LOL: Wild Rift - Ultimate Guide to How to Play AD Carry?


LOL Wild Rift is a very vast game with unlimited scenarios. Each player brings his strategy and knows how to execute it well enough. Today we have brought you the ultimate ADC (AD Carry) guide. Playing a champion with basics won't make you pro but play with the utmost knowledge of every situation, build, runes can make a huge difference.


LOL: Wild Rift - Ultimate Guide to How to Play AD Carry


LOL: Wild Rift has 5v5 matches, and each play has to play his role if the team wants to win. You have to communicate with your teammates, ask them to join in your strategy, etc. You can join League of Legends Wild Rift and become a part of thrilling combat and help out teammates. In 5v5 matches, there are five roles: Baron Laner (Top Laner), Mid Laner, AD Carry and Support, and Jungler.


Each player stays in his lane and fight with their opponent, but in some scenarios, your opponent overpowers you. For that, we have brought you the AD Carry guide. We will also share tips to maximize your champion's output without dying and much more. So, let's dive right into the guide.


AD Carry:


AD Carry's lane is bottom with support. This is the only lane in which you and one of your teammates fight alongside you against two enemy champions. Support is there to keep AD Carry alive and harass the other AD Carry. There are also some rules for the support that they can't farm minions, and they can't kill the enemy (depending on situations). Their whole job is to fed AD Carry because a fed AD Carry will go to any length to wipe out a whole enemy team without sweating.


AD Carry is the most consistent damage dealer in LOL: Wild Rift. You will find AD Carry under the title Marksman, meaning you will have to rely on your auto attacks and abilities to shred your enemies.


LOL: Wild Rift - Ultimate Guide to How to Play AD Carry


As an AD Carry, you are the primary source of Physical Damage on your team, which indicates that you are the best at taking down enemy turrets very quickly. One of the main uses of AD Carry is usually as a split pusher. AD Carry packs a huge amount of Physical damage, but they are quite squishy.


It seems like your lane but wait! keep in mind this is one of the hardest roles to play in LOL: Wild Rift if you don't know how to balance your damage and survival. As mentioned above, you have the most damage, but you must rely on the support and other teammates because you will be useful to your team.


As of now, the following AD Carry Champions are available in LOL: Wild Rift:


⦁    Ashe

⦁    Ezreal

⦁    Graves

⦁    Jhin

⦁    Jinx

⦁    Kaisa

⦁    Miss Fortune

⦁    Twisted Fate

⦁    Varus Vayne


The other champions will be available soon. Make sure to learn your champions before playing ranked matches.


LOL: Wild Rift - Ultimate Guide to How to Play AD Carry


AD Carry and Support:


As an AD Carry, you will be paired with the mage or tank support. If you have your team, then there's nothing to worry about but if you are playing randomly, make sure to stay calm because every player will bring his game style and something new to the game. Make sure to work together and win the match. 


ADC Goals: Miss Fortune


Your ultimate goal is to achieve more gold in less time, and that will only happen if you land the final blow on minions and turrets. Focus on farming as much as possible and go for your desired build one by one. You are going to have two goals as you move towards the late game.


The first is to be present for all team fights and skirmishes (if possible) because, in team fights, your team will need you to take down beefier targets. Your second goal is getting stronger as soon as possible, and that is only possible through farming minions.


Plan your recall and try to stay in lane as long as possible and farm minions. The best way to achieve every goal as an AD Carry is to select one to three champions and play with them. Changing champions too often can cause a lot of problems for you and your team.


Stages of the Game for AD Carry:


The whole match can be divided into three stages: Early Game, Mid Game, and Late Game. Early Game is the first part of your match, which usually lasts from 5 to 7minutes or depending on how fast you or your opponents destroyed the first turret. Mid Game lasts between 7 to 13 minutes, also depending on the situation. From 13 minutes onward, it's a late game.


LOL: Wild Rift - Ultimate Guide to How to Play AD Carry


In the Early Game, you must focus on getting stronger and focus on farming while avoiding fights as much as possible. After the first turret falls, you will have to focus on your damage, and you have to be ready to take down dragons from that point onward without Jungler.


Your focus will also shift to other lanes that still have their first turret. In the Late Game, you will be the strongest damage dealer in your team, so be ready to join team fights and wipe your enemies with your maximum damage. In all these stages, your support will have to be with you all the time.


You must understand your champion; you don't have to worry about the game stages if you are struggling in the first stage. Some champions are stronger in the early game and tend to become weaker in the late game, while some are the exact opposite.


AD Carry is mostly about knowledge and experience. For example, Vayne struggles a bit in the early game due to her shorter range, while Miss Fortune is great in the lane with her powerful abilities.


AD Carry Champions comes in two categories: Auto Attack Focused Marksmen and Ability Focused Marksmen.


⦁    Auto Attack Focused on Marksmens' abilities are designed to help them auto more often and efficiently. Their survivability comes from their ability to kite, which means you will have to move around a lot and auto-attack at the same time. Vayne and Ashe are fine examples of Auto Attack Focused Marksmen.


⦁    Ability Focused Marksmens' auto-attack a bunch, but their abilities add many features to their gameplay. If you are interested in destroying opponents by landing many skill shots, these are your champions. Ezreal and Jhin are fine examples of Ability Focused Marksmen.


LOL: Wild Rift - Ultimate Guide to How to Play AD Carry


Keep in mind, after the first turret is down, every player will start to rotate and gank other lanes or shift to other lanes. So, you have to adapt to the situations and act accordingly. If your opponent is in Mid lane, you have to be there, and if they are in Baron Lane, you have to be there.


The same goes for every laner; sooner or later, you will have to change your lanes because the first turret is the most important one. If the first turret is down, you will have more area to push and harass your enemies.


As an AD Carry, you must ask yourself who is the biggest threat for your teammates and then focus on that target in the Mid Game. Try to shut him down and harass him with your auto attacks and ability attacks. This will increase your chances of winning exponentially.




With a strong AD Carry, many opponents don't want to go into the late game as they know they will be shredded to pieces. So, they will try to shut you down in the early and mid-game, but once you have stepped into the late game, it will be your sole purpose to destroy the enemy lineup in seconds by dealing a massive amount of Physical Damage.


You are the light of success for your team, and they rely on you in the late game as you did on them in the early game. Play together and let them give you the cover you need to destroy your opponents and dominate the battlefield.

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