How to Find and How to Unlock, a Detailed Explanation Of Tower of Fantasy Vehicles


Another Genshin Impact-like trend has been opened up by the Hotta Studio, and let us all welcome a new MMORPG game, Tower of Fantasy. The gameplay is set in a futuristic theme, and thus one is an excellent taste for all anime lovers. The open world carries an anime fantasy in there, and the game comes with a lot of coolest features to embark on this journey for you. Since It is set in the future, we have the coolest feature added onto it as vehicles, and for all the fresh starters of this game, here we come with a Tower of Fantasy vehicles guide.




Every vehicle you see in this game is unique, and they are innovative products. They are helping players to transport throughout their Aida planet, and it is a must to say, these are not the typical vehicles. They have been mixed perfectly with style and have very interesting themes to match the player's style. But the thing is that you cannot just have them easily as they have to be unlocked.


So, just like every other RPG game, Tower of Fantasy is not going to use horses to travel. Instead, they are using the vehicles now. There are a number of futuristic-type vehicles like unicorn robots, motorcycles and more here, and we are now here to give you a brief idea of ​​each of them as follows. Let's start, and this is your Tower of Fantasy vehicles guide.


Tower of Fantasy Vehicles – List

Vehicles are not relics. These are used for transportation. We can see there are a total of eight vehicles available, and we can identify them one by one as follows.



This vehicle from the Tower of Fantasy vehicles list has a sci-fi theme, and you must assemble it. Assembling must be done by taking Maglev Chasis and the Magnetic Rod. This stick-like vehicle makes it easy to travel through the inner city millennial easily, and if you are a player who is looking for something very unique and stylish, this one's for you.


The two items you must collect over this vehicle need to be collected from world exploration. 


  • Maglev Stalker will be a rare drop from the Vermin Brothers
  • Magnetic Rod will be taken from the Rust Corridor (-830, 472)



This is the second one that we talk about under this Tower of Fantasy vehicles list, and this is a two-wheel motorbike. It is very stylish, and it will be perfectly matched for a player who is looking for the stylish yet speediest option to travel around the planet. Apart from its look, this one is very easy to take.


When you follow up through the story, you can access Falcon, and you earn this from the Cobalt-B. You can visit the Hykros and then finish off the quest chain you see. Within seconds, you will be able to handle the Falcon. No parts are needed for Falcon; you can just finish the story to earn it.


Dust Wheeler


One of the vehicles from the Tower of Fantasy vehicles list that seems like a round tyre is called the Dust Wheeler. As the name says itself, this vehicle is rolling to transport you throughout the game, and this vehicle is only allowed for the players who are reaching the rank of Grand Marshal from the PVP mode. You need to reach into this rank from the Apex League to reach for Dust Wheeler. When you reach it, you will be offered this Dust Wheeler at the end of the season.



The name of this vehicle may sound odd, and it may also be unique from its look. This is like a cube, and it comes from the color blue. No matter how you think of it, it is still a vehicle, and it is one that you can easily move throughout the game. So, if you are looking for a vehicle that works perfectly fine with the most challenging roads, 2613 is your option.


This vehicle originally came from the game's Chinese version, and it is already mentioned that this vehicle is a reward for pre-registered players. So now that the game has been released, you can go through the prologue, and you will be able to earn 2613 by completing Franz's Gift operation event.



Voyager seems like a truck, and this is the next vehicle that we want to introduce you from this Tower of Fantasy vehicles list. But know that this is not a truck as it is a car that comes with a single sheet, and it is more like a cheap option for the players.


If you want to have this vehicle for you, know that you have to hold four things with you: Voyager Thruster, Voyager Engine, Voyager Control Room, and the Voyager Hull. All these mentioned four could be earned from world exploration.


Voyager parts can be taken from several methods. 


  • Voyager Thruster is going to be dropped by the enemies, and these four powers can be named Sendrys, Okka, Smoli and the Hethlu


  • Voyager Engine can be taken from the hidden quest line in the Navia Ecological Park.


  • Voyager Control Station can be taken near the warehouse (inside it 510, 765), and you will need to use the password 3594 to get inside the warehouse.


  • Voyager Hull can also be taken from the hidden quest line from the Navia Ecological park




Here we welcome you all for a unicorn. But this is not a typical unicorn, and this one is a robotic one that can travel you throughout the world. The Monocross is totally metallic, and the players who want to unlock it should have Unicorn Cyberlimbs , Unicorn Bionic Frame, Unicorn Independent Head, as well as the Unicorn Power Core.


All four items you have to be equipped with to earn Monocross must be acquired through world exploration.


All four items you must be equipped with to earn Monocross must be acquired through world exploration. The locations for all items are:


  • Unicorn power core can be taken from the quest line.


  • Unicorn Cyberlimbs can be founded near the coordinates and from the treasure chest (925- -410)


  • The Unicorn Bionic Frame is placed in the facility from coordinates (660, -1235), and you need to enter 7092 as the password.


  • Unicorn Independent Head will be a rare drop from Devotee Eber and Devotee Noah.




This is our 7th vehicle to be listed under this Tower of Fantasy vehicles list, and as you can see from the name, it is a mechanical bird. You as a player have to assemble it with its Torso, Head, Core and Legs. These are the components that a player needs to have upon unlocking this vehicle. You can have all four within the fourth week from the event of the Road Strife.


All three Head, Legs and Torso parts can be bought from the event shop, and the Core part will be offered to you as a reward for 100% server progress from the event.


Omnium Beast VII


This one will be the last vehicle we take you through this Tower of Fantasy vehicles list, and this is a walking device. It is more like a feeling of a robotic world as you are handling a walking robot here. There will be three items needed in this vehicle to use as your transportation media: Omnium Beast Left Arm, Cockpit, and the Right Arm. You will easily manage to find these from world exploration.


  • The left arm can be found inside a warehouse (90, 965), and there will be a barrier to release. Enter the 1467 passcode to release it
  • The right arm will be a Behemoth's Rare drop. 
  • The cockpit part will be at the Hyena Oil Rig.


How to Unlock All these Tower of Fantasy Vehicles

The Chaser, Voyager, Omnium Beast VII, Dust Wheeler and the Monocross can be earned from the several events of the game. There will be several tasks to accomplish these five vehicles from these components, and after completing them, you will be able to have them transported around the world. All these five Tower of Fantasy vehicles are coming through world exploration, and you will be easily able to complete each of the milestones too.


And when it comes to Falcon, it is going to be unlocked for you in the early chapters of the game, and you just have to go with the storyline. Then go to the Hykros and finish up the quest chain. When you finish them all , you must go back to the Aida planet, and the transportation media you will be offered here is the Falcon.


Mechbird and 2613 Tower of Fantasy vehicles are offered to players as rewards. They are usually coming as a reward for completing a series of tasks, and you can easily reach into these vehicles once you manage to complete their certain targets.


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And that is all that we can bring you from these Tower of Fantasy vehicles list, and know that choosing one from these all to travel is based upon you. Although each vehicle has separate requirements to be unlocked, it is always necessary for a player to choose one that feels smooth for him, and we hope this guide will help you go with that decision. So, this is your chance and pick up the best vehicle to move on.

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