Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Juggernaut Complete Load Out Guide


Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is an interesting third-person shooter game based on Mechs. Mechs are then divided into further classes, with each having the ability to hone their weapons as they have unique abilities and skills. Today, we're going to be talking about the Juggernaut and discuss a complete Early, Mid, and End Game loadout guide for him! If you haven't already, you can download Mech Arena: Robot Showdown for free on LDPlayer.




juggernaut overivew


Juggernaut is an extremely powerful Mech that is available to you since the early game. With a shield that covers his entire exterior and the fact that he is quite immobile. It is quite clear how the Mech is meant to be played. However, with the ability to equip some Long Ranged and Close Ranged weapons on him, you can turn the Juggernaut from a Meat Shield to a DPS monster in no time.


All of the builds mentioned below capitalize on the Juggernaut's tankiness and the fact that he has a relatively high energy capacity amongst Tanks which makes him an absolute menace to play against. Plus, with his Shield, he can stand up against DPS classes and do quite fine. But, his immobility does lead him to be caught in some unfavorable situations, which can be quite hard for 4.5 km/h mech to run away from efficiently.


Early Game:


The Juggernaut is a traditional tank and has one of the highest HP in the game. He is a good Mech that you get early. When you first get the Juggernaut, he is a measly six energy. Because he is a one-star, he starts pretty low, and you have to work your way up. In this phase, your best weapon is the RPGs. We like to use a single RPG 6. Why? The RPG family is pretty low-cost, and RPG 6 is probably the only one worth investing in that will carry with you later in the game.


juggernaut early game


However, since this is because of the early game, if you are putting an RPG 6 on someone like Panther, you can certainly put on an RPG 2 and RPG 4 and do well. It is so early game that it is quite fine. You can probably even put up an Auto Cannon 4 and Auto Cannon 2. The RPG 6 is the best option, however.


There aren't many other good builds so early in the game, so we're going to move onto 8 Energy.


Eight Energy:


At eight energy, we're still going to be primarily sticking to RPGs mostly. In this case, we're still going to rock an RPG 6 and add an RPG 2 because we have the extra energy. Of course, again, we can use dual RPGs 4 if that works better for you since this is still very early in the game.


juggernaut 8 energy loadout 2


If you want a more long-ranged build at 8 Energy, you could run a Single Longarm 8. This is damaging just because this is probably the only two-star weapon you have at this time. The Longarm is generally a great weapon. Juggernaut is pretty good for it. With his Shield, he can take a pretty good beating, and it will give you time to calmly line up your shots.


Remember that it is a manual aiming weapon, so you will have to put in a little time. But, this is certainly in the game when you have the Juggernaut who is beefy, and the Longarm will do great damage. This is an amazing time for you to get used to the manual aiming aspect of the game. Longarm should carry with you throughout the game and prepare you for an End-Game weapon like the Railgun. So, this is a great time to start with it and great comfort with it.


Mid Game:


In mid-game, you will have twelve energy to start with. So, we are going to put on Dual RPG 6s. Now, of course, you’ve been running RPGs before on Juggernauts and other mechs as well, so this should feel quite comfortable to you. This is just a build that will be more damaging than the previous and is a common build people run for Juggernaut.


A less common build on Juggernaut would be the Dual Javelin Rack 6. Not because it is bad on Juggernaut, but because you use this on lighter bots like Panther or Kill Shot around this time. Why them? Well, because they are better at doing Hit and Run style of attacks, they need less exposure because they have less health. However, once you start upgrading those and you aren't using Javelin Racks on them. Juggernaut can be a great use of those weapons as you'll be able to take a beating from your opponents as well.


juggernaut 8 energy loadout


What's difficult in using this on him is he is much smaller than the bots we mentioned. So, you should be careful when positioning yourself and when you are in Control Point Capture. You should be aware of your team's score as if you break this build-out since it's a bit slow.


Another less common build would be a long-range build of a Longarm 10 and a Thermal Lance 2. It's not that we haven't seen long-range builds on Juggernaut, but when you are using something at 12 energy, you only have 2 or 4 energy for your sidearm. So, they're not good options to put on there. Some people like to put on RPGs or a Shotgun, but we feel like they don't have much punch for the build.


So, instead, we go completely long-range just to let that thermal lance help us for a little bit of damage as well as doing the overheat before we start pulling off some long arm shots. You can certainly experiment with the long arm builds in the 12 energy bracket.


16 Energy Bracket:


In the 16 energy bracket, we will do the most commonly seen builds for the Juggernaut, which is the Dual Missile Rack 8. Not a whole lot of players play this because they use their Missile Racks on other stuff. But you'll end up seeing that the AI uses this a lot as well, and it's still good for players as well. This is, in our opinion, a more hit-and-run style of the build as you do a lot of damage and then get to cover. Juggernaut is more the Mech with the big tanky body that can go ahead and mix it up. But, because he has his Shield, get in the battle, and then pull back if he needs to means he can do this pretty well if you need him to, especially if you are running other builds on different Mechs.


juggernaut 16 energy


Next up, there's a sustained build for Juggernaut. Depending on what you have access to, you can go for dual Pulse Cannon 8 or Dual Carbine 8. You may not have the Carbine 8s at this level, although they'll be a bit more damaging. But, the Pulse Cannons are no slouch in damage. We like the Pulse Cannon 8s on Juggernaut because in that 16-meter range where it does optimal damage is a great place for Juggernaut to be in most of the time. He's big, he's threatening, so getting in close is what he does great. So, this is a perfect weapon for a Mech like him.


If you haven’t already, take a look at our tips and tricks guide for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown for more information about the game.


Back to long-range builds, we have the Dual Longarm 8. This is doing to feel very similar to the previous Longarm builds that we've covered above. It is just going to be more damaging and be completely Longarm based instead of having a sidearm.


Late Game:


In the end game, Juggernaut has eighteen energy and has many options that he can run pretty effectively. He has a sustain build where it is usually the Carbine 8 and Carbine 10 build. Or what we like to do is the Pulse Cannon 8 and the Carbine 10. Both builds are pretty similar, but you get more range with the Dual Carbine. However, what we like more about the Pulse Carbine build is that since both of these weapons unload their clips at different times and reload at different times, you can keep the sustained fire on your enemy almost continually. You'll probably have a second or two seconds where you don't have a continuous fire on your opponent. Overall, it is pretty nice for keeping your opponents at bay and taking them down.


juggernaut long range


Coming back to the long-range, we'll be going for the height of the long-range for the Juggernaut. This would typically be the Longarm 8 and the Longarm 10. Of course, there are other variations you can do, but this has been one of the most effective for a long time, and it's quite similar to the previous long-range builds, which mean you should feel quite comfortable doing this build.


Next up, we have a more flexible build: the Stasis Beam 12 and the Missile Rack 6. If your 50 meters or closer, the Missile Rack will land pretty well, but if your target is a faster, smaller moving bot, it can be hard to hit those missiles. Generally, this is a more flexible build which lets you be pretty effective for up to 100 meters. You just need to be careful when you use your missile rack and which targets you should lock onto.


Another good flexible build for Juggernaut at 18 energy is a Carbine 12 and Missile Rack 6. Now, range wise this is going to feel pretty similar to the build we mentioned previously. But because we’ll be swapping the Carbine 12 instead of the Stasis Beam, we're going to behave a little better with our aim but more damaging. If you can get the Carbine, this can be great to put on him. You can put in a lot of damage at 50 meters or less. And, if you get even closer, it can get even more deadly. Overall, this is a pretty solid build for Juggernaut. You should not use this only when you are using Carbine 12s on somebody else because it is such a good weapon that it's hard to pick a singular mech to put it on.


Another flexible build that you can use for Juggernaut is the Longarm 10 and the Missile Rack 8. it is nice for being Long Range and up close. It has got a pretty decent punch on both ends of the spectrum. It does sacrifice a little bit on both since you're splitting up your weapon usage in both cases because you will be shooting far away with just the long arm and shooting up close with just the missile racks. But, this does mean that both are solid options, and you get a pretty good range of coverage. Since Juggernaut is a big beefy bot, he can withstand a little bit of damage on either category and come out on top in most cases.


If you still aren't sure what class you should pick, take a look at our Class Guide for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown.




With all these loadouts ready, you should have a clear idea of how you should be playing Juggernaut. However, every phase of the game will require a bit of practice to develop some finesse. But, once you get used to the overall Mech, you should be able.

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