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Have you ever dreamed of ascending to immortality over a mortal life? If so, then get ready to ascend to immortality and conquer the celestial realms with the Legacy of Divinity gameplay. In this game, you are about to start an extraordinary story where it will take you through lots of explorations and battles and also you will meet new NPCs when you follow the story. Depending on your progress in the story, you will unlock many amazing things here. So, are you ready to learn the best tips and tricks that are useful for the Legacy of Divinity game? Then, this is your ultimate beginner guide for help. 

Legacy of Divinity Guide and Tips

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At the beginning of the Legacy of Divinity game, you are asked to choose one suitable class to play from all four available classes. Each class provides a unique gameplay style; choosing your most favorite will be the first strategy you should pull out to succeed in this gameplay. After that, you will enter the game where everything begins. One of the best things in this game is that almost everything is idle here. So, while taking advantage of these idle elements, let us play Legacy of Divinity on PC with LDPlayer 9 using the tips and tricks in this beginner guide. 

Start with the Best Class in Legacy of Divinity

When you start your Legacy of Divinity gameplay, the first thing you see is the four classes with amazing characters. So, in order to access what is beyond these four classes, you have to choose a class. When selecting a class, it is better to go for the best so that you can start the game with the best class. Therefore, in this beginner guide, we will help you choose the best class by explaining every class to you. 

  • Blade - this class uses the sword as its major weapon, and with the use of sword beams, the Blade class forms a sword formation inflicting rapid and repeated damage to enemies. 

Start with the Best Class in Legacy of Divinity

  • Athletics - this class uses swift strikes as its ultimate art to master. Not just that, the Athletics class is the best at using shadowy movements to accumulate rage and deal significant damage with each strike. 

  • Witchcraft - this class manipulates specters, inflicting enemies with curses and hellfire, causing continuous damage to them. 

  • Sorcery - this class utilizes five elements and astrological signs to cast celestial spells, striking enemies with critical hits for multiplied damage. 

Each of these classes comes with male and female versions, so you can select the version you like in any class that suits you best. Remember, as we explained above, each class offers you a different playstyle, so choose wisely. 

Complete the Main Story in Legacy of Divinity

After you start your gameplay by choosing any of the above classes, your first concern must be the main story. If you ask why the main story is, it is because it unlocks everything, and everything depends on the main story. So, if you want a more expanded gameplay with lots of activities and features to engage in, you need to complete the main story. 

Complete the Main Story in Legacy of Divinity

In order to complete the main story, you have to go through its chapter goals, and these chapter goals are more likely the explorations and battles. Since everything comes with idle elements here, you can complete the chapter goals quickly and complete chapters here. You only need to tap the relevant chapter goal to complete it, and then the character will automatically navigate to the relevant destination. 

Sometimes, the chapter goals in the main story take you through explorations, meeting NPCs, or battling against enemies. Whatever it is, everything can be controlled and processed automatically. So make sure to complete the main story as quickly as possible, as it is a good way to level up faster in this game. 

Equip the Best Skills

Depending on the class you choose, you get to unlock various skills to be equipped in your character during this game. When it comes to battles against enemies, these skills become very handy to defeat enemies. Therefore, you need to equip your character with the best skills so that the character can use them to battle against enemies. 

Equip the Best Skills

When speaking of skills, there are three types of skills here: Cantrip, Psionic and Ultimate. The Cantrip skills can be automatically cast during the battles, and you can equip up to six Cantrips for your character. The Psionic skills are the passive skills that will take effect when equipped. You can equip up to six Psionic skills to your character. The ultimate skills are the active and the most powerful skills that can be cast within the battles, and you can only equip up to two ultimate skills for your character. 

Therefore, even if you unlock many skills in any of these categories for your character, in long-term playing, you must make sure to equip the best of them to your character because the number of skills that can be equipped for your character in each category is limited. 

Cultivate Technique Manuals to Ascend

If you ask what cultivation is in this Legacy of Divinity game, it is about mastering techniques related to the class you choose to play. When you cultivate and master the techniques, you can also refine your inner self towards higher stats.

Cultivate Technique Manuals to Ascend

But before you start the cultivation, you need technique manuals, and once you have a technique manual relevant to your class, you can choose it to start the secluded cultivation. After you begin cultivating technique manuals, you can obtain more technique EXP from them. 

The efficiency of cultivating technique EXP from technique manuals is not affected by the quality of the technique manual. But it is only affected by the bonus of the heavenly flask tier. The higher the tier of the heavenly flask, the higher the cultivation efficiency. So, make sure you complete the main quests in the story and obtain pages to repair the heavenly flask. When the relevant conditions are met, you can promote the tier of the heavenly flask and obtain more technique EXP bonuses. 

With more technique EXP, you can level up the technique manuals that you use to cultivate and acquire basic stats, which will enhance the cultivation EXP. Once your cultivation EXP meets the corresponding requirements, you can ascend yourself, promoting your stats and leading to significant improvements in every aspect. During the ascension, you might face various trials and conquer them successfully to achieve a remarkable status. Since the cultivation of technique manuals leads you into ascension, make sure to proceed with the cultivation to have more benefits during the gameplay. 

Activate Relics for Amazing Bonuses in Legacy of Divinity

Activating relics is one of the best tips you can follow in this Legacy of Divinity gameplay because these relics often yield amazing bonus stats. Therefore, they have become crucial means of victory for every player. If you ask how you activate relics, you can activate them while going through this game, continually playing it. 

Activate Relics for Amazing Bonuses in Legacy of Divinity

The relics come in various quality grades, such as the divine, celestial, epic, and rare, and the highest quality grade relics belong to the divine category. In contrast, the lowest quality grade relics belong to the rare category. Remember, the higher the quality grade of the relic you activate, the more bonuses you can obtain through it. 

Once you activate a relic, you will be granted a permanent stats increase, whether used in battle or not. Using relics in battles will provide passive skills, and skills will be triggered anytime in a clash. Skill effects of the relics in battle can all trigger at the same time. Here, you can upgrade relics, massively increase stats provided by them, and improve their skill effects. So ensure to activate higher grade relics, deploy them to battles, upgrade them and obtain amazing bonuses during the battles. 


The Legacy of Divinity game is awesome, with many explorations and a wonderful main story to complete. Throughout this story, you will engage in auto battles against enemies, meet new NPCs, and most importantly, cultivate yourself to ascend divinity and immortality. Even though these things sound unfamiliar to you, you have already read this beginner guide and learned how everything works in this gameplay. So, now you can play the Legacy of Divinity game like a pro, acquiring great progress within a short time by following the tips and tricks mentioned in this beginner guide.

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