. While the Scout might not get hit as often since the Tank might be using a projectile weapon, the Scout won't be taking down the Tank either. However, it'll have a much better time dodging and weaving, making the best out of the situation since the Tank will never be able to catch up.




With these tips and tricks by your side, you should be able to easily decimate your enemies in Mech Arena: Robot Showdown. With a little bit of practice, of course, you should be able to win most of your matches quite swiftly with little to no deaths on your side.

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