How to Play Last Day on Earth on PC

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Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival game where you act as the role of a sole survivor in the zombie apocalypse. In the Last Day on Earth, you explore the items and raw materials on earth to make weapons, buildings and even vehicles. Also, you will find other survivors and join the fight in this interesting game.


Mass movements for surviving in the Last Day on Earth make it difficult to play this game with tiny mobile devices. Yet the Android emulator gives you a great chance to discover different tools and materials. You can try your best to survive on a larger screen with the Android emulator. Now, start your adventure in the Last on Earth on PC according to the guide below.

Play Last Day on Earth on PC


How to Download Last Day on Earth PC

Download an Android Emulator

Find one Android emulator and download it from the website. This step just takes you a few seconds. We recommend you to download LDPlayer. During installation, the anti-virus software on your Windows PC may block the setup. While LDPlayer is a light software that will not make your computer infected by the virus.


Install the Last Day on Earth for your PC

Open LDPlayer and search for Last Day on Earth on the search bar, and you can choose “Install” from Google Play. If you have no Google account, clicking the “Local Install” is all right. Please follow the instructions and finish the installation. A few minutes later, you can see the icon on the homepage of the LDPlayer.  

Install  Last Day on Earth with LDPlayer

Enjoy the Last Day on Earth

Now, you can run the Last Day on Earth on your computer. LDPlayer will provide you additional features to control this game, for example, the keyboard mapping offered by LDPlayer is the most important tool for the Last Day on Earth. It is very convenient for you to move around to find the materials you want. Feel free to play the Last Day on Earth with LDPlayer.


download ldplayer android emulator on pc


Survive More with Keymapping Feature

In the Last Day on Earth, you can control the cursor on the left of the screen to run in a different direction. Additionally, by clicking the buttons on the right of the screen, you can control your character’s action including fighting with zombies, picking up items, chopping down trees, as well as mining minerals. The in-game control scheme is quite useful, but it is hard to master for newcomers of this game at the beginning.


The keymapping tool offered by LDPlayer makes it possible to create customized shortcuts, and you can control your character freely with the keyboard. For this reason, your reaction speed and capacity in this game will improve greatly since you don’t click on small buttons on the screen using the mouse.

Survive More with Keymapping Tool

To be specific, you can assign shortcuts to any buttons on the screen. For example, you can set “W, S, A, D” to move up and down and side to side or set the keys you prefer to control other actions. You will find that it’s easier to play this game with a keyboard. To modify the keys, open the keymapping menu on the toolbar of the LDPlayer. 


Tips for the Last Day on Earth PC

Remember to Recycle

Some materials like cans and bottles can be obtained after you consume food within these containers. These items may be thrown away as waste or trash, but their usefulness is beyond this. For example, cans can be used to make weapons, as well as some combat items like traps and melee weapons. The empty bottles can be used in the rain catcher to create water bottles. Thus, keep the empty cans and bottles along the way.


Use your Pockets to Save Space

Many players don’t notice the existence of a quick slot where players can assign items for use without opening the inventory. If you are in a pinch, this will benefit you a lot. By clicking the item icon on the pockets and choosing “Equip”, you will find these items place in the quick slot. Besides, your pockets will save space because some items are assigned to the quick slot.

Use Your Pockets to Save Space

Pause your Hunger and Thirst

When you run around, the food and water meters will decrease at a quick pace. Your character needs to eat and drink every few minutes especially after fighting with zombies, or he will have died of hunger and thirst. Nevertheless, it’s not available to pause this game when you want to take breaks. Luckily, there is one alternative that entering the map screen is possible to stop your hunger and thirst even though you do not truly pause the game.



All in all, Last Day on Earth deserves playing on your computer and running this game on PC with LDPlayer helps you play it better. Excellent keyboard mapping feature offers you a chance to experience the thrilling and mystical world in the Last Day on Earth. Now, start your adventure and enjoy it at ease.

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC