LOL: Wild Rift - How to farm Efficiently as AD Carry?


LOL: Wild - How to farm Efficiently as AD Carry


LOL: Wild Rift is taking the mobile gaming world by storm. With its impressive port of the PC counterpart League of Legends, the game has been a massive success amassing many loyal fans in its regional beta. The game is currently being played by hundreds and thousands of players appreciating the faithful port of the MOBA being gracefully implemented on their touchscreens.


The game features amazing visuals, a beautiful sound-track, optimized controls, and the same champions that the original game League is adored for. One of the most important roles in the game is the AD Carry.


Play it Slow:


The AD Carry is perhaps the weakest champion in the game for most of the early and mid-game phase. Because the champion who is played in the AD Carry role needs constant babysitting, they are sent to the only duo lane on the map where support can constantly heal them and keep them away from harm's way.


Consequently, AD Carry players generally have to play extremely passively for the first few minutes.


In this stage, the best place to farm efficiently would be the lane. Since you do have support with you, drying you out of the lane entirely is easier said and then. Unless and until you are not heavily countered by the enemy champions facing off against you, you should be having a moderately good time trying to score as many last hits as you can.


AD Carries are usually equipped with ways to flash farm minion waves effectively. If you are having trouble last hitting, you can always use that particular skill to your advantage and make quick work of the enemy minions. Ass an AD Carry, we do not recommend going out of your way to harass the opposing enemy laners.


However, if you can land a few shots or blows without taking too much damage yourself, then you can do so. Being somewhat aggressive in the lane helps you establish dominance, especially if you have a better combination of champions than them and can synergize better.


Farming and Controlling Minion Waves:


LOL: Wild - How to farm Efficiently as AD Carry


Perhaps one of the most basic and integral ways which tell you how to farm efficiently is controlling minion ways. Generally, farming will always be the best and most reliable way to gain gold and buy items to deal damage as an AD Carry at any stage of the game. If you can out farm your enemy as an AD Carry, the chances of you winning increases quite a bit.


To farm most safely and efficiently, you should learn how to wave control and farm. It would help if you practiced this technique continues to get good at it.


Here is a general gist of what you need to do:


Understanding the Wave:


Minion Waves in LOL: Wild Rift spawn about every 30 seconds. Each Wave spawned will consist of 3 caster minions and three melee minions, with each third Wave containing a cannon minion. So, in essence, getting about half the CS in a lane will net you the fair amount of 15 full value kills, which is a huge amount.


In essence, this means that you being 0/0/0, but having 175 CS would be equal to an enemy player having five kills with 100 CS, which is nigh impossible in most cases.


How to Efficiently farm the Wave?


To efficiently farm the Wave, the first thing you need to get used to is understanding your champion's attack and hit rate at every particular point. For this, you need to practice a lot. It isn't easy to farm in the early game. So, you should always hop into a bot lobby and learn how to last hit to farm efficiently. Not missing last-hits will greatly increase your gold gain rate.


How to Control the Minion Waves for Efficient Farming?


LOL: Wild - How to farm Efficiently as AD Carry


For efficient farming in LOL: Wild Rift as an AD Carry, you need to control the waves. You cannot directly interact with the minion waves, unlike other MOBAS. Therefore, the only hope you have to understand the waves and keep them in your favor is trading blows with the enemy player and last hitting at the right moment.


Try to never auto-attack the enemy minions unless and until it leads to the last hit. If you keep auto-attacking, you will be shoving the lane towards their side, something you do not want to do as an AD Carry.


If you keep shoving the lane, the minions will be meeting further away from your tower. This is disadvantageous for a number of reasons. Firstly, if the enemy team tries to go on you, you will have to run further back to the safety of your tower, which leaves a greater avenue in which you can be killed.


Moreover, if you do end up getting ganked, there is a high chance that you will not be able to see it coming as you won’t be in the safety of your power tower. Instead, we recommend only attacking when the minion's health bar turns into a light red color, which indicates that this particular minion will die in one hit or shot from your attack.


Always Secure Lane Minions:


Securing Lane Minions might seem like a foreign concept, especially if we tell you that you need to use your abilities to secure particular minions efficiently. While it may seem counter-intuitive to some to be wasting your skills, abilities, cooldowns, and mana on minions instead of players, you must understand that a good AD Carry focuses on farming as fast as they can. Try not to spend your time worrying about the enemy team and their aggression.


In this case, if a pesky minion seems to be particularly hard to kill as the enemy champions are close to it, and you do not want to mess with them at that particular stage. We recommend that you use any of your abilities to farm that particular minion efficiently. IF even doing that isn’t possible, you should let your support have it instead of wasting the minion.


If they end up dying, you can always take advantage of the newfound space as the lane will instantly start pushing towards you, granting you a few waves of the absolute free farm, which helps scenarios like these.


Stop trying to Farm Champions:


LOL: Wild - How to farm Efficiently as AD Carry


Most Mid Laners make the mistake of forgetting about their primary role in the game. Their main goal is to spend about 15 minutes farming and making a relevant skill and item build for most games.


However, some AD Carries often overestimate their strength in the early game and start engaging in fights with supports in hopes of farming champions instead. As this is not your team's job, there is no real surprise that you are no good at it either. With no real DPS or good skill being input into a fight or a gank from your side, you are much better off farming on the opposite of the map, free from any danger. It would help if you were not trying to participate in a fight that is not dictated by your skills or abilities.




LOL: Wild Rift has redefined the meaning of playing a MOBA on a mobile phone. With the addition of the fully-featured game to the touchscreen, the game has seen huge amounts of success. Therefore, it's not surprising to know that many players are eagerly practicing and are trying to improve their skills in being the best AD Carry.


The AD Carry is the bread and butter of good team composition. If you play well as one, you are almost guaranteed a win as you turn into an absolute monster as the game progresses. For this, you need to use the tips mentioned above for farming efficiently in LOL: Wild Rift.

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