The Ultimate Guide For Honkai Impact – How to Improve at the Game?


The Ultimate Guide For Honkai Impact – How to Improve at the Game


Honkai Impact is a free to play action RPG game is developed by the creators that made Genshin Impact, miHoYo. The game is available on a lot of platforms, including mobile. The game is famous for incorporating various fun elements such as hack and slash, bullet hell, dungeons, and platforming in a single game. The game spans various multiplayer and single-player modes.


Like any other miHoYo game, the game is based on a Gacha premise and is therefore filled with customization options and other unique gameplay mechanics. However, unlike most Gacha games, it features a riveting, fun storyline that is extremely captivating.


Understanding Honkai Impact:


As a F2P player, you must know that if you do not spend money on the game, you can get to the point where you are somewhat comfortably competitive in end-game content regarding the game. If you are a P2W player, you can purchase everything that you want to and move towards victory in a much quicker pattern.


Save your Crystals and Always Use Them Wisely:


The Ultimate Guide For Honkai Impact – How to Improve at the Game


Crystals are the primary currency of Honkai Impact. There is a particular order of using crystals that we recommend so that you can maximize their efficiency. The first item you should be purchasing is the Dorm Supply, it costs about 10k crystals, and you will be getting two S-Rank Valkyries out of it.


The best character you can hope of getting from the Dorm Supply is the Celestial Hymm. She is a tier 1 Support and shreds physical damage teams. For further upgrades, try getting the 11th relic for her.


Another important character you can pull is the Herrscher of Void. It would help if you played her as a primary DDPS by giving her Tranquil Arias and full Sirin ascendant set. Even then, she is still not the best DPS dealer in the game. She does have good signature abilities and is a wonderful team leader.


Land Of Wishes:


For the Land of Wishes, you can either select Knight Moonbeam or the Lightning Empress Mei in the first stage or Phoenix Fu Hua in the 2nd stage. He is an amazing team leader and is quite necessary to have. Moreover, Phoenix is at the crux of every elemental damage team as she can amplify elemental DPS extremely well.


Getting a Meta Valkyrie with a Signature Weapon and Stigmata:


If you can save up to 56k crystals, your top-consideration should always be the Herrscher of Thunder with the Key of Thunder and Full Benares set. Currently, in the latest version of Honkai Impact, she deals an extremely high amount of damage. If you are a newer player, get her at all costs. For Gacha Priorities, you should be completing her with a complete Benares set.


Use your Stamina Smartly:


Stamina is an important part of Honkai Impact. In terms of cost-effectiveness, you should go for special event stages and newbie stages as well. It would help if you tried to get as many Asterites, upgrade materials, Shicksal cores, and outfits for these stages.


Next, you can always do Open World quests, a good source of asterites, Schicksal cores, and Anti Entropy cores. However, your primary way to upgrade materials and tertiary source of asterites. For the story, you should progress to the point where you can get Valkyrie fragments extremely effectively.


For a cheap source of upgrading materials, you can go for Co-Op raids. Try to save up your coop tokens to buy Honkai shards. You can purchase three of them for every match.


Get a Sensei and Joinan Armada:


The Ultimate Guide For Honkai Impact – How to Improve at the Game


Honkai Impact has a Sensei-Cadet System. You can use this particular mechanic to your advantage and gain free rewards from it. Here is a list of rewards you should know about: Crystals


Upgrade Materials:


You can join another armada to get Ranger Creds to exchange them for dorm supply cards. You can upgrade materials and goods as well. Plus, it is quite a fun process. Armadas also generally get special events whenever a new patch comes out.


How to use Asterites?


The Ultimate Guide For Honkai Impact – How to Improve at the Game


Asterites are a limited resource, so we recommend that you use them wisely. The first event we recommend is going for stigmata and outfits. They are relatively cheap and fun to use. You can also try going for Augmentation cores and SP Character Fragments, especially if you are a late-game player.


One other tip you can go for is keeping your assertive served at about 30-35k. Whenever a new augmented make is released, their fragments will be on sale for three weeks. Please take advantage of this and buy their core during that particular period as it is the quickest and fastest way to upgrade them.


How to improve your Valkyries through Gacha Mechanics:


Always gear up your primary DPS first. This weapon is generally the most important part of the puzzle. Next, always pull banners that have more useful weapons and stigmata. You should always be creative about your setups and try to add a lot of variety to them.


You should never invest way too much in any character as there is a high chance they might be nerfed later. So, try always to have two primaries that you progress at the same time to make sure you at least have one character in the meta at all times. Ideally, both of your characters should remain generally playable.




Honkai Impact is a free-to-play Gacha game that is still playable by F2P players. While P2W players generally have the most fun, following these tips should provide you with enough material and resources to enjoy the game to a respectable potential.


The game itself is filled with beautiful visuals and a unique storyline. So, even if you are not a big fan of progression, you can still enjoy the game's aesthetic scenery and well-made storyline as well. However, you should note that the game requires a lot of time and dedication for you to be able to explore and enjoy all of the different aspects of the game.

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