League of Legends Wild Rift Khazix Build Guide, Skill Combo, and More!

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Kha’zix is an extremely popular Assassin played in the Jungle in League of Legends. He’s finally making his way in Wild Rift, and we can't be more excited! The Champion is known for his excellent damage at all stages of the game. He has a relatively high skill ceiling and curve and can thus be played in various ways due to his overall complexity. We’re going to be talking about everything you need to know about the Champion, including Build Guides, Skill Combos, and More! Plus, we’ll also be talking about whether you should be opting for this Champion in most cases.


Kha'zix - Champion Overview:


khai'zix gameplay


As mentioned earlier, Kha’zix is an extremely powerful assassin. He’s extremely fun to play and can be extremely annoying to play against for most ADCs and supports due to the ferocious amounts of damage he can output. As a jungler, his main job is to make the enemy ADC's life hell, and Kha’zix’s kit is wonderful at doing just that. With loads of spells that help amp up his damage and the mobility to follow, he can be an absolute pain to counter and shut down if played appropriately. Just like any other assassin, he does require some early game farm to play effectively.


Plus, like any other high DPS champion, he does have his caveats. The most notable of which is that he is extremely squishy and is thus prone to dying quickly if caught out. However, don’t be fooled. Kha’zix does possess a ton of mobility and can easily evade attacks if needed. When it comes to lore, Kha’zix is the consequence of the Void's growth. He was born a weak creature and struggled from the beginning of his existence. He then feasted on larger and more dangerous prey, becoming ever so stronger. As the Champion has just come out, there’s a whole lot to his current standing in the meta, which we'll be finding out as the updates follow through.


Tier List:


Placing this particular Champion in a Tier List proves to be quite atrocious considering how skill-reliant he is. If played well, Kha’zix can be an absolute monster. While other assassins might do reasonably well and bully ADCs, only a few can match Kha’zix’s speed and general damage output. AS such, it can be a comfortable place in the S Tier. Make note that it is completely reliant on your gameplay style.


However, as with any champion, counters do exist in the game, and Kha’zix has some. So, if you aren’t careful, there's a high chance that the Champion might end up being put at the bottom of the pit. Make sure to look at the enemy draft and practice your skills beforehand before you hop onto some competitive!




If you’ve looked at our previous guides, you'll be well aware of the fact that stats are an integral part of any champion in the game. For assassins like Kha’zix, having an idea of their HP pool, mana, and general damage output is an integral part of understanding how they must be built. Plus, they also help you understand what aspects of the Champion are most powerful and which ones need to be further rectified by using items in the game. Once you get an idea of the stats, you can start appreciating and understanding the item guide provided below.


Keep into account that the game developers have spent a lot of time trying to balance the Champion. However, since Kha’zix is relatively new, there might be some changes here and there which we’ll be informing you about. But, just like any other champion, if he lacks in any particular stat, he can more than make up for it in the other. As expected, Kha’zix does not have a very high HP pool. But he more than makes up for it by the huge amount of right-click damage he deals, as is expected of a jungling assassin.


khai'zix skills and abilities


Before you let you know of his complete statistics, we’ve devised a small system that helps you quickly understand the overall nuances with ease. For a quick overview, the damage is taken as right-click or spell damage for assassins.


For toughness, HP and overall tankiness are taken into consideration. If a champion is hard to kill head-on, they are considered as tough. This does not take into account their mobility or how elusive they are. That is the overall merit of the Champion and cannot be placed in a category. Lastly, their utility is what can be used to supplement or help others in a team fight. These can come in the form of heals. General stuns, crowd control, AoE spells, etc. Lastly, the difficulty is perhaps the most obvious. It is the amount of time and effort you need to spend on a champion before you feel as if you are comfortable with them. By looking at the difficulty of a particular champion, you can easily judge how much time you’ll need to be investing before you can completely get a grasp of the hero.


Here’s the complete overview of Kha’zix’s stats:


  • Damage: High
  • Toughness: Low
  • Utility: Medium
  • Difficulty: Above Average


Kha’zix Rune Build:


Runes are an integral part of Wild Rift. They are mainly meant to act as a supplement to your Champion's abilities. We have two very different rune builds for you, dependent on how you play the Champion. As mentioned earlier, each particular rune build requires you to know a particular skill set and to be able to implement it flawlessly.


As an assassin, you are not entirely dependent on your team and skills. You are more of a solo player who enjoys taking out champions that are alone as well. Team fights are just not an assassin's strong suit, and the rune build mentioned below is a great reflection of that. However, if the game demands it, switching it up can be an absolute necessity in some matches, as sticking to the same build might end up costing your team the win. We’re also going to be providing you with a detailed guide of each rune and why we’ve decided to pick them.


The Recommended Build:


khai'zix overview



As Kha’zix has been recently released, rune builds are still coming out left and rune. This particular rune set helps alleviate some of the issues an assassin like Kha’zix has while still supplementing some of his abilities. Since the Champion is known for his late-game prowess, this rune can help alleviate some of the issues he might have in the late game.


Electrocute: If you are going for the general core Assassin Build on Kha’zix, Electrocute is an absolute must! It helps burst down targets extremely quickly and synergizes with your kit very well.


Gathering Storm: If you are looking to scale more and need power in the late game, this is an excellent option, especially if you feel like you will be in a hard matchup and need the extra power.


Brutal: If you are dominating, Brutal is quite a good rune and can be extremely effective in many cases.


Conqueror: When you are up against tanks or ADCs, the Assassin build might not always work. In this case, the Bruiser build might. Using this rune, you can easily get stronger the longer you fight, which will be the case against tanks and other ADCs.


Hunter – Vampirism: Works extremely well on the bruiser build for Kha’zix. Provides him with extra healing that allows him to sustain as a tank and take up damage in team fights.


Champion: Quite an excellent rune for Kha’zix, do note that dying twice removes the rune’s effect completely. So, take it only if you are confident. Otherwise,e this might end up feeling useless.


Hunter – Titan: Synergizes very well with Kha’zix. It is quite a viable rune since you should be looking forward to killing as many champions as you can. However, if the tenacity it provides is not needed, you can go for Spirit Walker instead.


Mastermind: An absolute must on junglers since it makes taking objectives much more rewarding and fun at the same time. If the jungler is already expected to be everywhere else, it helps to make the clear much better.


Hunter – Genius: If you aren’t a fan of Mastermind, take this rune!


Summoner Spells:


When it comes to Summoner Spells, Flash is one that we always recommend no matter what due to its general ease of use and how important it is for the sake of mobility. Ignite allows you to get more kill pressure, while Smite is an integral part of Jungling. Here are all the Summoner Spells for Kha’zix in Wild Rift you should know about:


Flash: This allows you to have a lot more offensive options when you get into combat. It also helps you escape in a much better manner.


Smite: The default Jungler’s spell. You can use the blue variation to completely slow down enemies and to clean up kills. However, if you are going for the red variation, make sure to be a bit more offensive.


Kha’zix Complete Item Build:


This Champion can be played both as an Assassin and a Bruiser. However, his overall skills are mainly meant to snag as many kills as possible. His kit allows him to roam around the map while also letting you apply pressure on ADcs and carries. However, having the early game farm be able to do so is an integral part of the process.


Do note that your build is entirely dependent on what type of enemies you are facing off against. If you have more of a nuke-reliant lineup, there’s a high chance that you are better off with a more burst build. But, if you feel like the enemy team isn’t going to die to burst, then having more chip damage is definitely more worthwhile. We’re going to be talking about all the items and build in detail.


khai'zix the deadly assassin


Black Cleaver: Provides you with extra health and mobility, which are amazing for controlling the objective. The armor shred passive is quite nice on Kha’zix, especially when paired with Conqueror. In the early game, the Champion is not able to nuke down enemies unless he is extremely fed. If you manage to end up getting two or three kills before the first drake spawns, don’t get this item and opt for something else instead.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity: This item allows you to haste which is an ability that is welcomed by Kha’zix due to how reliant he is on his abilities. Upgrade this with a Stasis Enchant to allow you to outplay further, like being to throw down an additional turret shot when you are diving.


Duskblade of Draktharr: An item that is literally made for Kha’zix. Void Assault helps make Kha’zix invisible for about 2 seconds which is enough time for Duskblade’s passive to refresh. When this passive is combined with Unseen Threat, every attack that is hit out of his invisibility will deal massive amounts of damage.


Mortal Reminder: Has a high amount of % based armor penetration which should let you shred through pesky bruisers and tanks in absolutely no time.


Death’s Dance: This allows you to survive a considerable amount of burst damage if you are ever caught out of position since it will convert some of the damage into health. You can then use Stasis Enchant to survive some of the DPS if you are not able to withstand it.


Guardian Angel’s Resurrect: While not a core item, this allows you to do some risky dives and survive them too. If you are in the late game, you will be able to one-shot most squishy champions while also being able to come out with ease. So, each fight will end up being a 4v5 which ends up turning into a huge advantage for his team.


Umbral Glaive: An amazing item if you are in the lead! This item is especially useful if you get first blood as it is cheap and helps you disable wards which let you snowball from your first blood to get even more kills.


Yoummuu’s Ghostblade: Provides you with damage. However, its real purpose is quite different. It provides you with movement speed which can ramp up. When you have a completely ramped-up attack speed, it allows for the next basic attack to deal an even higher amount of damage alongside attack speed. But, this isn’t the best item to pick for Kha’zix since he doesn’t really need attack speed.


Maw of Malmortius: An item to counter strong AP Champions. It also provides you with insane stats and a strong AP shield as it's passive.


Randuin’s Omen: Another counter item meant to be played against champions who deal critical damage that include but are not limited to Yasuo, Trynadamere, or other marksmen champions.


Deadman’s Plate: A great defensive item for Kha’zix, which provides you with Health, Armor, and Movement Speed. The item is quite similar to Yommuu’s Ghostblade. However, make sure not to build them.


Alternative Kha’zix Bruiser Build:


khai'zix overview 2



This is an alternative Kha’zix build that turns you into a bruiser that also lets you frontline for his team. The Champion is played in the Baron Lane as well.


Spirit Visage: Increases the amount of heals you receive from Void Spike and from other sources, too, that let you stay on the frontline for longer periods amounts of time.


Iceborn Gauntlet: This allows you to slow down enemies even further while also making you much tankier.


All the items shown above serve their merit. So, when you build the Champion, pick any of these items, and you should have a good game. We’ll also be updating this guide consistently to ensure that the item build remains updated. If you need to play the Champion better, here’s how you can enable 120 FPS Gameplay on Wild Rift using LDPlayer.


Basic Skill Introduction:


Every Champion in Wild Rift has a particular set of skills and abilities that you need to be familiar with to become better at the Champion. In this case, Kha’zix relies on his abilities and skills, which aren’t easy to use every time. The Champion is extremely reliable and is thus often picked in competitive matches.


Passive: Unseen Threat: Enemies near Kha’zix that are isolated will be marked. With his passive, the next basic attack against any enemy champion will also be dealing bonus magic that also slows them for a few seconds.


Game Description: Enhances next attack against enemy champions to deal an additional 17 Magic Damage (14+ 40% bonus AD) and slow by 25% for seconds. Unseen Threat is refreshed when the enemy team loses sight of Kha'Zix.


Taste Their Fear: Deals an insane amount of physical damage to the enemy target. Increased damage to isolated targets is also dealt with. If the ability is evolved, some portion of its cooldown will also be used against other isolated targets. Kha'Zix also gains extra range depending on his basic attacks and Taste Their Fear.


Game Description: Slashes with claws, dealing 75 Physical Damage (65 + 130% AD). If the target is isolated, the damage is increased by 110%.


Evolve-Reaper Claws: Attacks and Taste Their Fear gain 50 range, and 45% of Taste Their Fear's Cooldown is refunded against isolated targets.


Units without allied units or structures nearby are isolated.


Base Damage: 65 / 100 / 135 / 170


Void Spike: Fires exploding spikes that deal physical damage to any enemy hit. Kha'Zix is also healed if he is within the explosion radius. If the ability is evolved, spikes will be fired three spikes in a cone. This slows enemies' hit and will also reveal enemy champions that are hit for 2 seconds. Isolated targets are also slowed down for an extra time.


Game Description: Fires spikes that deal 87 Physical Damage (80 + 100% bonus AD). Heals himself for 55 (55 + 50% AP) if he is within the explosion.


Evolve-Spike Racks: Fires two additional spikes and slows enemies by 60% for 2 seconds.


Cost: 55 / 60 / 65 / 70


Base Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200


Heal Amount: 55 / 90 / 125 / 160


Leap: Kha'Zix leaps towards an area while also dealing physical damage as soon as he lands. If the ability is evolved, the leap range is increased. The cooldown is also reset if any champion is killed or if the Champion scores a kill or an assist.


Game Description: Leaps to the target area, dealing 67 Physical Damage (65 + 20% bonus AD).


Evolve-Wings: Gain 250 range on leap. Leap's cooldown is reset on champion takedowns.


Cooldown: 17.6 / 15.6 / 13.7 / 11.7


Base Damage: 65 / 110 / 155 / 200


Ultimate – Void Assault: Passively allows Kha’Zix to evolve one of his abilities, providing them with one additional unique effect. When the ability is triggered, Kha’Zix is rendered invisible, which triggers Unseen Threat while also increase his Movement Speed. If the ability is evolved, Void Assault gains invisibility and duration alongside an additional use too.


Game Description: Passive -  Each rank in Void Assault allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his abilities.


Active - Becomes invisible and gains 40% Movement Speed for 1.25 seconds.


Void Assault can be cast again within 10 seconds.


Evolve-Adaptive Cloaking: Invisibility duration is increased to 2 seconds and can be cast up to three times.


Cooldown: 70 / 63.4 / 48.8


Kha’zix Skill Progression:


Just like every other Champion, Kha’zix does not have a linear progression path. Just like his build, there’s always a general guide available, but this helps you understand what abilities make the most sense in every part of the game.


Before you level these skills up, develop a general understanding of the game and make sure to realize what skills suit you better in the long run.


  • Unseen Threat: 1, 4, 6, 7
  • Taste Their Fear: 2, 8, 10, 11
  • Void Spike: 3, 12, 14, 15
  • Ultimate – Void Assault: 5, 9, 13


Basic Mechanics to Play Kha’zix:


Before you start playing Kha’Zix, there are some particular mechanics you need to adhere which should help you understand the Champion better.


The Champion's passive is perhaps the most important aspect of his entire kit. If you do not use your passive efficiently, it will reduce your DPS quite a bit. However, in order to increase his damage, you should use your passive wherever you can and also reset it with Void Assault as much as possible.


Both Void Spike and Assault can be cast in the middle of Leap. That means that you can cast them before landing, which helps increase the overall speed of your combo. You can also use active items when you are leaping. This can then be used to secure a kill, get a better combo off, or even do a double jump.


Leap also lets you tank the duration of a CC while you are still moving in mid-air, reducing its overall effectiveness. You can also start clearing wards with unseen Threats as your passive might not refresh in some particular areas, which is a clear indication that the area is warded.


You can also use Void Assault to cancel targeted abilities that require vision of your opponent. For example, a Darius Ult or a Skarner ult. This can be game-changing as you can bait enemies into you only for you to cancel as your team collapses on them.


Early Game:


Perhaps the most important factor you need to take care of is to see how much of an early lead you can generate for your own self and your team. There are a few particular things you can do to snowball a lead. However, it all comes down to a few factors you need to consider. These things include win conditions; team compositions should be taken into account. Other factors like Baron, split pushing, securing vision and starving enemy junglers, and camping a laner as well. You need to become the Biggest Threat to your enemy team so that you are the focus of their attention as much as possible.


Once you become their center of attention, that is the particular point where you should start taking off picks and secure your lead while also giving your carry tons of time to farm.


Late Game:


Kha’Zix probably has the most unique Late Game scenarios amongst all other assassins as he never really off. Unlike what people think, he simply shits his role in the Late Game rather than go defunct. He turns into a poke champion who can make picks. The reason for this are the evolutions you can use.


With your evolutions, you can deal tons of damage on a very low cooldown while being safe. This also lets you hit isolated targets, often letting you get an easy pick. However, embracing this playstyle instantly in the Late Game can be a particularly hard concept to grasp. Since you will be bursted down if you tried to dive the enemy team as you would have at earlier levels, you will need your team playing with you at this point in the game.


Having evolved wings let you make small picks into better picks for your team as you can keep getting the backline again and again. As a Kha’Zix player, team fights in the late game can be almost impossible. This is an important part of eh Champion you must understand. Therefore, your main focus in those particular situations should be to split push as much as possible as it helps alleviate pressure from the enemy team. Make sure to coordinate with your own team and use pings whenever possible to indicate that you are split pushing.


Keep looking at the minimap and your surroundings and try not to split push too hard unless and until you can see your threats on the map. The general ideal situation for a split pusher is when two or three come to pick you off, which leads to an ideal advantage for your team.


When you are setting up for taking Baron, make sure to clear vision using your passive and then wait for a pick while your enemy keeps waiting. Make sure to note that Baron or other larger monsters like the Dragon are considered isolated targets. Therefore, it is much easier for you to score or steal the objectives at an extremely fast pace.


Kha’zix Evolution Guide:


Kha’Zix is an extremely versatile champion who can adapt to the game depending entirely on what he needs. However, just like his item and skill build, there are optimal evolution orders which work in most matches. However, as you get more adept with the Champion, you’ll start understanding the mindset of each order.


You will then get over the mindset that claims that there are only 2-3 particular evolution orders. We’re going to be talking about each evolution order the Champion can have in detail. However, before you continue, make sure you have an idea about all the Champion's skills so that you get a better idea of the evolution order.


Evolved Reaper Claws:


Kha’Zix gains more range on his auto attacks and Taste Their Fear. The evolution also refunds about 45 percent of the cooldown of Taste Their Fear if used on a target that is solo.


This is the most common and safest evolution for the Champion. Taste Their Fear is perhaps the most ability of his kit, and being able to use it more often is quite useful in a lot of situations. The increased DPS allows you to clear out waves in the jungle while also letting you take down isolated targets as well. The evolution is also great against attacks as you can shred them down much more quickly due to more cool-down reduction. Try to evolve this if you need extra damage and speed.


If you are behind in terms of net worth and levels, we recommend leveling this evolution up as it is excellent in terms of catching up. We also recommend evolving this early if you aren’t sure of your laners or have a chance of losing the matchup later on. With this evolution, do note that you’ll not need to rely on your team and can play much more selfishly and farm quicker too. So, you can end up building up a lead for yourself that helps you enable your carry later on.


Evolved Spike Racks:


When Spike Racks are evolved, Kha’Zix will fire three spikes which slow enemies down and reveal them as well. This evolution is great for team fights as they let you peel for your carries while also letting you move out of fights as well. When you don’t want to play selfishly but rather wish to help your team, this ability works absolute wonders. The slow is useful in tons of situations. However, you should only be using this evolution if your carry is fed or if you want to play with your team very bad.


As such, this evolution is only meant for particular situations where you want to play with your team as much as possible. We recommend taking it at level 11 when team fights are much more common.


Evolved Wings:


When this ability is evolved, Kha’Zix’s leap range is increased, and the cooldown is also reset when killed or when assisted.


This evolution is one of the most iconicKha’Zix evolutions out there. This allows him to get kills and also lets you make fun plays while also letting you get in and out of the face of enemies. If you are playing as an assassin, this is perhaps his most important evolution as it lets you move around much faster in the game. It inherently acts as a tool to escape to get in and out of fights quickly after assassinating an enemy. We recommend evolving this ability at Level 11.


Evolved Adaptive Cloaking:


Gives Kha’Zix an extra cast of Void Assault, and his invisibility duration is increased to 2 seconds. It can be recast within a total duration of 10 seconds.


The evolution is quite versatile and potent, which lets you use this in different ways. Its main advantage is to provide you with extra utility through the extra cast and longer stealth. This lets you gank and duel much better. The long stealth is amazing to minimize the amount of damage you take when fighting, which often gives you a kill. You can evolve this at any point in the game. But, we recommend doing so at level 11.


Before you start evolving, do note that Kha’Zix is centered around evolving yourself to suit the current game and your playstyle. Therefore, try not to limit yourself too much and do not remain close-minded towards one playstyle. Try evolving any of these abilities at different points to understand their nuances and why you should prefer one over the other.


Combos with Kha’Zix:


Using combos is an integral part of any champion. Thankfully Kha’Zix has combos that are simple to understand. But, they can be relatively hard to execute, especially if you like general mechanical skills.


Void Assault Juke:


Perhaps your best combo is to use Void Assault to avoid most CC damage. Some of the things you can do in order to end up juking is running towards an enemy, making sure they can land an easy skill shot on you, and then dodging it.


Or, you can wait for the enemy to use their skill shot. However, do note that this requires you to react extremely quickly. Once you have used the skill shot, you can use Void Assault in a different direction while also dodging the skill shot. You can also all-in to your opponent and use Void Assault offensively.


General Gameplay Tips for Kha’Zix:


It is generally quite hard to provide a one size fits all answer for what you can do with the Champion. However, there definitely are tips that you can take advantage of to help you get better odds. Your entire kit is designed to help you get early kills due to your strong early game compared to most other junglers allowing you to snowball.


However, you can easily fall off and throw the game just because of the aggressive nature you must show. However, you can avoid this by pressing your lead from the enemy jungler and letting one lane snowball out of control. But, you’ll still be finding games where you will be playing the carry role to the absolute brim but will still not be able to play as well as you could.




Try to always trade objectives with the opponent if you think you can’t roam. You can also extend your lead by shoving the lane and pushing the enemy into a gold deficit which they simply cannot get back from. Develop priorities in your head which you should stick to. This helps improve your gameplay.


If the game feels like it's too early for a Baron, push the tower. If you can’t, get buffs instead. In any case, you should have an extremely strict, stringent game plan that you should be following for every match as they help your odds of winning by quite a bit. You have the tools to carry yourself as Kha’Zix. So, avoid getting into unnecessary fights with your team.


Tips and Tricks to Play Kha’Zix:


When you are trying to snowball, be as oppressive as you can. Spend more time in the enemy's jungle trying to gather as much information and intelligence as possible. You should be trying to make the enemy Jungler even walking into his jungle since you will be waiting. Plus, you should pay attention to the minimap and be mindful of the enemy laners so they don’t collapse onto you since you won’t be able to kill all of them in most cases.


Develop knowledge of the jungle's timings, the minion waves, and Baron. If you are strong enough to walk into the enemy jungle for a hot second, just put up a ward and go away instead of trying to stay there and contesting another jungle camp when your laners are relatively static. If you successfully shut down the enemy jungler, it will take a lot of pressure off from your laner and will put tons of pressure on the enemy laner since it’ll be a guaranteed 2v2 or 3v3 in a gank or skirmish.


In most cases, the enemy jungler will be forced to sit in a side wave and leech XP off oflaners or just split push lanes. This reduces the enemy team’s total net worth. You can then use this advantage and weakness to take down either the enemy jungler or to set up ganks on the laners. We recommend taking up objectives rather than going for kills as they help cement your lead further.


Jungle Aggressively:


One of the most important aspects of playing Kha’Zix is to the jungle as aggressively as possible. By being proactive and controlling the entire pace of the game, you can force your opponents to make bad decisions and wait for them to make mistakes, and they take advantage of them. If you establish yourself as a threat, there’s a high chance that you will be pulling them around the map and forcing them to become extremely aggressive and reactive to your plays which means there’s a high chance they’ll be waking worse trades for themselves.


If you are ahead, you will easily be able to force the enemy jungler in situations where the enemy jungler will need to roam around the map and will have to respond to your plays as much as possible. So, the enemy will have to be giving up objectives in order to contest your plays as much as possible. You’ll end up suffocating the enemy team into a gold lead they simply cannot recover from.


Control the Objectives:


Your highest priority as Kha’Zix should be to control objectives and take them down when you are ahead. While most say that the Champion needs to get kills, forcing objectives is equally important if not more important than roaming around the map. With this Champion, you have the advantage of being able to take down objectives your own-self. If you feel like you are not able to take down objectives, another option is split pushing since you will have the ability to take down most other champions and draw attention from them while also being able to escape. You should ask yourself when playing Kha’Zix, what objective can you take that will perform the most amount of disruption amongst the enemy ranks? In most cases, this will usually be a gank or two, and then translating that lead into an objective and then eventually snowballing off of it.


Control Vision:


Once you establish a healthy advantage over the enemy jungler or control the jungle, in essence, you will be able to communicate the location of the enemy jungler to your team at all times. We recommend purchasing wards in order to do so and to place them near objectives. With all this information, your team will be able to anticipate ganks, and your laners will be able to ping missing whenever your jungler is not there. This helps your team is not playing extremely aggressively. Having vision control of the map can be of pivotal importance, especially as you move onto higher tiers where even a single gank can be absolutely devastating in most cases.


Have your team assist you in the early game when placing vision. This should help stop any ganks from happening to you when you try and take control of the enemy jungle. As you get stronger, you won’t need anyone there to be with you as you take control of the enemy jungle. In most cases, you should be able to transfer a vision lead into an absolute snowball.


Helping Your Carries:


Kha’Zixisn’t a champion that will be able to carry the game alone unless and until all the conditions are being met. In most cases, it is better to enable a laner to snowball with you rather than take all the glory yourself. You can do this in numerous ways by helping shove the lane when the carry needs to reset, providing vision so that they do not get ganked by the jungler, or pushing towers when the laner is gone to completely secure a lane.


In any case, by helping a laner, they are going to be more inclined to help you too. Try coordinating dives with your team to shut down an enemy. Another important factor of the game you must take into account is lane matchups. Some particular lanes do not need to be helped at all and will win lanes naturally. Focusing on them does not make a lot of sense. Some other lanes might be strong but will require assistance in terms of a gank in order to completely shut down an enemy. Try to identify what particular lane in your game requires your help the most and focus on assisting them wherever possible.


Having successful lanes is much more important than just pressuring one enemy jungler. If you secure an early tower with your team, ping them and take another Tier 1 tower. Keep repeating this till the map adequately opens up to you. Try to be as communicative as you can since you will be the strongest Champion in your team for a long phase of the game. Therefore, your decisions should help your entire team snowball. Do not be afraid to call those decisions out!


Don’t Throw Your Lead Away:


If you aren’t getting kills or taking objectives, then you are simply sapping resources from your team and wasting them. A lot of junglers make the mistake of farming up fine and then not doing anything after that. You can prevent this bad habit by ganking, coordinating dives, getting vision, and trying to be as pesky as possible. The fundamental aspect of kill conversion is how often your actions or plays on the map actually lead to objectives being taken away.


Higher elo players have amazing kill conversion ratios, which means that a kill that they do is meticulously planned and actually has a reason behind it. When you play Kha’Zix, especially as a low elo player, try to avoid getting into situations where you snag a kill and then immediately get back to farming. You should rather use the buffer time that you get and try to take full control of the map while the enemy is down and out for good.


When you end up killing the jungler, you have free reign to walk into their jungle and take control of the entire area by placing wards and killing their camps. In most cases, you will also want to avoid ganking lanes when you are behind as Kha’Zix since you will end up throwing whatever lead you have. Do not put more resources into a lane that is already lost. This is because it will take up a lot of resources to help bring that lane back to a secure enough spot. You can instead focus on trying to improve the lane that is running even and try to establish your win condition from over there. Even if you are getting spam pinged by a dying top laner, investing your time only to die might just throw the game for you and your team.


Ignore redundant calls and spend your time getting another lane ahead that has a higher chance to carry you to victory.


How to Gank as Kha’Zix?


Ganking as Kha’Zix is quite simple. The most important factor you need to take into account before you gank is to take a look at your laner’s ability to follow through with the gank or to set them up themselves. The best thing you can do is to start ganking from either behind your team or go to a side where they can run towards your allies and cut off their escape route as much as possible. Another important aspect of ganking is to save your Leap. You can also save your Leap for their flash as well.


Another ganking method you can take advantage of is to wait for the enemy laner to push up near the river or places where you can flank. You can then use your passive and jump over some walls and use your void assault to secure a kill in places where they least expect it.


How To Manage Waves:


In the effort to become a good jungler, it is important to understand the basics of lane management and wave priority. This allows you to move around the map while also making sure you are successful when ganking.


Understanding the priority of each lane can lead to easy wins. For example, if you make the enemy mid lose a cannon wave, he’s just lost half a kill's worth of gold from just that. Since denying can be equivalent to gaining gold in most cases, you can count that as pretty much a free kill and even more in XP. This then requires you to be more understanding of lane matchups in general, and you can push into and get a lead from. Make sure to keep watching lanes and take into account different matchups so you can get an idea of what lane you need to prioritize as much as possible.


Playing From Behind:


You’ll be playing Kha’Zix in a lot of games where you will not be able to snowball or even create a lead in the Early Game. In those cases, you should try to minimize the damage you do to your own team while still contributing to your team as much as possible.


The key factor to playing Kha’Zix, if you haven’t figured it out already, is to enable the person who acts as a win condition and is the biggest Threat for the enemy team. Whether it’s a 5-0 bot lane or a powerful mid-lane champion, you will need to do everything that you can in order to secure yourself and try to present and provide them with as many resources as possible.


As Kha’Zix, you should try peeling for them and should also stay nearby when enemies might try to dive them. So, playing Kha’Zix isn’t really just about killing squishy champions and taking them out. You can also act as a great counter to other assassins and can deal with them accordingly.


Another strategy you can take advantage of is to farm up from behind and to catch up on XP and gold before you start making any serious plays. This helps you evolve much quickly and lets you do much more on the map. If there’s not a lot of opportunities to gank due to your lanes losing, snowballing can be quite difficult. As such, you should farm up and always stay ahead in levels so that you can remain relevant throughout the game.


Team Fighting as Kha’Zix:


When team fighting as Kha’Zix, make sure to remember that there are different things you need to do in a fight at particular points in the game. Some of these include using your Leap when it’s a guaranteed kill or when they use their flash and prioritizing enemy targets as well.


Fighting Against Tanky Compositions:


Perhaps the most commonly asked question, your chances of winning do dwindle when you face off against teams that are much squishier. Perhaps the one rule you should follow is to not jump when the enemy team has good CC. The worst mistake you can make against tanky comps is to push on against them with no backup. As an assassin, you can’t chip them off quickly, especially since you have no real way to pierce them off.


Your best bet is to push your lead in the early game and stay on comms with your team for the entire duration. The longer the game goes on, you’ll have a lesser chance since the tanks will be farmed up and will start grouping up. So, try to take into account the early game as much as possible and snowball as hard as you can before the late game. If you have already fallen into a place where the game is going late and the enemy team is scaling, you’ll need to change your strategy quite a bit.


Firstly, consider their levels and how ahead you are, what items you can use in particular to help cement your advantage, and when your next power spike. If you have an idea about any of these, you will be able to understand the composition of your team. If your team's comp isn't good at team fighting and theirs is, then stop team fighting and try to get picks off and apply pressure in side lanes. You can have your top or mid-lane split while you ready up for Baron instead. This can be a wonderful way to gain an advantage.


Another strategy you can employ is to use your teammates as bait. Have them act as sponges to absorb the damage and CC your enemies are outputting. Kha’Zix is a kind of Champion that won’t be dealing the bulk of the damage. However, he can easily clean up, and chain kills due to the resets you have. Try not to be out of position and always try to get into the fight after most ultimates have been used. Remember to always keep track of enemy cooldowns when in a fight. This goes hand in hand with making sure you know the right target to engage on and what abilities you should be tracking in terms of cooldowns. If you remain patient and know how and what spells are being used, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get in.


Make sure to take into account other things like the enemy support using their exhaust or the ADC flashing. You’ll have a higher chance to be able to succeed in fights. Forcing the enemy’s cooldowns isn’t all that bad. If an ultimate is used against you and you end up surviving, that’s a huge advantage for your team to be able to get in, especially when such a powerful ultimate is used on one target.


Prioritizing Targets:


When it comes to targeting priority, it's not just items that matter. You need to be more mindful of item differences, team compositions, and other factors too. You need to take a look at items like Zhonya’sHourglass, so you don't end up dying.


In these particular situations, you should consider which champions are the Greatest Threat to you and your team. Therefore, you should try not to overextend and take into account the mistakes the enemy team might make. Once you’ve gotten rid of the primary threats, you’ll be able to increase the chances of your team winning a fight by a huge amount.


Being an Assassin:


Kha’Zix is a versatile assassin. He does not have just one set job he’s good at. As such, it is important to understand the nuances of the Champion. While we’ve already talked about what picks can be annoying and how you should be focusing down on certain targets, you still might need to change your priorities and roles on tons of different occasions just because of what the enemy team might expect you to do.


This won’t be a big issue in lower elos as the enemy team won’t be so well coordinated. But, as you move up the ranks, you will need to start identifying threats in the enemy team in a much broader manner and think a few steps ahead. For example, counter-building items since you are anticipating support to build something to stop you. Or, making sure you tell your team what particular times the enemy team might end up ganking just because of the advantage you have in vision.


In any case, playing Kha’Zix requires a very aware mindset that forces you to do things that might be outside your comfort zone. As a jungler, your job is to figure out what particular points in the game are ones where you can make the most impact. Then, it is up to you and your team to coordinate and communicate with each other and to follow throw on each of those calls to ensure optimum results.


As you get better at the Champion and have more experience, you’ll start identifying patterns in each match that should help you prepare for the next ones. But there will still be somewhere you'll have to do something completely unorthodox to win the match. In essence, don’t be afraid to experiment!


LDPlayer Features for Wild Rift: 


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Kha’zix is an extremely fun hero to play and is one of the best assassins out there. He is quite difficult to play but can be played in almost every competitive match if you get the hang of him. We’re also going to be updating this guide as more information about the Champion is released. So, stay tuned!

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