Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting Beginner's Guide For Faster Progress

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There are tons of fascinating arcade shooting games on the mobile platform, and one of the most recent installments to join the list is Jackal Squad, an arcade shooter with a classic gun-style shoot 'em up vibe that you can enjoy on your Android and iOS device right now. 


The game offers a ton of classic and enjoyable features that many fans of arcade shooters will love, such as its classic theme, modern gameplay, over 100 levels, and good controls. 


This game is currently in early access, and many players haven't gotten their hands on it yet. If you have or plan to, this article contains a detailed beginner's guide that's meant to help you understand some of the game's concepts to master the controls, understand the items, complete missions, and, most importantly, have fun. So without wasting any more time, let's dive into our beginner's guide for Jackal Squad.


Understanding the Storyline

After World War II broke out and the Fascists attacked the Allies, your brothers in arms were held hostages by the enemy. You are amongst the Jackal Squad, a team of soldiers tasked with the primary mission of controlling an armed jeep and driving it deep into enemy territory in an attempt to try and rescue your brothers that have been held captive as prisoners of war. Your secondary mission is to lay waste to enemies and their camps as well as their armored vehicles and put an end to the war. 


Now that you've properly understood the story and are now aware of your purpose, your mission, it's time to get into the game's tutorial and how to go about completing your missions. 


Jackal Squad Storyline


Getting Past the Tutorial

Since this game takes heavy inspiration from the legendary 1988 Jackal Jeep game, the controls are pretty basic and easy to learn. The movement controls are placed at the middle bottom of the screen, and you simply have to move them around to move your car. The movement sensitivity is perfectly set, which allows you to control your car and evade bullets swiftly. 


There's a large circle surrounding your vehicle. This circle puts enemies in your firing range. Your vehicle shoots automatically when an enemy vehicle is in that white circle. And it's not just enemy vehicles; even enemy soldiers on foot will only be shot at when they are within the white circle, which is your vehicle's firing range. 


An impressive feature of the game is that you can move and shoot at the same time. Your main objective is to free your captured comrades one by one and destroy the enemy base. Doing this will increase your vehicle's abilities, such as range booster, weapons booster (changes your weapon type), and armor resistance to enemy attacks. After rescuing a comrade, you have to take them safely by finding a helicopter and sending them off. Enemies will try to destroy the helicopter, but you will have to take them down before they destroy it. 


That's pretty much it for the game tutorial. You only have one button to control, and that's the movement controls. But that one button does quite a lot. You will have to squeeze and maneuver yourself to evade enemy bullets because they'll be a lot of soldiers pointing their guns at you now. 


Jackal Squad Tutorial


The Game Modes

The game has a lot of game modes that players can enjoy for hours on end. The campaign mode consists of over 10 different locations, with each of them having 10 stages. You must pass all 10 levels in each location in order to move to the next location on the map. The first map and location you'll play are called The Jungle Protocol, which consists of 9 levels, including the boss level, the tenth.


There are also three other levels, like side missions or extra missions, that you can play in the game. There's Survival, Mode Boss and Guardian. 


Jackal Squad Game Modes




Like in most games, it puts you on an endless level where you have to kill as many enemies as possible and try to rescue as many of your comrades as you can before you are killed. This mode also gives a ton of cool rewards and even awards you with a trophy depending on how long you can survive without being killed. It'll cost you 5 gasoline each to play a Survival Mode.


Mode Boss


In this mode, you'll be battling bosses after bosses and racking up as many rewards as you can daily. The reward system, however, varies and has conditions. For instance, the first stage will require you to kill the boss and take as long as you want. The second stage will require you to kill the boss in 3 minutes, while the third stage might require you to kill a boss in 2 minutes. So in this mode, it only gets harder after completing each level. 




This online mode is unavailable as the game is still in early access. But we can assume that it will be an online multiplayer mode with a leaderboard for players with the most scores or points. 


The Shop

There are lots of interesting that can be purchased in the shop, and while most of them cost real money, they're actually quite affordable. There are two types of currencies in the game, Coin and Cash. Coins are not as important as cash. You can use cash to purchase more coins but only use real money to buy more cash. 


Coins are primarily used to upgrade your Jeep and equipment such as weapons, chips, and others. You can get free coins by watching an ad from the shop. Cash, on the other hand, is the main currency in the game. Cash can be used to purchase Resources Boxes that contain lots of valuable rewards. You can purchase the silver chest or the golden chest with enough cash. You can also use cash to buy lots of coins. For instance, 80 cash can get you more than 4,000 coins from the shop. Now that's a good deal. 


Jackal Squad Shop



That'll be all on our beginner's guide, and we hope you've understood some of the basic concepts we've outlined in this game. Jackal Squad is a straightforward game with easy controls and a straightforward story; you'll figure out more of its features as you play and progress further on your own. 

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