Epic Conquest 2 Tips to Have a Whole Adventure


It is not easy to deal with the adventures packed up with actions in a game, and you have to deal with it when you enter Epic Conquest 2. It comes with a range of adventures you need to conquer from the gameplay, and it is not always the easiest task to do. It can make you fall into a lot of difficulties unless you have some Epic Conquest 2 tips to deal with the game. So, this guide will take you through some of the best tips, which will all contribute to your game's success.





Epic Conquest 2 Tips


Since you have to deal with a lot of combat here, let's have this guide to make you succeed in every step of your game. It is not always easy to experience the best performance from this kind of genre when you don't have guidance for it, so make yourselves prepared. Take Epic Conquest 2 on PC and get into the battle with the best Epic Conquest 2 tips.


Wait and Keep with all the Cutscenes

The number one thing we will bring you from this Epic Conquest 2 tips guide is its cut scenes. The cut scenes carry an important role as they help you a lot to understand the game, and if you decide to skip them, you don't have a great chance to succeed in the game. So, for a beginner, we will recommend you to take a step forward to continue with all these cutscenes, as those are becoming your guide to the game.


Wait and Keep with all the Cutscenes


Try to have some conversations with the NPCs you meet and have some more exploration of the game, as it can offer you some useful resources for the game. Since the cutscenes carry the plot of your game, it is a way to direct you towards your objectives and make you crawl through the game in the best sense.


Be Prepared According to the Enemy Attacks

Not all enemies are going to act in a similar way for this game, and every enemy you face will be different from one another. So you must prepare yourself for different types of enemies in the game based on their attack styles. We recommend you all to have the best study with the enemy attack patterns, and every monster will act differently in different situations. And that is the next thing to be recommended from this Epic Conquest 2 tips guide. 


Try to have the best dodging based on your enemy's attacks and study them for their next movements. So you will have a better chance to defend them with the best attacks.


Be Prepared According to the Enemy Attacks


Upgrade the Items

You might be a bigger or a veteran player, but nothing is going to work if you are not upgrading yourself to deal with the upcoming disasters. So, we recommend all the players upgrade the items they have every chance they get and have a great balance between their skills as well as the items.


If your intention is to deal with the greatest damage to enemies, then you better focus on damaging items and do relevant upgrades for them. So, before you deploy yourself into any battle of this game, we recommend all of you go to the Blacksmith shop and then do the necessary upgrades.


Give your Best Output with Best Movements

No battle in this game will mark you a victory unless you are fluent with the game controls. So, we recommend all to become masters with their controls as well as the movements before trying to battle with enemies because the only way to win is the right movements. That is the next thing from our Epic Conquest 2 tips guide.


Give your Best Output with Best Movements


The best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, is going to help you in this case with two key features for the battles. The first one is going to be the Keyboard Mapping which will make you set the shortcuts for your controls. This will be a whole privilege when you deal with the battles because it can specifically define controls with your most familiar keys from the keyboard. Apart from the W, D, A and S keys, this is going to help you a lot in your game, and you will have the smoothest way to deal with your enemies.


And then there are these Keyboard Macro Commands which can make you deal with the repeating actions easily. If you want to run and attack at the same time, instead of doing these two actions separately, you can set it to be done with one key. You just have to write macro commands and set it for a single key. So, your combat will never be easier than thins with the best controls.


Clear the Forest Monsters

Don't just focus on the story only; give your attention to the jungle monsters, too, as one of the best Epic Conquest 2 tips. You might avoid these monsters the whole time, but that is now what you should do all the time. Note that forest monsters are allowing you to have more EXPs, which are a useful resource to your game, and it doesn't even take much time to defeat them, either. And you don't have to put a whole lot of time into beating them.


Clear the Forest Monsters


We don't recommend that any player skip any forest monster to beat because it can cause you to reduce the rate of your progress. So, if you really want to keep the focus on progressing well, make sure to focus on clearing your forest monsters too.


To have the best start as a beginner, you can refer to our Epic Conquest 2 beginner guide from here.


Use Your Abilities

Use Your Abilities


There are bosses you meet in this game who just have to be beaten, which should be done with all your efforts. So, why don't you just use your abilities? And that is becoming our last tip for the Epic Conquest 2 tips guide. If you ever want to increase the power you hold with yourself, always keep the focus on using abilities as well, and that can contribute a lot to your progress.


Whenever you use an ability, it makes your MP bar charge up, which means you are getting more chances to deal with your powerful enemies.



So these are all the Epic Conquest 2 tips we have to define you from this Epic Conquest 2 tips guide, and using them is all up to you now. If you really want to progress from your game, don't just hesitate to use these tips because those are only making you progress through the game in advance. So, good luck with your adventure with the best tips.

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