Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID Beginner Guide - Best Newbie Tips to Play


Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID is one of the best role-playing games, which gives you a world to explore where fantasy intertwines with historical reality. Not just the explorations, you will go through tough battles against powerful enemies along with such a beautiful story to complete. When facing enemies during battles, don’t worry about whether you will lose because you are not alone, as the game introduces you to a gacha recruitment system to recruit the strongest heroes. Do you want to know how to fill up your game with victories using the strongest heroes? Then read this Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID beginner guide. 

Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID Beginner Guide

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The battles in the Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID game are quite idle, yet they are so enjoyable to watch. But make sure you assign the best heroes to win those idle battles in this game. Also, don’t forget to power up your heroes to boost their powers little by little throughout the gameplay so that they will bring you victories every time. In case you don’t know how to do any of them, there is no need to be nervous because this beginner guide explains everything in this game, including the best tips and tricks. So get ready to play Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID on PC with LDPlayer 9 while using the tips and tricks in this guide. 

Recruit the Most Powerful Characters

When there are battles to participate in here, you won’t win without the best characters with the most powerful talents. Therefore, in this beginner guide, we will first discuss recruiting the best characters before looking at other tips and tricks. 

Recruit the Most Powerful Characters

With the recruitment system available in this game, you can try pulling the best characters. In this recruitment system, you have two banners to summon: the normal and advanced. The normal banner offers you from rare to epic rarity heroes, and the advance summon offers heroes with the highest rarities. So, choose the best banner that provides the best heroes to gain them for your gameplay. But remember, whenever you summon through these summoning banners, the characters you will pull out, in the end, will all be decided by the probability rates given there for each rarity. 

As we know, the higher the rarity of the characters, the lower their probability rates in this recruitment system. On the other hand, the lower rarity characters have higher probability rates here. Therefore, whenever you try to summon the most powerful characters from higher grades, you won’t get them; instead of the most powerful ones, you will get the least powerful ones from lower grades. 

So, what can you do to recruit the most powerful ones to your gameplay? The easiest way out is rerolling. When rerolling, we suggest you play the Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID game on your PC using LDPlayer 9. Then, you can create more accounts using the LDPlayer 9’s Multi-Instance Sync feature and reroll through all of them at once. By rerolling using many accounts, you will always obtain the best heroes in higher rarities to your gameplay within a short time. 

Complete the Main Story Adventure in Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID

There is a main story adventure in this game where it must be your main priority. After recruiting the best heroes, you can set them up for the battle team and start the main story adventure. The main story adventure happens in chapters, each with many stages. In every stage, you will face a battle against a group of enemies, and by acquiring the winning conditions in the end, you can obtain lots of amazing rewards along with three maximum stars. 

Complete the Main Story Adventure in Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID

Every battle lets you win three maximum stars for performing the best and acquiring all the goals. So try your best to obtain all three stars in each battle because, at some point, you can unlock amazing rewards by gathering the stars through the battles here. While conquering all the stages in these chapters and acquiring more stars, you must progress in the main story and unlock amazing benefits throughout the gameplay.

Unleash Ultimate Abilities in Battles in Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID

Although the battles are quite idle in this Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID game, here you can unleash the ultimate abilities during the battles to damage massively to the enemies on the battlefield. Therefore, make sure to unleash the power of the most suited ultimate abilities in the relevant phases of the battles to win the battles quickly. 

Unleash Ultimate Abilities in Battles in Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID

During the battles, your heroes assigned to the battle team fight on their own against enemies, but you can still assign the best ultimate abilities to each battle and use them in the relevant moments. Also, you can perform combo strategic attacks by continually unleashing all the ultimate abilities during the battles. 

Upgrade the Best Characters You Have

Earlier in this beginner guide, we told you the easiest way to obtain the best characters, and once you get them to your gameplay, you must follow the relevant procedures and upgrade to the best characters you have. Every time you upgrade the best characters assigned to your battle team, you can improve their performance during the battles. When the performance of the characters is enhanced more, they can win all the idle battles in the main story adventure for you. Therefore, it is crucial to upgrade the power of the best characters you have.

Upgrade the Best Characters You Have

The first way to upgrade your characters is by leveling them up. When leveling up the characters, you can choose a character and use EXP to upgrade it. Every time you invest the EXP available upon the best characters, you will see that their level goes higher, and their attributes will also be enhanced. So, level up the characters you have and boost their power. 

As the second method, we suggest you equip the best gear items for your characters and upgrade them. Whenever you equip the best gear items for characters, they will provide various additional attributes to the characters, making them powerful on the battlefield. Also, you can upgrade those equipped gear items using relevant resources to enhance the attributes provided by each. This is one of the best ways to power up the characters you have. 

Take Part in Events

Besides completing the battle stages in the main story adventure, you can participate in events when you have some free time in this game. The events won’t happen every day in this game, but when events are going on, don’t miss them; just take part in the events because those events are rich in unique benefits.

Take Part in Events

In each event, you are asked to complete some goals, and once you complete them and actively participate in those events, you get a chance to claim many rewards. Since the events are full of chances to obtain more rewards, make sure you follow this trick in your Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID gameplay. 


So, we have now come to the end of this beginner guide, and this is where we will part ways. Thanks to this beginner guide, you have learned lots of tips and tricks that are useful for the game. Therefore, in conclusion, we would like to remind you again to play this game on your PC using LDPlayer 9 and not just apply what you have learned from here, practically in your Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID gameplay. Also, check out the Dynasty Origin Pioneer ID codes to conquer Chinese history with amazing freebies.

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