Fate Grand Order | Rabbit Overview: Morgan the 5 Star Berserker

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Fate Grand Order was a Japanese free-to-play launched in 2015. The game revolves around the story of Moon's Fate and stays night franchise. The game developers have introduced many exciting updates and events to play the game without monotony.


Fate Grand Order | Rabbit Overview: Morgan the 5 Star Berserker


Morgan is a Berserker on SSR, and she stands for AOE. It means she has a big rivalry out of the gate. Sadly, she does not live according to the standard demand by the monarch. There are different things like tools utility and an NP bonus damage against two opponents. But she can create massive damage like Arjuna. So, maybe she is going to appear towards Raikou at last! But, it is not a clear-cut victory.


Today, we are going around the Rabbit review of Morgan, who will serve you the best if you like her, although she does not bring actual new value to the table. So download Fate Grand on PC and play the fantastic Berserker.


Character Overview


Morgan has a bit misdemeanor-type character spread. She can make a mid-high attack and low- HP for an SSR Berserker when she loses spell to Musashi when AoE Berserkers goes off. Unfortunately, it means Morgan's hit statistics are pretty more down than the three Berserkers. So, there is a visible gap inside the class. Morgan has good counts of hits. 


She can create a relatively good amount of stars with star gen buffs in play. But, her cover goes against her star potential, and Morgan's Arts card NP is unexpectedly low. Even her Quick also low. Of course, she uses these in more harmful ways, but the lower NP is not a positive point.


Other Character Details


Morgan has a lot of submissive features, and she commences with the Madness Enhancement. It is good on the Buster unit, which is a crucial card type for single-minded steroids. Parallel to the Item Construction, which supports her steroids land, she possesses a pretty high level of Magic Resistance to create extra stability. Finally, she marks her Territory Creation to enlarge her art cards. 


Fey Eyes is another feature of Morgan, which helps her to reduce her chances of receiving a crit by 20%. This does not say that it is spectacular till the players all the enhancements are additional in FGO. Generally, the basic crit level is low. Most of the enemies have crit levels of less than 20%.


Morgan cannot critique if the enemy has a high basic crit level or uses buffs. This helps to reduce the odds that are going to happen. Also, the passiveness is illusionary advantageous. So, Morgan is less unprotected to drop to a drift crit than the average Berserker.


Material Requirements


There are two types of material enhancements to complete. Ascension materials and skill enhancement materials are those two.


Ascension Materials


  • At stage two, you get five Berserker Pieces which costs 100,000.


  • At stage three, you get twelve Berserker Pieces and eight Forbidden Page which costs 300,000.


  • At stage four, you get five Berserker Monument, ten Homunculus Baby with two Scarab of Wisdom which costs 1,000,000.


  • You get twelve Berserker Monument at the stage max, four Scarab of Wisdom with five eggs of truths which costs 3,000,000.


Skill enhancement Materials


  • When you go from level one to two, you get five Gem of Berserker, which costs 200,000.


  • When you go from level two to three, you get twelve Gem of Berserker, which costs 400,000.


  • When you go from level three to four, you get five Magic Gem of Berserker, which costs 1,200,000.


  • When you go from level four to five, you get twelve Magic Gem of Berserker and five Homunculus Baby, which costs 1,600,000.


  • When you go from five to six, you get five Secret Gem of Berserker and ten Homunculus Baby, which costs 4,000,000.


  • When you go from level six to seven, you get twelve Secret Gem of Berserker and five Forbidden Pages which costs 5,000,000.


  • When you go from level seven to eight, you get ten Forbidden Pages and four fruits of eternity which costs 10,000,000.


  • When you go from level eight to nine, you get eleven fruits of eternity and twenty-four Vision Scales, which costs 12,000,000.


  • When you go from level nine to ten, you get one Crystallized Lore which costs 20,000,000.


Morgan has a pretty complicated bag. It is easy to provide when she asks for some older mats. But then, for the following levels, she will ask fruit and eggs for ascension. It will be demanding to collect. Although she wants 24 Vision Scales for every skill, it is essential to note that the first part of LB6 doesn't even give a complete set of the things.


With the structure of LB6, there are no free quests. So, Morgan's skills cannot reach the maximum point. It seems to be a bit odd. But, it means that Morgan will not be able to take her full potential for a while. It will depend on the behavior of LB6.1 and LB6.2.


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Servant skills


Morgan's skills can categorize as many skills going on, but all are not complicated to use. Therefore, the recommended order for her talents is 1>2>3.


  • Thirsting Charisma – this is her skill to boost her NP damages, niches, and external passives. It can tack on a 30% battery. But with the positioning, there will be some time issues. It can increase ATK overall allies by three turns and own NP Gauge and decrease DEF over all the enemies by three turns. 


  • Protection of the Lake – it is a primitive version of a targeted battery of Castoria. Like Castoria's battery, this also provides a 20% battery target. In addition, it can increase NP Gauge for an ally and NP Gain for all partners by three turns.


  • End of the World –This skill is known to be a three-turn Guts and possesses the standard gut cooldown also. This self-mod type skill and Morgan can enhance her star weight for three turns and critical damage. Additionally, this can increase own required star gather rate by three turns and necessary strength by three turns.


  • Noble- phantasm – this is a most straightforward AoE NP. There are two bonuses. The first is a form of power mod buff, and the second is a form of supereffective damage. In addition, it can apply a Special ATK Knights of the Round or Fae to oneself when it activates for the first time. 


Usage Tips


With a trio of 50% chargers and MLB Kaleid, Morgan can tri-loop farm. However, it is an expensive setup and can enable higher-damage farming also. So, it has a limited practical value. However, AoE buffs of Morgan can support Chen Gong to clear the first wave. If not, he might otherwise deal more with it. 


Clean Merlin, Morgan, and Castoria are Morgan's best setups for CQs. This is highly durable and full of leverages. Suppose it gives more to take a benefit of her crit tools with the help of the star gen of Merlin and Hero Creation. If you do not have Merlin of Castoria, you can take cheaper supporters. They will complete the work nicely. Chen Gong possesses supportive skills, and he can finish tasks very speedily. Hans also can do works well.


Grail Potential


Typically, Berserkers can be introducing as an important grail target. This is because grails can create damages and stability. Although Morgan is not the best Berserker available in the market, she is a solid grail if you like to use her.


Arbitrary ratings of Rabbit


The Rabbit in this game has many exciting features. Overall, the Rabbit has an average single target DPS and quite good survivability. The Rabbit has less offensive utility and defensive utility. However, it has good farming usefulness and an iron fist.


Fate Grand Order | Rabbit Overview: Morgan the 5 Star Berserker


LDPlayer Features on Fate Grand Order


Use the Multi-Instance Sync feature to summon the best servant on the game with the most straightforward steps. No more lagging reroll, and you will earn the best heroes with quick steps. Turn the feature and enjoy the reroll within several emulators at one time. 




In the Fate Grand Order, the character of Morgan is a bit unwanted in some aspects. She can support some strategies if she is in the correct position. She has several exciting skills which can create considerable damage. Morgan has a lot of utility, and she plays well with Buster's best current supports. So, you all have to play the game with Morgan, who has drastically changed from the previous version.

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