Epic Seven End of March Update Patch Guide


With the month of March coming to an end, Epic Seven is experiencing yet another update patch in preparation for the month of April with brand new changes to existing mechanics, brand new game modes, a special upgrade version of the existed 3* hero Ainos and the release of 2 brand new 5* heroes - Eligos and ML Laika.


In this guide, we will go over the changes coming to Epic Seven this update patch and see what mechanics and gamemode this update will affect and see whether or not the brand new upgraded form of the 3* Hero Ainos would be viable in the current meta of the game. In addition, we will also debate on whether or not players should roll for the 2 brand new 5* Heroes released during this update patch - the 5* Fire Ranger Eligos and the 5* Light Mage Architect Laika.



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Epic Seven End of March Update Patch - What Changed

The Epic Seven End of March Update Patch brings with it the end of the Arena season after 3 months, with the introduction of the rest period for players to rest in PvP contents. In addition, the patch brings with it a brand new specialty change for the 3* Dark Ranger Hero Ainos in her new form - Ainos 2.0

Arena Season Closure Announcement

With 3 months passed, the usual Arena season is coming to a close with the rewards of the seasons being finalized for players of each tier and ranks with the shop rewards ending their redeem period.


With the end of the Arena season it is important for Players to get as high of a tier as possible before it ends in order to obtain the most amount of rewards possible by the end of the season. With each high rank, players will receive increasing amounts of Honors and Skystones that can be used to exchange for specialized items in the Arena Shop and to be used for gacha.

It is also important to note that with the end of the season, special season exclusive equipment and titles will no longer be available for purchase after this special season, with the special lv88 equipment set consisting of weapon, helmet, armor, boots, ring and necklace. In addition, the special 5* Potential upgrade plates are also one of the things that will be gone once the season has ended. Therefore it is extremely important that players exchange for these limited time available items before they disappear altogether from the Arena shop.


Once the season has ended, the Arena mode will enter a special rest mode where players can still obtain arena currencies through battle, however, they won’t be able to obtain the special season limited currencies or advance further in the season’s rank during this period.

Specialty Change - Ainos 2.0

Ainos 2.0 is an extremely powerful budget support buffer with the capability to both buff the teams with beneficial buffs that helps them to deal more damage in addition to healing the team while preventing the enemy’s counterattacks.

Ainos’ 3rd skill upgrade allows her to deal damage to all enemies and recover the teams’ HP in addition to buffing the entire team’s with beneficial offensive buffs like attack up buffs and speed up buffs, helping the team advance further in the game state.


Ainos’ passive have also received a massive glow up, allowing her to not only increase the combat readiness of the highest attack ally by 15% at the end of her turn but also dispel 1 debuff from them and help them recovers 5% of her HP, allowing them to survive longer and deal damage more quickly.

With Ainos’ brand new specialty change, her abilities cater greatly to boosting the combat capabilities of Dark centric teams in PvP settings, allowing the entire Dark team to deal better damage and better power level in PvP contents.

How to Specialty Change - Ainos 2.0

Ainos 2.0 can be obtained through the in-game Specialty change system with 4 different missions that needed to be cleared in order to obtain the brand new version of Ainos.


The special Ainos 2.0 specialty change can only be obtained by leveling up normal Ainos to at least lv 30 and finishing the 4 missions available. These missions are extremely easy relative to other heroes in the game and can be cleared easily by playing the game as normal.

Once Ainos have been specialty changed into Ainos 2.0, players will have the ability to further enhance her abilities by enhancing her runes mechanics through spending elemental runes obtained through elemental spirit altars.

Special Rate Up Heroes - Should You Roll

Together with the release of the End of March Update patch, 2 brand new 5* Heroes have been added to the pool and will have their special rate up banners on for a limited time for players to attempt to roll for - the 5* Fire Ranger Eligos and the 5* Light Mage Architect Laika.


Eligos is a 5* Fire Ranger hero that specializes in disrupting the enemy’s battle rhythm using specialized debuffs that boost the team’s damage dealt all the while triggering coordinated attacks with the team’s highest attack ally.

Eligos’ main strong point lies in his 3rd and 1st skill. The 3rd skill allows him to deal massive amounts of damage to 1 enemy, inflicting the defense down and target debuffs on the enemy, making them take 85% extra damage from attack from the team. Eligos’ 1st skill is the other strong point with the ability to initiate a coordinated attack with the ally on the team that has the highest attack, allowing them to deal double the damage on top of the extra damage they will deal against the enemy with debuffs.

Eligos excels greatly in both PvP and PvE contents, making him one of the most versatile heroes in the game.

Architect Laika

Architect Laika is a 5* Light Mage Hero that specializes in dealing massive amounts of AOE damage to all enemies with her special that ignores 80% of enemies’ defense all the while targeting 1 enemy for special attacks.

Architect Laika’s strong points lie solely in her 2nd and 3rd skill combo when paired with an ally that boosts her combat readiness. Laika’s 2nd skill, once used, will inflict the target enemy with the Target debuff, enhancing the damage the enemy took by 15% and increase Laika’s combat readiness by 50% (or a full extra turn once soul burnt).

When combo with her 2nd skill, Laika will have the ability to use her 3rd skill right away, allowing her to launch a full pledge attacks against the enemy’s team with a massive attack that have its damage scales with Laika’s own speed all the while penetrating the entire enemy team’s defense by a whopping 80%, allowing her to at least deal moderate amount of damage to enemies enough to render the enemy team’s vulnerable.

Should You Roll

Yes You Should. For Eligos, he is an extremely powerful and versatile Hero that helps to boost the power level of Fire teams in both PvE and PvP contents, helping to make Fire team extremely powerful in all contents in the game. For Architect Laika, her skills combo extremely well when paired with allies that have the ability to either increase Laika’s own speed or combat readiness, helping  to deal a massive amount of damage to the enemy’s team and potentially wipe them out altogether.

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