Genshin Impact Codes July 2022


Free to play games never give up trying to reward their players, which is the main thing that makes players attracted to the game. So as the Genshin Impacts. This game will aid you with its currency, and you will be gifted with the items you have wished to earn before. So for those searching for earning many things with Genshin Impact, there is this thing called codes.






As we said earlier, Genshin Impacts rewards us with its currency called Primogems, and they are the items that we can spend on having Original Resin and the Wish items from the game. The developers of this game are constantly coming up with these offers called Genshin Impact codes, and they are specifically designed to offer us freebies from the game. Freebies will not be the only ones you will be gifted here because you are going to earn many entertainment materials through these codes as well.


So here are the recent codes that you can utilize to earn these freebies and items from the game, and this list will definitely work for you towards earning some of the best gifts through the game.



Genshin Impact Codes 2022 

Since this game is constantly stepping up to its latest updates, their working codes are also changing because they all have a timestamp with them. They will not be going to last all the time from the game because these codes will have a short life span and expire soon. So it is a must to get used to these codes as much as we can, and here are the new and active Genshin Impact codes we can see from the game.

300 Primogems Codes:


  • DTNVKAWBWSF5 (Added 2022/07/02)
  • WANVJAFAXTER (Added 2022/07/02)
  • HA6C2AFBXSZV (Added 2022/07/02)

Make sure that you are typing these codes with the proper spellings and correct numbers because these are highly case-sensitive. A single mistake from the word can lead to this code being inactive, so be careful. Since these codes are expiring soon, we suggest you give check this page by bookmarking this as we are updating this guide with every new code.


How to Redeem these Genshin Impact Codes? 

Like many other games, Genshin Impact doesn’t ask you to redeem them in the game; instead, they have to be redeemed online. You have to go to the internet and visit their official redeem code page with the official website first.



Then you can log in to this page and choose the server you are playing from there. And also need to use the Nickname of your character and the code you want to redeem here and enter them with this dialogue box. When you hit the button that shows as “Redeem”, it will automatically offer your character the gifts applied to that code. They will be available for you the next time you play the game.



Note that you have to reach for the Adventure Rank 10 or another high rank to redeem Genshin Impact codes, otherwise, you will not be given a chance for that redeem.


How to Earn More Primogems? 

As we said earlier, many of these codes are offering us Primogems: the in-game currency to earn items. So as players, we are always searching for a way to earn these items, but Genshin Impact codes are not the only way to earn them. Since codes are available for use with those limited-time events only, you can try a few more other methods to earn these things by playing. So here are the ways to be utilized on earning Primogems for your game.


  • Quests

  • Chests

  • Daily Commissions

  • Map Exploring

  • Achievements

  • With Real Money

  • With some Special Promotions via mail


How to Play Genshin Impact on PC? 

Since this is a great game that you can experience exciting content, it is a loss to play this kind of game on such a tiny mobile. So here we suggest the best android emulator: LDPlayer, and it will provide you with the most optimized gameplay with high graphic, adjustable settings, your own controls via Keyboard Mapping, and many more benefits.


So follow these steps to play your Genshin Impact on a PC to have outstanding gaming.


  • First, download this named emulator: LDPlayer by visiting its official website.


  • Have an installation from the emulator and go to its LD Store


  • Here you can search your game name Genshin Impact and install it on your computer.


  • You are free to open the game and have the best features with advanced quality from LDPlayer.



So these are the valid codes for the Genshin Impact so far this month, and please make sure to visit this page since we are updating this guide with newly released codes. And make sure to get the best use of these codes before they expire and take the chance of having Primogems and many more to aid your gameplay.

Download Genshin Impact on PC

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