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For all WEBTOON fans, the global version of Hero Cantare with WEBTOON, a turn-based mobile game with 2D art and stunning animations in now out on android and iOS devices. The game relives the web comic superhero’s story and brings together  'Tower of God', 'The God of High School', and 'Hardcore Leveling Warrior' in a massive superhero crossover RPG where the heroes from these web comics are thrown into a new world 'Tetra' and must bring peace to the world. It's also the second mobile game released this year to include Hardcore Leveling Warrior, following the release of Lucid Adventure back in February.


With announcement of this game, the fans of current season of anime should be over-the-moon with joy at this announcement, as Tower of God's protagonist Bam will be featured in the game. For those not familiar yet, Tower of God is one of the top new anime right now, the popular adaptation reeling in plenty of new fans. The story of this game follows an unlikely trio as they attempt to ascend the mysterious and dangerous Tower of God in order to receive any wish they desire.

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Game modes

There are a number of a different modes of this game for players to play in hero cantare. There is a Story battle where the players explore the vast world of tetra in order to learn about it and level up the favorite character or hero. There is also a Hero Dungeon where players will be able to enjoy the individual superhero’s standalone story with an accompanying web comic.


Beyond that, there is a trial tower where players will assemble there preferred teams and select the character of their choice that suite best for the type of game mode.  These teams then beat challenging towers using various equipment like SS weapons. and win ultimate rewards including SS weapon, 50 Essence of Dimensions (10 summons), etc. Team assembling will be done taking in account various synergies between characters before tempting to win various challenges .similarly there is also Advent Boss where players will battle against a powerful enemy and fight with the last destroyer of all in order to win the ultimate rewards.

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Finally, there is also an “ARENA” mode where players will fight to test their skills in player versus player PVP battles which could be one versus one player or three verses three players. The game is itself a turn-based where players have to manage the battle manna each turn. At each round players will have to effectively slot the characters into an attacking timeline to determine when will they strike. If multiple cards are available for the same character then players can drag them together to create a kind of chain at a cost of additional manna.

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Character perform differently in different game modes, so you must know who perform better in specific mode so you can build the best WEBTOON character team to eliminate the opponents in different PVP PVE and Boss battle modes. Development of character is enough comprehensive and equipment are the basics to build your character strong. Levelling up will increase characters Looking forward towards characters first comes Noblesse is the title given to the strongest member of the Noble race. The Noblesse is one of the two pillars of Noble society, equivalent in standing to the Lord. While the Lord is symbol of authority, noblesse is the symbol of power .the race publicity is ruled and lead by the lord, but the Noblesse is actually  the Noble’s hidden, judge, protector, and executioner.

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If talking about the most versatile character then Black March Bam is the most versatile character to use in all aspects of the game. If you preregistered, you will receive Bam as a gift, who is a good tanker to start with. Hardcore Leveling Warrior was the only player on the server with The Golden Armor and max stats and considered as the No.1 Ranked player in Lucid Adventure. He is a dirty player and is criticized for his antics such as stealing quests, blocking other users from completing quests, and stealing MOBs that others had almost finished and is dirty. Armes is one of the best supporters to use in the game.


When considering healers for the team here are not many exclusive healers, so Haetae is worth considering for your team if you are attempting longer activities like Trial Tower. If you do not have many S tier characters, Han Daewhi is a good tanker, and Yu Mira is a good dealer. Jin mori’s awakened form, Jecheondae song, Has the second-highest attack stat in the game.


Hero cantare does not required unnecessary app privilege and is available on android OS 5 or higher and cannot be used below galaxy s4. Previously, the game has seen the explosive reception with over one million pre registrations and it is raising as number one on many of the mobile game chart. Now NGEL Games is proud to release web-comic crossover Hero Cantare in North America, Oceania, and Europe regions on Apple App Store and Google Play. As a part of launch celebration, those who preregistered for the game and all new players who missed the preregistration will be receiving the reward  including a wealth of in-game items including Bam, Jin-Mori, Hardcore Leveling Warrior in-game character, SS weapon, 50 Essence of Dimensions (10 summons), etc., as rewards.


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