Mobile Legends Bang Bang Codes November 2022


Mobile Legends Bang Bang or the MLBB is the multiplayer game that exactly you want to be engaged in online battles, and the Moontoon has done a great job by considering the different aspects added to the game. We can join our friends here and engage in more 5v5 MOBA battles with this fantastic game and what is more exciting is that we have to take our fights against the real players. So to make these battles more beneficial for the gamers, Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes are there to earn the free best gifts from the game.





This game has been created to work with a team, and the strategies are needed here to score winning. Our final victory will always be counted by the strategic gameplay that we will be using in this game, and this is the game that will awaken the soul of eSports. Battles are not so long in this MOBA game, and 10 minutes are enough for them at all. But after all, we must have some fair fights somehow and defending ourselves against these powerful heroes will also not be as easy as it seems.  

That is why it is better to have some back support for MLBB, and Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes are here to provide you with that exact support you want. So this guide is created for you to know what the Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes are and what will be there recent codes that you can use on your game’s progress.


Active Mobile Legends Bang Bang Codes

So these are the active codes that you will be able to redeem from the Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes list, and they all come with some specific offers for you to be utilized over your gameplay.

Redeem Code Rewards Exp Date
SLCCX5 Redeem this 3rd Mirage code for 500 Diamonds Added on November 20th, 2022
XT83Q622297 Redeem this CD key for 1000 Diamonds and 10 Premium Summon Scrolls Valid until December 9th, 2022
XYHFVD22299 Redeem this CD key for 200 Diamonds, Small Supply of Battle Points x5, and 500 Advance Essence Valid until November 30th, 2022


Note that if any of this code doesn’t work for you, then you must have typed it wrong, or it might have been used too many times. Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes do not allow you to redeem them so many times as it becomes inactive whenever used more times. These are only applicable for some codes, while some others will work for unlimited times.

And you better note yourself to not come with any typo errors with these codes as they are highly case sensitive, and make sure to have their rewards before their expiration date passed as they all have a limited lifetime.

How to Redeem MLBB Codes?

Redeeming these Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes will allow players to have Magic Dust and some free diamonds from the game. And also, they are helping players to make their game much smoother with time. Multiple codes are there with this MLBB, and they all will help you unlock some free useful items and some loot.

So for the players looking forward to having more advantages over their game with these MLBB codes, the above codes will help them, and there will be more to come since the developers are always managing to publish more and more new codes for the game. And here is the guidance for you to redeem these Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes in steps.


  • Load your game and then head into their settings


  • After that, go to the exchange page of the Mobile Legends code.


  • Here players are required to log in to their accounts, which is how they can redeem these codes. So they first need to be aware of their account ID, which can be found by tapping your game profile from the screen. Then the screen will show your ID in bold.



  • Now go back to the website of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and then visit their code exchange page. You have to type your game ID in here in their Game ID Box and then send



  • Now the players can have their in-game mail with a code.


  • So you have to copy this received code and then paste it into the space provided in the Verification Code Box from the MLBB website.


  • And those are the whole steps for you to redeem your Mobile Legends Bang Bang hero codes.


There are some important concerns to be remembered here. Since you are being provided with a verification code from the game, make sure to use it within 30 minutes, as it will expire after this time. If you didn’t manage to use it in that given period, you may have to start all again. So once you manage to verify yourself from the game, you don’t have to repeat these actions more and more.

Why Do We Use Mobile Legends Bang Bang Codes?

It is simply for unlocking additional resources. When you can have more additional resources from Mobile Legends Bang Bang, you will be able to add some more enjoyment to the game and will also be able to improve the way your character appears. So the real money has not been spent on these improvements to your game.

With these MLBB codes, you will be able to do your character upgrades, change your outfits, have fragments, magic dust and earn some extra special diamonds.

How to Play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on PC?

Since this is a mobile game, you will have to use the LDPlayer: the best android emulator for this purpose. To play MLBB through LDPlayer, you will only have to follow some simple steps.


  • Have your LDPlayer installed on your computer



  • Go to the LD Store, the in-built store of LDPlayer, to search for your game Mobile Legends Bang Bang


  • Install your game


  • Now you are free to play MLBB on your PC with more optimized features with LDPlayer than ever


So these are active and valid for Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes, and don’t forget to check this guide often as we are updating this list whenever there is a new code released. So it is time to earn and progress your MLBB game with many offers and rewards to conquer the victory.

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PC