Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Tips with Strategies


Wanna play a fantastic game with a lot of strategies to deal with? If so, why not play Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, as it manages to provide you with the exact fun you ever needed to have. There are so many things to deal with here, and not a single thing will remain for you to be by your side. Here we have to build up our own kingdom and do these all, and we will need the exact Lord's Mobile: Kingdom Wars tips to push us through the progression.






Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a game where we have to see a true emperor is falling, so the game needs a true Lord of a real hero who can unite this kingdom. So we have to recruit so many heroes with multiple backgrounds, and mermaids, robots, and the dark elves are chosen to assemble our precious army. The magical world in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars will take us into a miracle world, and within there, we have to establish a great empire.


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars has a lot of battles and role-playing elements on it, so sometimes it may feel challenging to have gameplay from it. It becomes more as the game features a lot of things performed by the players. So the winning is a bit hard in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, and it becomes harder for the beginning as you are still figuring out what things are going on. So this guide is created for those overwhelmed by the gameplay to be familiar with Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars tips.


By following up this Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars tips with a strategies guide, you will know what you should do on your game and what to do first right after you complete your tutorial. After the tutorial, most of the players will not be going to the battles as they are being destroyed, but this Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars tips with strategies guide will help you figure out the things.



Improving HP Stats and Attack 

This is our second trip from Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars tips list. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a game that gives thee military stats for development and improvement. Those stats are named in Defense, Attack and HP. This attack is a powerful stat available in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars because it can increase the strength of your army more than anything.


And for the second stat, there is this HP. As we all know, HP is responsible for increasing our all champion health. So our champions will turn out to be the hardest ones to be killed. The boost defence from Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars will make the strongest army whenever they are getting defended. None of these military stats is holding fewer powers because all three together will do a magnificent deal with the game. But in general, the HP and attack boost will have a considerable effect on your gameplay than the defence



Suppose your camp is getting attacked by another. Then this attack boost will have a greater impact against those attacking forces of enemies. It has already been proved in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars that attack boost has a special effect on these attacks. It says that the defending troops that hold an attack boost will deal with huge damage to all the attacking troops. These attacking troops will suffer so many losses when their attacked camp is weaponized with attack boosts on it.


If we talk about the defence boost, it does not improve the casualties by defending champs. But the same casualties will be provided with both boosts. So it proves that the defence boost has no such a great improvement affected in the game, and it is just an upgrade. Defence boosts are free, but you better focus more on HP and attack boosts since they are not so helpful.


Your First and the Main Focus 

There is a first and a primary thing to be done by any Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars player as they should decide what their base has to be focused on. Sometimes, players may want to hunt monsters or try to become powerful raiders from the entire game. So it depends. The things one player wants will not be the ones needed by another. That is why there should be a concern on your first focus.


Then why should you exactly decide what to focus on as your first thing on the Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars? The reasons are simple: players need their builds, upgrades and research as they lean more towards what a player is focusing on in the game. So this is the main way to provide a direction to your base on where they should go. These are also helping players to have more resources through upgrades, specific buildings and from the research.


Joining a Guild 

This is an important thing we will discuss with Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars tips list and is a must to implement your game with these guilds. For any player, their progression and success will be entirely based on their joining guilds, and it becomes more when you are a free to play player. Being a part of the guild comes with so many advantages, and those are associated with earning rewards, having resources and having some help to have a quick construction.



Through a guild, you can also have a group that will protect you from the other player attacks. So it will always be beneficial for joining any guild with Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars. But always make sure that your joining guild is active, and It must be a good one as well. You need to double-check their ambitions, how many players they hold online for a day, personalities, the language they use, and the list goes on.


Try to join a guild with so many members similar to your zone because you can’t be the only active player at a certain time. If you feel uncomfortable with your joined guild, feel free to switch it but once you find the right guild, always stick around on it. Guilds will earn you so many things as they consist of veterans of Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars.



Researching in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars has a crucial part in the game, and the game comes with so many things to research. But there are some things we need to prioritize over others, and those are known as the Military, Economy and the Monster Hunter Trees. These three things should be your focus on the game.


When you are in the early phase of the Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, Economic trees are very important as they can improve the resource gathering of a player. And once they are done with gathering, players have to focus on the Military trees to improve their troops’ stats.


The monster Hunter tree in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is more like one that any player can use to start continuously with the Military tree. These are helping them to take some high-level monsters throughout the map, and it will give you the chance to defeat them very quickly.


If you feel struggles with your controls and movements on Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, don’t think twice to use the best android emulator LDPlayer as it is filled with so many advanced features that can be used to advance your gameplay. Your game controls can be personalized by using the Keyboard Mapping feature it holds, and that way, you will have a quicker progression than usual with your Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars game.



Ignoring the Base Wall

Sometimes players think that they need to upgrade their base walls, and it is a must to perform in the game as it helps them defend. But speaking the truth, walls are useless at all. So thinking like they are very important is just a myth. You will not miss important things by ignoring these walls at most parts of the game. These walls may have to be upgraded from time to time as those are helping to upgrade the other buildings.


Once you have found more resources and their slots, it will be good to spend them on the troops and resources, not the walls.



So these are the all Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars game tips with strategies we have for increasing your gameplay, and by going one by one through this goodie, we hope that you will have your best guidance to beat the levels in this amazing game. So it is time for you to have a victory along with your team at the end with the best tips.

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