Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب Tier List in May 2024 – Selecting the Best Characters to the Battle


Hello, military game lovers. It is time for you to lead your forces to victory in the strategic world of Destiny of Armor معركةالعجائب. Set in a futuristic universe where mech combat reigns supreme, this game challenges you to become the ultimate military commander. As you are strategizing yourself over mech battles and forging alliances, mastering the Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب tier list of characters becomes very important for dominating the battlefield. So, here is our tier list guide, and we break down the ranks from the strongest to those less formidable, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your army's combat effectiveness.

Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب Tier List


Understanding the tier system is such a great winning factor for Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب beginners seeking to navigate the complex landscape of this gameplay to the best. So, by categorizing characters into distinct ranks, our Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب tier list guide provides a clear path for players to prioritize their recruitment and development efforts. Through careful selection based on our rankings, you will be well-equipped to tackle any challenge the game throws at you. We've curated this guide with expert recommendations to ensure you have the best possible characters by your side, propelling you toward success in every skirmish. So, play Destiny of Armor معركة العجائبon PC with LDPlayer 9, and let's have a look into all the characters from now on. 

Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب Tier List – Ranks

All the characters that you are trying to put into the battles in the Destiny of Armor معركة game will come under three different ranks. These ranks are what decide how powerful they are because each rank represents a strength level as follows.

  • Tier S – If you are seeking the highest powers and skills with your characters, then you need to go with this tier S characters. They are by means the best because of their exceptional levels of strength as well as their performances.
  • Tier A – after tier S, the strength goes well with the tier A characters. This means that you have some of the best characters under this rank as well, so if you are unable to settle down with a tier S, it will be fine to go along with a tier A.
  • Tier B – out of all the ranks we have mentioned, the characters that we see under this rank are the least powered. They should always be your last choice.

All Characters from the Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب Tier List with Ranks

And now, if you want to know who are the characters under each of the ranks that we have described above, here is a list of them along with their classes. 













Tham Linh














Kang Yeon





Shen Qing










The Best Characters in the Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب Tier List

So, now that you know all the characters in the  Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب tier list, you better have enough understanding to know who is the best among them, so here we are going to showcase to you a list of the best characters to choose from. 

Tham Linh

Tham Linh


If you want a character who can really give a big support to the missile vehicles, then go with Tham Linh. As a legendary hero, she is capable of hitting three troops in one direction at once. So, the time you spend with this character is going to be really worthy, and other than that, when there is Tham Linh by your side, she is also going to increase your Troop defense, which is considered an important thing for your entire gameplay.




Amir is the character who provides excellent support to the tanks. He, as a legendary hero, can deal some direct hits to the troops, and we love the fact that Amir is capable of targeting his aims in a circular area. You will be able to raise the troop attacks when he is by our hands, and even the tank attack will increase when you have Amir in your hands. 




Hamilton is the next legendary character we pick as one of the best heroes in the  Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب tier list, and he can hit the target troops directly. What makes him shine in your gameplay is his excellent support given to the helicopters, and you even have a chance to reduce the damage dealt to the targets by this Hamilton. And yeah, he will raise the durability of the helicopter, too. 




Ulrica from the  Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب tier list will be one of the most versatile characters that you can rely on, and she, being on the legendary rank, is making her way better with her skills. Ulrica can directly hit the opposing troops to damage while she does a bit of repair to her own units in a troop. She is also capable of increasing the march speed of the armored. 




Malon also supports missile vehicles just like the Tham, and coming from the legendary rarity, he is going to deal with direct hits against his targets to deal with the damage. The battle will also be restored by himself the way you want, and Malon is a true hero to be considered if given a chance because he can increase the missile vehicle attack as well. 


As you dive deeper into the engaging and strategic depths of Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب", let our  Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب tier list  guide be your roadmap to victory. It doesn't matter if you choose the formidable Tham Linh for her troop defense capabilities or prefer the versatile support of Ulrica; each character in our guide has been evaluated to maximize their potential impact on your gameplay. So, harness the power of the best heroes and turn the tide of battle in your favor. Remember, the right strategy begins with the right team.

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