Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Panther Complete Load Out Guide


The Panther is one of the best Early Game Mechs in the Game. However, surprisingly, it scales well to the Late Game as well. After you've got the hang of the Mech, you'll be decimating everyone. As such, we've brought an Early, Mid, and End Game guide for Panther that provides you complete loadout details for the Mech. If you haven’t already, you can download Mech Arena: Robot Showdown for free on LDPlayer.




panther early game


Panther is one of those Mechs that you can get early on, and you will find useful throughout the entire Game. With its special barrier skill, the Mech can be an absolute menace to deal with due to its ability to defend against most attacks. Unlike other Tanks that have a shield, you can help your team as well. Moreover, while most Mechs of the Panther's class tend to not go for heavy weapons as they can be hard to reload and generally use, the Panther has a field day with them!


Plus, if you are in the earlier stages of the Game, you don't have many options to choose from, especially if you are a free-to-play player. With the Panther's generally early game-friendly loadout, it is great for Beginners who have just gotten into the Game as well.


Early Game:


When you first unlock Panther, he has twelve energy. Twelve energy is probably the largest energy you have in the early Game. So, you probably want to put dual six weapons on them. Because it is such as useful Mech with shields and powerful skills, the RPG 6 is what we would recommend the most.


This will allow you to do good damage s well as make great usage of a barrier. It's a solid build, and it's the strongest that you have at this point. Another option that you can do is the Dual Javelin 6 if you have unlocked it. Many people might not have spent the eight-point to spend this early in the Game to get them. But, if you do, it is a solid option to put on Panther as well again. Again, probably not many options you have this early in the Game, which makes you quite powerful.


panther mid game gameplay


Between the RPG 6 and the Javelin 6, we think the Javelin is better because they already come as three stars. Panther would be able to stay behind cover, keep himself safe, and if anything confronts him or if he needs to step out to get a lock on someone, you have the barrier. It’s a very safe way to play, and it is very effective.


Mid Game:


Now Mid Game, you are going to see somewhere in the 16 to 20 energy realm. In this area, you probably want to do something that’s going to let you dual wield some pretty heavy weapons at eight energy. One of the common ones that we recommend is the Dual Longarm 8. This is a great long-range build, and it is a little bit specific and works better for specific maps where you can create some good distance between you and your target and benefit from the strong points of the Longarm. But, it is also really devastating and is a great way to get used to the Longarm and be safe because you can put up a barrier and take your time locking on to and finding a target while taking shots at them.


If you still aren't sure what class you should pick, take a look at our Class Guide for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown.


panther mid game


Another option you can do at this level is a Strike Package, like a hit and run. It will be dual-wielding a Missile Rack 8. Not everyone has them unlocked. It is a lot of credits to save up for. But, it is well worth the investment, and if you haven't gotten thee, we recommend saving up to get them. The Missile Rack 8 is a great weapon on many Mechs, and the Panther is no exception.


We would say Panther is one of the ideal candidates for this weapon and the loadout of dual Missile Rack 8 in certain maps. A prime example would be Tournament Maps. This loadout with the number of tunnels or small areas you have and the number of things that the rockets can hit and do splash damage off of is effective. It is one of our favorite builds to do on most maps.


End Game:


When we get to End Game, and you are at 24 energy. This is where you can really pile on the damage with the Panther. This is one of the few Mechs that can get to 24 Energy, and with a shield that can protect him, he is a monster. There are many different loadouts that you can do with the Panther since he has so much energy.


First of all, you can Dual Wield the Carbine 12. Again, we are thinking end-game, so hopefully, you've already unlocked the Carabine 12 and got the second copy. And if you can, this is a devastating loadout especially close up. With your barrier in place, you should be able to destroy anything. What's nice about this build is that it works on just about any map. Javelin or Rocket Mortars or other weapons will require certain setups and certain types of maps to benefit from; Carbines are great on any map. This is the most devastating loadout that you can do if you focus on the Carbine.


panther overview


The second option that you would do is the Railgun 16 with the Longarm 8. If you are going for the long-range arm like you earlier did in the Mid game build and you like that style of play, this is the end-game Long-range build right here. This is the solid definition of end game to pile on the damage. We like this build because you can do good at the long-range, and then even if enemies get close up to you, the railgun, since it does not have a minimum range requirement, can still be very effective up close. So, it covers that long arm gap that you had when you were at energy 16.


The next loadout would be a variation of the previous loadout, the Rail Gun and the Longarm. This loadout would be the Railgun 16 and the Missile Rack 8. We are doing this version because maybe you don't care as much about the long-range Game. But you want that burst damage. And this is most times to deal with shields on enemies. The previous build that we talked about suffers up close if the enemy is an Ares or Juggernaut, and they're closing in on you with a shield.


Your Longarm is not going to do a lot of damage to knock that shield down. But a Missile Rack will do great and is a solid option. The not-so-great benefit about this is that you will have to be comfortable with firing that weapon separately because you don't want to fire a Missile Rack 8 when you don't want to, as it uses your entire payload. This setup can be a bit more devastating than the previous loadout and still has a long range of up to 100 meters. 


If you haven’t already, take a look at our tips and tricks guide for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown for more information about the Game.


panther end game


The last build is not used a lot. But, another option, if you haven't unlocked all the other weapons, would be go-to for Dual Rocket Mortar 12. Panther is one of those Mechs that can get 24 energy. He is one of the only Mechs that can use the Rocket Mortars well. Dual-wielding it on the Mech is not a bad idea. There are other mechs that you can duel wield it on, like Paragon or Guardian. His shield will protect you if enemies get too close or if you have to peek out or get out of cover somewhere to get a lock on someone.




After you’ve played the Panther for a while, you’ll easily be able to get a habit of playing it properly and will also inherently understand its advantages and disadvantages. With tons of practice, you'll be able to play the Mech at all phases of the Game and will also be quite a useful asset for your entire team!

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