Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier – Ultimate Weapons Guide

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If you look at the game Final Fantasy VII, the chances are slim. You can either suffer defeat or inflict defeat upon another. This game comprises 74 more players who are settled at the battlefield, and if you want the upper hand, you need to make sure that you have the weapons you need; otherwise, you could pretty much end up dead. What matters here is that you have the weapons in place because those are your best shot at securing a victory.


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Here, what distinguishes this royale shooter is that it also includes magic. You will be able to cast spells against your enemies and can even be in the position to summon creatures who are famous from the universe of Final Fantasy, who will then be of assistance in giving you a hand. Like the Cure or Protect, magic material can come in handy if you want to amp up the battle or want to protect yourself and your comrades.


Every class will have their only type of weapons, which means that they will already have the required skills required, which make them worthy of such weapons. Additionally, the warriors in this fame have a sword, and with their aid of the skills, they will be able to recover the HP when they have to deal with the damage they have incurred.


On the other hand, sorcerers have a staff, which helps them recover faster due to the high MP that they have. In addition to the above, monks here have their fists as their top weapons, but they also can pull off some healing spells. Lastly, rangers can use dangers, and if they get scoped shots, they get additional benefits and perks for this.


If you look at the Beta but leave aside Model 89, then you will see that there weren't any extra melee weapons. The menu here has plenty to offer regarding the types and the style of weapons you need; however, you have to wait for the release of the final version.




If you analyze the game, for the most amount, you will be having firefights with your enemies, and here if you are aware f your weapons, and know how to use them, then you have the upper hand. You can also get new guns with the Shinra Logos, or you can even find spare ones that are on the ground of the building. Furthermore, some monsters even end up dropping them when they are defeated, so here it is a great idea to fight not only to increase your level but also to raise your firepower.


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Magic Materia:


Many players may not deem this to be a weapon when speaking in the classic sense, but when used with tact, they have magic-laden orbs that can be of immense help when you are on the battlefield. You can store up to 3 materia at a time, and they keep increasing too.


However, materia does use the MP you have, and they also have a cooling-down timer that you will have to wait for to subside before you can use the spell once more. You should be careful when using it, as it can essentially damage you and your teammates too if you aren't careful!


  • Fire – This helps throw a fireball. It is recommended for inflicting damage, but the impact isn't huge. It can also be difficult to hit enemies with it from a distance.
  • Blizzard – It helps create ice turrets that can hit enemies with torrents of ice when projected at them.
  • Thunder – This can summon lighting in a circular area when on the ground.
  • Cure – This can heal HP within the AoE circle. Heals HP in an AoE circle.
  • Comet – This can rain comets and can take some time to strike. It is effective in stopping an opponent or opponents from chasing you.
  • Aero – This helps to throw enemies as if they were ragdolls with a swift magic gust.
  • Raise – This is useful in bringing players back from death via a distance.
  • Protect – This helps in creating a barrier to bypass any damaging magic.
  • Blind – Has the power to summon smoke clouds that can help enable the
  • enemies to spot you.
  • Bio – Helps to create an AoE circle made up of poison against enemies.


You will find four weapon rarities here that are "normal," "rare," "epic," and "legendary." Here, the purpose of every rarity is to give you high power, a better sense of control, and good scope too.


Many weapons can be aimed at the sights, and this helps make the game feel like Call of Duty at times, but there is no option for an auto-fire, so you have to make sure that you can trace the enemy before they do. You have to stock on that ammunition, and when you aren't engaged in a battle, then make sure that the guns you have are well loaded.


Assault Rifles:


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Lethal Gaze (AR) – This is a highly automatic and resourceful assault rifle. Every pack it has delivers a heavy punch, but it needs a lot of ammunition to work.


Mk 3 Combat Rifle Mod 2 (AR) – This too is an assault rifle. However, here too, you cannot use light ammunition and therefore need the heavy one. It Is easy to use, but you need to ensure that you have a good shot. It is better than the Lethal Gaze for shooting and focusing. A


Shinra Type B AR 3B (AR) – This weapon at hand is a burst assault rifle that is convenient to handle, and the recoil level is also minimal. It doesn’t have autofill, but when you aim it at someone, it is immensely accurate. You, however, need a lot of ammo for this too.


Light Machine Guns:


Inferno (LMG) – If you look at the LMG, they are highly automatic weapons but need a lot of capacity and ammunition to work. However, what surprises us is that the recoil level here is minimum. Additionally, the weapon can end up doing some severe damage to the opponents when placed.


Submachine Guns:


MP-60 Type A (SMG) – This weapon under discussion is highly automatic and can end up delivering punches that are powerful and formidable to the touch. The power punches are great, and the recoil level is low too.


Dissent’s Bane (SMG) – This can be seen as a submachine gun that is automatic and consists of very rapid-fire rates. However, it can be hard to handle sometimes. Therefore, you need to make sure you get a better view, and when you are close, you should fire.




Model S-7 (SG) – This is also a semi-automatic shotgun that uses a special firing rate. If you get close to the enemy and need to refocus after every kickback, this model can be of immense help.


Eclipse Eater A-1 (SG) – It has a heavy punch, and the firing rate is also low. This weapon makes use of shotgun shells.


Sniper Rifles:


Mark 5 Sniper Rifle (SR) – The following is a semi-automatic snipe rifle and has good firing rates. It, however, needs to be reloaded quickly and makes use of ammunition that is heavy.


FFVII - The First Soldier Weapons


Executioner Gamma (SR) – Here, the SR can give a bold move to the opponents with every punch. It too makes use of heavy ammunition, and if you aim it on the head, it can deliver some very good results!




87-Type Handgun (HG) – A highly easy-to-use device that is automatic. It is good and makes use of ammunition that is light.


A2 Wrath Revolver (HG) – This revolver is a handgun that is semi-autonomous and delivers a hard blow. It is suitable for midway to long-range distances and can give you some severe hits when you need them. Indeed, high ammunition using a weapon but is excellent for dealing with enemies.




Within the game, if you have noticed, then Ifrit is the summon that exists. If you summon him, he will be by your side and will be able to counter the damage caused by your opponents. This is highly powerful and can be beneficial in attacking not only your enemies but the allies, too, so you should be prudent while making use of it.


There is no denying that there are many weapons, and we are just as eager to see them as you are! We are looking forward to them releasing the stats on them very soon and new styles and customization options.


Best Weapons in Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier:


One of the key differences between other Battle Royals and Final Fantasy VII: The first Soldier are the abilities of each class style; this is a battle royale, after all, and weapons play a crucial role in winning. Keeping the aspect as mentioned earlier in mind, we'll list the best weapons in our opinion.


Starting Weapon:


Warrior’s Sword – we rank it highest in the starting weapons mainly due to its ability to recover HP with every enemy kill, making you fight longer.




Blizzard – Blizzard Materia creates an Ice turret that can engage an enemy while you can focus on killing them or moving out of harm's way.


Protect – Doing damage is all the rage, but when truly needed, a barrier to protect you from harm trumps all the damage you can dish out.


Assault Rifles:


Lethal Gaze – One of the most resourceful weapons in the game as it is fully automatic and can deal tons of damage, though lower accuracy, while using heavy ammo.


Mk 3 Combat Rifle Mod 2 – Also a fully automatic AR that lacks the big punch compared to Lethal gaze but has much better control and accuracy, making it much easier to use. The scope of the rifle provides additional stability and a tighter focus when aiming through crosshairs.


Submachine Guns:


MP-60 Type A – This submachine gun is suitable for longer distances and uses lighter ammo than other automatic guns while still dealing a good amount of damage.


Sniper Rifles:


Mark 5 Sniper Rifle – Mark 5 has a rapid rate of fire due to it being semi-automatic and uses heavy ammo to deal good damage.




Model S-7 – Surprisingly reasonable rate of fire due to it being semi-automatic in nature. Shotguns are short-range weapons that make you get near the enemy. Shotguns use shell ammo.




87-Type Handgun – Quickfire and light ammo make it a good weapon when you don't have anything heavy.


LDPlayer Features For FFVII: The First Soldier:


LDPlayer is one of the best Emulators out there for MMORPG games, and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is no exception. With the ability to directly change your control scheme and key binds, you’ll be enjoying a native PC experience in no time. Plus, since you will be playing the game on your computer, you will be able to experience high FPS and all the perks that you get from playing an MMORPG on a big screen which includes being able to see units faster, no overheating, and better system stability.




Your equipment or weapons, in this case, can make or break the game. Thankfully, with this detailed guide, you should have a general idea of what weapons you should be choosing in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Over time, you will be able to develop your judgement and absolutely crush your foes no matter the occasion.

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