LOL: Wild Rift – How to Farm Efficiently as a Jungler?


LOL: Wild Rift is the most popular MOBA currently available on mobile. The game features iconic champions featured from the PC counterpart, League of Legends. It features fast-paced gameplay with a few tweaks done to suit the mobile gaming space. Moreover, the game has the same concepts as the original with three lanes, a jungle, Baron Nashor, and unique skills and abilities for each hero.


LOL: Wild Rift – How to Farm Efficiently as a Jungler


Therefore, the game shares the same skill curve and difficulty as League. Junglers are still powerful gankers who have a lot to do in the first 10 minutes of the game. To be a good Jungler, you need to know the best and most efficient ways to farm.


Utilize the First Minute:


Jungle Creeps spawn after the first minute of the game. During this time, most Junglers wander around and do not do anything productive. While it is true that you cannot farm efficiently in the first minute as there is nothing to farm, you can still create a lot of impact in any lane of your choosing that will help you farm more efficiently later.


For example, as soon as the laning phase starts, you can start harassing Baron Lane or help your Mid Laner in trying to zone out the enemy opponent. While a minute may not seem like enough, it is only those micro-decisions that turn you into a good Jungler.


With your zoning out, there is a high chance that the Mid Laner might miss their timings, or the person in Baron Lane may miss a few creeps, which turns into a huge advantage your team can steam roll-off in the early game.


Understand Jungle Rotations:


Every Jungler in the game has a particular rotation they should adhere to. These rotations also include what runes you should be picking up as you progress further in the game. The most efficient way to Jungle would probably be to look at what particular runes you should be picking up and what runes make the most sense for your particular champion.


Usually, most of the power runes and general buff runes are reserved for you as they greatly aid you in killing off jungle creeps. Remember that even though Jungling might seem like a task that does not require a lot of skill, doing it in the most efficient way possible is a whole different story.


So, always be accommodating to new suggestions, tips, and meta changes on how you can improve your game sense and become a better Jungler in that regard.


Itemize Accordingly:


LOL: Wild Rift – How to Farm Efficiently as a Jungler


One of the most common items bought when trying to play Wild Rift as a Jungler is Smite. It has a 10-second cooldown with a 45-second recharge and holds up to 2 charges dealing 440 to 1000 true damage, which scales with your level. You can upgrade Smite to a Chilling or Challenging Smite, an upgrade that you can avail of as soon as you kill four monsters in the Jungle.


These upgrades are primarily meant for Junglers and do not suit any other role. Their main advantage is that they let you Jungle much faster, and they have you earn more gold from jungle creeps with a lower gold bounty being put on minions.


Their value is that since you are mainly going to be farming in the Jungle for the entire course of the game, especially for the first few minutes. Therefore, investing in Smite will greatly increase your farming speed, turning you into a much more efficient farmer.


There are other items you can purchase to enhance your farming speed in the Jungle. However, generally upgrading Smite is enough, and you can spend more of your resources on other items that will help you get more damage.


Use Empty Lanes To Your Advantage:


In a normal game of LOL: Wild Rift, your Mid Laner will be rotating around a lot for ganks. Usually, you will be accompanying him in those ganks or maybe set them up yourself. Bit, sometimes you might not have a large amount of farm or might just be going through some downtime as your ultimate or another important skill might be on cool down.


In these points, it is important to understand that the key to efficient farming is to understand that you need to keep the lanes pushed and help your team wherever you can.


So, try to move towards whatever lane is empty and clear the creeps as quickly as you can. Of course, do this when you know that no one else needs that farm and you are not stealing your carry’s farm or anything of that sort. If that is not the case, it is generally extremely beneficial for your team to have a Jungler take away some minions.


LOL: Wild Rift – How to Farm Efficiently as a Jungler


Farm with your Team:


The Jungler should be participating in any team fight that happens around the map. However, they are generally not so mobile to traverse the entire map for the duration of a quick fight. Therefore, we recommend that you play with your Supports and try to farm areas where you know a fight will break out. In this case, if a fight pops up, you can easily move towards it and contribute your spells and abilities.


Learn to Disengage:


Many Junglers in LOL: Wild Rift make the mistake of spending too much time either Jungling or fighting. Doing any of the two extremities is not recommended. It would help if you always tried to find the optimal balance between both acts, as balancing them is an integral part of winning the game.


If you spend way too much time farming, there is a high chance that your teammates will be getting ganked all around the map, and as you will not be there to counter ganks or relieve pressure, the enemy team will easily take away all your towers. At one point, even if you spent half the game farming, your abilities and skills will not account for anything.


If you spend the entire game farming, you will be winning your first few skirmishes due to your generally powerful and scalable abilities. However, as you try to find pick off after pick off, there is a high chance you might land into an unfavorable one. Moreover, dying once means you lose your tempo, which would indicate the enemy team getting farmed up fast.


If that ends up happening, there is no chance that you will be able to beat them as you were already malnourished from gold anyway.


LOL: Wild Rift – How to Farm Efficiently as a Jungler


Hyper-Aggressive Moves Do not Always Work:


Being Hyper-Aggressive is a part of what makes playing a Jungler so fun. However, these moves and rotations do not always work. It would help if you were not trying to sap away the enemy Jungler’s farm.


A key to efficient farming is always to understand your champion's limits at a particular time. Most of the time, a Jungler cannot invade the enemy's side of the map and take the farm away from them.


Therefore, what we recommend is that you either have your teammates behind you when you try to invade the enemy's map or refrain from doing so. Suppose you want to bug them while trying to farm efficiently.




LOL: Wild Rift has made the Jungling role quite fun and challenging at the same time. There are tons of different decisions you can make at any stage of the game that severely impacts the match's outcome. The developers have done a wonderful job of putting you in control of your actions and ensuring that you understand each one's repercussions.


Just like any other role in a MOBA game, the best way to get better at a particular champion or playstyle is to practice and keep playing it repeatedly. Only then can you understand the many nuances that go into playing a certain role and how you can fix them.

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