Guardian Tales Merch Guide

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Guardian Tales is an action-based role-playing game that revolves around a newly recruited Guardian Knight. He has been appointed as a Guardian in the Kanterbury Kingdom's royal guard. He must protect the world from the Invaders trying to take control of this world to their hands. In this evocative classic RPG game, you will see different exciting missions and gameplay strategies.


Guardian Tales Merch Guide


When you play Guardian Tales, you will see several types of enemies with several skills. So, you need to understand the true character of the enemies to defeat them. There are tactics and running methods where you can use to beat the enemies. The game will get more complicated when you proceed through the levels of Guardian Tales. With this complexity, you will encounter many unique features. 


Merch is one such exciting attribute in the game. It is about a kind of stats. It is a sweet and helpful stat which you can obtain with less effort. Merch includes excellent stats. You have to push some types of content like Coliseum or Raids for that. There are some super costumes and Oh, which are pretty skillful and helpful in the gameplay. So, today let us go through a guide around the details of Merch in Guardian tales and download Guardian Tales on PC from here to go through the guide.


Obtaining Methods of Merch


You have two main ways of obtaining Merch. The first option is to get Merch by finishing your daily World Explorations. If not, you can obtain Merch by paying for them with packages. You will see two packages slots, and there will be one package for the type of blueprint. Another one is for the category of material that you can use. You have to create that material by crafting the Merch. 


Using first, second and fifth material, you can craft anything that you like. So, you need to have a good amount of materials from all three types to craft Merch. If not, you lose the chance of crafting a good Merch. When you are at a relatively low level of World Exploration at this time, you can get two Merch crafts in a day. But you will see a chance of increasing it. For that, you have to complete more hard quests of daily World Exploration.


The procedure of the upgrading


Here, UI is considering as something complicated. So, it is recommended not to do any Merch upgrading in the game until you obtain a clear idea and understanding of the strategies of Guardian Tales. You can see two experience bars in the Merch. There will be a bar from 1 to 30 levels. It will work when you enhance the weapons and other items available to you.


Evolution is the other thing. It is the experience bar with some stars on it, and this bar will increase only with the enhancement of items. That item should have some Merch. For example, straightly like a limit breaking the weapon or items. Imagine a situation where you obtain Aoba's Eye Mask (+Earth ATK). It will equip you when you perform an additional 8% Earth-type attack. 


You will bring the evolution level to the second when you enhance that attack with another Aoba's Eye Mask. Then the Earth-type attack to 14%. If you are looking for another evolve, you need to include two more Aoba's Eye masks. This will be like the experience quota increases the evolution of your item. There are three primary means of Evolution upgrading in Merch as follows.


  • When you upgrade from two to three stars, it will equal one Merch item enhancement.


  • When you upgrade from three to four stars, it will equal two Merch item enhancements.


  • When you upgrade from four to five stars, it will equal three Merch item enhancements.


Level up more on the game from here.


Guardian Tales Merch Guide


Raid, Coliseum, and Arena 


Ome Merch can incisively interpret as more advantageous to the contents of Raid or Coliseum. In the Oghma Plastic model, there will be increased damage to the tank hero. This will happen up to 24%. In the Sample statue of Bravery, there will be increased damage of 20% to enemies. It will happen with 40% or more remaining HP. 


Oghma's Plastic model will become applicable to some characters. Namely, they are Arena, Orbital Rifts, and Coliseum. It will not be much helpful to Raids. The Sample Statue of Bravery will be super helpful during raids. There the boss has to make a lot of hit points. There are more chances of you not to reduce it lower than 40% when you are fighting. 


At the movement, we can introduce this as the first tier of Merch. With time, there will be new types of Merch. Rather than thinking about the future Merch, it is good to work with current skills. Then you can evaluate and compare it with the damages of the blue Mayreal (+Skill Atk). If not, you can do it with the single blue items, which offer up to 20% attack from elemental type to you.


Guardian Tales Merch Guide


Upgrade strategy


If we list down the available items and the plan that you have to implement in gist, it will be more beneficial to you to arrange the prioritizations of the game.


  • You should not upgrade the item level and evolution levels if you need to collect only ze Merch.


  • You can collect all the skillful characters with their corresponding blue items with a +Elemental type attack.


  • If there is someone who does not get their damage, you can cover them using Mayreals. If not, there will be vast amounts of damages from their skill use.


  • When you get a proper Unique Merch essential for the contents of the raid, Coliseum, and others, you can work on it. It will level which have the one-star items with them.


  • When all your characters get their respective individual Merch item, you can begin their Evolving. You will notice a chance of evolving them up to three stars. During this, you have to give priority to the most valuable characters.


  • When all your primary characters get their Merch items to three stars, you can begin their evolution to the four stars.


After doing the upgrade strategies and prioritizations, you will come to the most challenging part. There you have to wait more patiently and get more Merch. There are chances where you can get a strong bonus corresponding to your stars. It will base on your setup. So, you have the option of obtaining a 10% enhancement of overall damage for one guardian. 


For the best guardians for the game, you can try rerolling with LDPlayer. To understand how to reroll the best, refer to our Reroll Guide of Guardian Tales from here.


Guardian Tales Merch Guide




Guardian Tales is a game where you can exercise different types of gaming strategies. Along with them, there are more profound attributes. So, you have to get a clear idea about the gameplay. Merch is Guardian Tales is one such element where you have to get the most suitable content for you according to your play style. Then you can switch them according to your stats and continue the game well. 

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