Genshin Impact Tips and Tricks for RPG Lovers

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Genshin Impact is a new massive open-world role-playing game. MiHoYo Limited develops the game, but it is not related to "Honkai Impact" in any way.


Genshin Impact Tips and Tricks for RPG Lovers


The game has more than 1 million Installs on Google Play Store in just a few hours. The game is widely available on both Android and iOS platforms. Genshin Impact has seven elements in the game, which represent seven Gods. The characters also use those elements.


The game starts with a pretty interesting story of siblings separated by some unknown God, and now you are on a quest to find your sibling. While doing that, you will have to climb mountains, swim across rivers, fight bosses and monsters, and more.


In this tips and tricks guide, you will know the most important tips for early game. So, without further ado, let's get started.


How to spend Resin?


Resin is your energy system in Genshin Impact, which you can use to defeat monsters, completing domains, fighting world bosses, and opening ley lines deposits. To progress faster in Genshin Impact, always use your Resin. Don't keep it at a max 120 cap because you are losing out on your valuable adventure rank experience.


The best and fastest way to spend your Resin is to open ley line deposits. There are two types of deposits in Genshin Impact. One provides "mora," and the other deposit provides experience books to train your character levels.


The reason to open ley line deposits is that each fight takes only a few minutes and grants a hundred adventure rank experience points. So, all you need to do is log in daily and spend your 120 Resin. It will give you six completed ley line deposits as it takes about 20 resin to complete it, which means your character will end up with 600 experiences in such a short amount of time.


No matter what type of activity you do to spend your Resin, you will always end up with a hundred adventurer experience.


Use 3-Star Weapons:


After the story of Genshin's Impact, you will be given a chance to make ten wishes. Every ten wishes you make is guaranteed to include at least one four-star or higher character.


Genshin Impact Tips and Tricks for RPG Lovers


Obtaining a four-star weapon is very exciting. However, it's a smart move to enhance your three-star weapons instead of a four-star weapon. When you take a look at stats, you will realize why a three-star weapon is important. Three-star weapons are easy to grab and have lots of potential once they reach max refinement.


You can refine weapons by sacrificing an identical copy of the weapon. You can also increase the special power of the weapon, but you can only refine it up to four times.


Roughly a twice refined and max enhanced four-star Favonius War bow deals 1071 damage, and a max refined and max enhanced three-star Sharpshooter's Oath deals about 1533 damage. You can imagine how strong a three-star weapon can be once it's maxed refined.


Now, to the main reason why focus on three-star weapons. It all comes to obtaining a four-star weapons copy. Getting one or two copies of four-star weapons is pretty challenging. If you are pay to win, then no problem, but as a free-to-play player, you need to spend resources where it gives you the most benefit, and three-star weapons are worth it.


World Bosses and Resources:


You can unlock Adventurer's handbook by leveling up. Once you unlock the adventurer's handbook, you will be able to go on hunts for various world bosses.


Some of the bosses you will fight to include Electro Mages. The reason to mention this specific one is that they drop precious resources that you will need to upgrade your weapons. However, you can only hunt the bosses for a limited amount of time before these mages disappear and show up again after 18 hours.


You can also collect different resources from mushrooms and flowers. However, they also take time to respawn. Also, don't miss any rare items. Anytime you see a rare item such as Crystal Chunk, Philanemo Mushroom, and many more, make sure to pick them up. You will need all of these rare items for character ascension and weapon leveling.




Genshin Impact Tips and Tricks for RPG Lovers


Artifacts increase your damage, health, and defense. You can get artifacts through progressing in the game. So, the more you progress in the game, the more artifacts you will get.


One of the major aspects of artifacts is that they give a huge stat boost. However, it is recommended that you use a four-star artifact instead of a three-star artifact. For example, a two-star Adventurer's Tail Feather gives about 17 "attack," among other benefits, whereas a one-star Adventurer's Tail Feather gives only eight "attack."


You can see the difference by yourself; imagine the difference between a three-star and four-star Adventurer's Tail Feather artifact. The stat difference will increase as you will enhance the artifacts. However, it's hard to get your hands-on four-star artifacts. So, it is recommended that you use three-star level 4 artifacts until you get a four-star artifact.


Three-star artifacts take fewer resources when you level them up to four; after that, the resources consumption will increase drastically. Save those resources for level four artifacts.


You can also level up your artifacts by enhancing them. To level up artifacts, you will need to sacrifice other artifacts, and the best part is it doesn't need to be the same artifact. You can sacrifice every type of artifact to level up your main artifacts.


Mountains and Survival:


In Genshin Impact, you will have to climb a lot of mountains during your quests. Climbing mountains use your stamina. However, sometime you will run out of stamina and fall down; you will die and respawn, but you will lose your health. Whenever you are running out of stamina, disengage from climbing and immediately make a downward attack. This trick will prevent certain death and any kind of damage.


Genshin Impact Tips and Tricks for RPG Lovers




Genshin Impact tips and trick guide will help you a lot as a new player. It's best to read all of these tips and follow them as much as possible to get success in the game.


The above-given tips can also help you in faster progression. The overall game is good, but you will have to be careful with the resources if you are a free to play player. The game will only get tougher and tougher as you level up more. So, focus on your characters, artifacts, and other stuff before leveling up faster.


Grab as many resources as you can fight with bosses and monster, and complete quests to get resources which you can use to level up your weapons; as mentioned before, you can only get artifacts as you level up more and more.

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