Mech Arena Robot Showdown – Guardian Complete Load Out Guide


The Guardian is one of the best Mechs in the game. Known for his tanky demeanor and general high-skill gameplay, his ability is insurmountable and exciting. As such, we've compiled a complete loadout guide for the Mech that talks about everything you need to know about him from A-Z. If you haven't already, you can download Mech Arena: Robot Showdown for free on LDPlayer.




guardian overview


The Guardian is a top-tier Mech as he has the highest energy capacity at 24 and has a solid ability. He has a few different loadouts that you want to do for your gameplay with him. While he isn't unlocked very Early and is relatively hard to get at the start, especially for free-to-play players, he's an absolute menace due to his high energy capacity from the very beginning.


He's considered one of the top three Mechs in the game, and there are many things to like about him. When you first get Guardian, he'll be at three stars and will be at 16 energy. You have to build up many good Mechs in the game, but he starts great right out of the box. He's a Heavy Mech that can carry 24 energy in the game. Out of the four heavy mechs, Guardian has the best stats. He has the highest HP out of all of them and is quite tanky.


While most 24 energy mechs are quite squishy, he can go toe to toe with any Mech, even ones that are a bit tankier than him due to his high energy cap and high HP. He's a Tank Killer. The only part that’s not good in terms of stats for the Mech is his speed. He’s pretty slow but is not the slowest Mech in the game. Considering that he has 24 energy and has high HP, it's a small price to pay for everything else that he does.


guardian loadout 1


Guardian’s ability is System Crash. It disables weapons, deactivates special abilities and puts them on cooldown. It is really powerful for engagements that are up close. It is extremely useful and powerful against regular Mechs that you see, like Panther and Killshot. It is super useful in so many ways that you can use it offensively. What makes his ability so versatile is that it can be used as support for your teammates. It can clear the status effect from your teammates. So, you can remove Frozen effects by using his ability. He can do this with any status in effect like Statis Freeze, Overheat, EMP and Enemy System Shock. It's one of the reasons why the ability is so versatile, which means you can use it offensively and defensively as a support to your teammates.


Early Game:


When you first unlock Guardian, he will have 16 energy which is quite good. With his ability, he’s great up close. So, he plays a lot like a Brawler. Putting Sustain Damage on him is a great idea, and an easy weapon close to when you unlock the Guardian is the Dual Pulse Cannon8. They work pretty well on the Guardian. While you can put Carbine 8's as well, they are extremely expensive and are not the best choice. Plus, if you want to unlock the Guardian to its max potential at level 24, you won’t be using the Carbines, so it isn’t worth it to unlock them.


Long Range Build:


guardian loadout 2


For the long-range build, we go for the Dual Longarm 8s. They’re a pretty good option. Now, of course, with the Longarms, you want to keep that long-range to get that max potential on your damage. But, what's nice about using the Guardian for this range is that because, at close range, he can still be a threat. He can still damage opponents, and with his ability, it is hard to counter him. So, it is amazing to use this ability and then take out the foes up close with your teammates. So, this works great for a long-range option, and that is where you want to be, but you still have some counterplay in case someone ends up getting too close.


The DUal Missile Rack 8s is probably one of the best builds on Guardian but maybe one of the harder ones to get since you have to save for the Missile Rack 8s. At this level, if you get this loadout, the Mech can release his full potential at close range. Many enemies won't handle him due to the mixture of his skill and insane burst damage. He is extremely strong and is a great option for the Early Game.


The only other build we didn't talk about is the Dual Rocket Mortar 8s. It is a camper build, and if you like that style of play, it is a great build. It's quite a popular build, and AI uses it a lot. It is one that you should consider if you like that style of play.


Mid Game:


Mid-game is tricky since you are at 20 energy which is a strange spot for most Mechs. You are either using 18 energy builds or weird two energy builds, which you won't use for a long period. So, try to be careful about what you end up using here since you should be focusing on the end game.


guardian loadout 3


If you are going on the sustain damage route, one of the best builds at this level is a Carbine 12 with a Pulse Cannon 8. This build is a more damaging version of the previous Sustain build. You should do the next Long Range build with a Longarm 8 and 10. You don't have a way to max the 20 energy easily, so this is something that you can do here as well, which is pretty effective. It's more damaging than the Sustain build. Of course, you'll still have the benefits of having two Longarms on the same Mech.


Another long-range camping option you can do is with the Rocket Mortars 12 and the Rocket Mortar 8 to help you maximize your 20 energy. If you are into that kind of playstyle, the build is great!


End Game:


At 24 energy, Guardian is a beast. Once he has maxed out his energy, a great option if you enjoy sustained damage is the Dual Carbine 12. It will take you a long while since unlocking it is hard, and maxing it out is hard. However, this is a super strong build, and you won't regret it. If anybody tries to get close to you, namely the Brawlers, you should be able to destroy them before they can even land a shot on you. It is very effective and works on multiple ranges and work on any map that you choose. It does not have a lot of limitations. While it may not be the strongest gun in the game, it is certainly up there. If you haven’t already, take a look at our tips and tricks guide for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown for more information about the game.


guardian loadout 4


Long Range:


For the late long-range game, we'll be using the Longarm 8 and the Railgun 16. This was the obvious progression because the Railgun is the end game style of long-range weapons that we currently have. It makes sense for us to have this on the Guardian. What's nice about the Railgun is that if anyone tries to get too close to you, it does not have a minimum range requirement so that you can pop them off quickly.


guardian loadout 4


The camper style would be the Dual Rocket Mortar 12s. Again, not something most people run, but it is extremely powerful if you are into that style. Lastly, we have a fairly new meta build that is quite fun. It is a bit more budget-friendly as compared to the previous builds. You use a Stasis Beam 16 and a Missile Rack, 8. It is a flexible build, but it is very different. In this build, you will hit someone with a Stasis Beam to slow them down or freeze them and then hit them with a Missile Rack to deal a large amount of damage.


What’s nice is that both of these weapons cost credits, so they are easier to get than other weapons. Of course, you have to get used to shooting your weapons individually, so there might be a slight learning curve. But, once you get used to it, you should be able to take down enemies with relative ease.  You can always take a look at our Ultimate Weapon’s guide for the game to know what you should pick at every single point!




When it comes to the Late Gam, the Guardian is a force to be reckoned with. However, as witnessed in this guide, he isn't a slouch in the Early Game or Mid Game either. With a little bit of grind and practice, you can easily put out some serious firepower with the Mech in all phases of the game.

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