takt op. Symphony Guide, Tips and Best Strategies for All Beginners


Hey, are you bored of the same storyline games with the same themes, same character stories, and everything is the same? Then, you just need to know about this takt op. Symphony gameplay where you will be a conductor while your allies or the helpers become the Musicarts with the special music skills to be used in battles. The characters here are very beautiful and look sexy, and you are the one who manipulates them as you want. So, are you ready to learn the best guidelines and tips useful for all the takt op. Symphony beginners? 

takt op. Symphony Guide, Tips and Best Strategies

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This game has a different story and the takt op. Symphony gameplay consists of the elements, objects and features you are unfamiliar with, so you better try this when it is released. The battles are awesome, and the characters here are skilful. This game has a summoning system for you to summon the characters you need. And the missions take a unique form. So, if you love such a game, you can play takt op. Symphony on PC when it is released. Right now, your priority is to look for the guide we have made just for you. 

takt op. Symphony Fights

Fights are a common feature in all the RPGs; the same goes for this game. The fights are turn-based here in this game, meaning according to the order of the characters shown in the movement bar; everyone gets turns to attack each other. When a turn begins, the characters and the enemies, which are the despair dolls, will move from bottom to top according to their order in the movement bar. 

takt op. Symphony Fights

To battle with enemies, you can use the characters known as Musicart, and each character has a set of skills to be used in the battles. To attack an enemy, you should select the skill to attack an enemy of the character who is next to attack in the movement bar, and the enemy you will target through the selected skill of the character. 

When you follow these steps, the attack will be launched using the selected skill of the character targeting the selected enemy. And also, if you have already confirmed which enemy you will attack, you can double-tap on the skill you need to activate, and then the enemy will be attacked by it. This is the skill quick-release method. 

In battles fighting against enemies of various types, you need to choose the best characters from the takt op. Symphony tier list. When the characters are much better, then the battles become easier. Therefore try to use the best characters with different roles to keep the maintenance of the battle squad perfect. 

The game has given skill icons to control the battles. But the easiest way to win the battles perfectly by controlling everything related to battles is by the Keyboard Mapping feature, which you can access when you play this game on your PC. With the Keyboard Mapping feature, you can set all the shortcut keys to control the battles successfully, choosing which skills must be activated using which character targeting which enemy. 

Clear Missions

Missions are important to be noticed by all the players because these missions will be your guide in the beginner game phase. Even if you have never played the game before, making you a real newbie to the game, don't worry about a thing until you have this guide guiding you on how to act on the gameplay. As mentioned in the guide, missions are useful for you to understand the game and act accordingly to achieve good progression within a short time. 

Clear Missions

The mission you must complete in the game will be shown at the top left corner of the game screen. Or you can go to the Missions menu and check which missions you have to complete today. For every mission you complete, you will receive rich rewards. And the missions shown in the menu must be completed by you as you are the conductor. 

Even if the mission tells you what exactly you have to do, if you don't know where you have to go and how you complete the mission, you just have to click on the mission. When you click on the mission, then you will receive guidance on how to complete your mission or where to go to complete the mission. Once you complete the given mission, you will receive another mission. Like this, the missions you must complete in this game won't end. So, ensure to complete missions and have good guidance over the whole gameplay. 

takt op. Symphony Story Chapters

Completing story chapters in the takt op. Symphony gameplay is another beginner act that newcomers should try. There are various story chapters, each with stages to complete. Before entering a stage in a story chapter, you are given a short introduction about the chapter stage. Also, you can see the reward you can obtain by completing the story stage from the first attempt successfully. 

takt op. Symphony Story Chapters

After reading every essential detail you should know before entering a stage, you can start to play it. Some of these chapters have stories to follow, and some of these chapters have battles to complete. No matter what you may have to complete, you must follow the mission given in each chapter stage to complete the stage successfully. 

Level up takt op. Symphony Musicarts

The characters in this game are known as Musicarts. As you are the conductor who uses different kinds of characters to fight against despair dolls, you should make sure that all your Musicarts are fine and strong enough to fight against any enemy. And to enhance the strength of the Musicarts, the players like you need to level them up. 

Level up takt op. Symphony Musicarts

From the main game screen, go to the Musicarts menu, and choose a Musicart you want to level up. Once you choose, you will enter the personal menu of the selected Musicart, and there, you will see a plus mark near the place where the character's level is mentioned below the character's name. Tapping on the plus mark will help you to level up the character in this takt op. Symphony gameplay.  

Like every other gameplay, levelling up costs you certain resources called EXP crystals, which come with various EXP values. When you have the necessary EXP Crystals in the required amounts, you can use them to level your character. You can choose how many resources you will decide to level up the character when you need many resources. 

The more EXP crystals you choose, the higher the character's level. When you level up the character, the other character stats also increase, such as health, physical attacks, physical defense, magical attack, magical defense etc., strengthening the character in all the attributes. 

takt op. Symphony Summoning System

The summoning system in this game is where you can summon the characters or the Musicarts for the gameplay. To perform summoning in this game, you should go to the Score Room in the gameplay, there you can see different summoning banners to be used in the summoning heroes or characters. 

takt op. Symphony Summoning System

Each summoning banner has a specific takt op. Symphony gacha rates to summon different characters. You can summon characters or the Musicarts once or ten times in these summoning banners. When summoning characters, you need to spend specific summoning currencies to summon them. The summoning system includes a pity system that guarantees to give an SSR tier character within the hundred and nineteen draws.  

Since everyone tends to summon the best heroes and everyone's dream is to achieve the best characters in no time, the easiest way to do this is by playing the game on PC with LDPlayer 9 using the Multi-Instance Sync feature. With this feature, you can create cloned accounts for playing the same game. 

While playing this game from multiple accounts, you can start summoning characters and doing this procedure will help you to have the best summoning results in a few minutes. Therefore, summon your favorite and the highest-tier characters while playing the game with LDPlayer 9. 


This is the end of the takt op. Symphony game guide, including all the guidance and tips, and everything included above in this guide will be very important and useful for all the beginner players who play this game. Therefore, when the game is released, you can use these things in your gameplay to make it fabulous. Also, remember, since these details were gathered from the game's closed beta test version, things might change when it is released officially.

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