Fight to the Best with Moba Legends: 5v5! Beginner Tips, Tricks with Best Strategies


Welcome to the ultimate beginner's guide for Moba Legends: 5v5!, where the thrill of the arena meets the clash of champions. Whether you're stepping onto the battlefield for the first time or looking to sharpen your skills, this guide is your gateway to mastering the fundamentals and nuances of one of the most exhilarating mobile MOBA games.

Moba Legends: 5v5! Beginner Tips, Tricks

In this Moba Moba Legends: 5v5! guide, we'll dive deep into essential strategies, provide actionable tips, and reveal insider tricks that can elevate your gameplay from novice to notable. Our goal is to not just inform but also inspire you to make strategic decisions that lead to victory. 

Whether it's selecting the right champion, optimizing your in-game resources, or outmaneuvering your opponents through superior tactics, this guide is designed to give you a competitive edge. Play Moba Legends: 5v5! On PC with LDPlayer, let’s start your journey of discovery and improvement and unlock the secrets to becoming a formidable player in Moba Legends: 5v5!

Lane Concepts in Moba Legends: 5v5!

Moba Legends: 5v5! features three distinct lanes, each serving as a strategic path leading to the opponent's base. As we progress along these lanes, we engage in battles with opponents from the opposing team.

Lane Concepts in Moba Legends: 5v5!

Initially, you might find yourself teaming up with another player in the top lane or freely choosing your position. However, as we advance in the game and gain experience, it becomes clear that specific heroes are better suited for certain lanes. This alignment is crucial for maximizing each character's potential and effectiveness in battle.

Lane Positions

There are four key roles in the game:

  • Top Lane: Often suited for tanks or durable fighters.
  • Mid Lane: Ideal for mages and assassins who can deal significant burst damage.
  • Bot Lane: Typically includes a marksman supported by a support character, focusing on control and sustain.
  • Jungler: Roams the jungle areas, focusing on ambushing and securing resources.

Why Play as a Jungler or Supporter

The role of the Jungler becomes critical when you're frequently facing enemy ganks in the top and mid lanes. Such attacks can shift a player's mindset from “Let's do this!" to frustration "I don't want to play anymore". This is particularly true for beginners who find themselves repeatedly dying due to skilled enemy tactics, leading to a potential mental breakdown and the temptation to quit. 

Why Play as a Jungler or Supporter

As a Jungler, you can turn the tables and become the source of your opponents' frustration instead. By mastering jungle control, timing your kills or assists, and communicating effectively with your team, you'll not only start enjoying the game again but also develop strategic insights. These insights will serve you well in all lanes, reducing the likelihood of being caught off-guard by ganks and allowing you to empathize with—and counter—your adversaries' tactics.


Supporters play an important role in aiding the team during fights. If you value stability, choose a support character focused on healing, like Soraka, who replenishes health and mana. For a more aggressive approach, opt for supports that excel in teamfight scenarios. Even with limited experience as a support, you'll quickly notice how significant your influence can be. For instance, the effectiveness of a powerful marksman like Urgot in the bot lane greatly depends on the support he receives. 

Without adequate support from a healer like Soraka, Urgot may be forced into a defensive role despite his potential for high firepower. Think of it like soccer: if our team is Barcelona, then our supporters are akin to having Pep Guardiola at the helm—an analogy that underscores just how crucial supporters are to the team's overall success.

Key Elements of Moba Legends: 5v5!

In Moba Legends: 5v5!, minions are AI-controlled units that march along the lanes toward the enemy Nexus. Engaging and defeating these minions is crucial as they are a primary source of gold for players. To earn gold from minions, players must deliver the final blow, also known as the "last hit." This mechanic requires precision and timing, making control a vital skill in the game.


Gold is the currency of Moba Legends: 5v5! and can be earned by killing minions and opposing champions. Accumulating gold allows you to purchase powerful items that significantly enhance your champion's abilities. In a world where economic advantage often translates into battlefield superiority, managing and spending gold wisely is as critical as mastering combat skills.

Champion Skills

Each champion in Moba Legends: 5v5! is equipped with a unique set of five skills:

  • One passive skill: This operates automatically, providing strategic advantages without active input.
  • Three regular skills: These are the core abilities used during combat.
  • One ultimate skill: Often a game-changer in battles, the ultimate skill can dramatically influence the outcome of team fights.

Champion Skills

Understanding and practicing your champion’s skills are essential. Knowing when and how to deploy these abilities, especially the ultimate, can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Importance of Survival

Now that you've chosen your lane and champion, are you ready to dive into the fight? Well, hold on a moment. From personal experience, and after much advice from teammates, one fundamental strategy stands out, especially for beginners: survival.

Why is survival crucial? Simply put, staying alive is paramount. Once you're alive, you can focus on farming—for gold and resources. If you perish, not only do you hand over gold to your opponent, but you also disadvantage your team. For example, imagine a scenario in the mid-game where an ally dies five times. This often results in a significantly stronger enemy in the mid-lane, who then becomes unstoppable as they move to other lanes.

Survival Strategy

  • Prioritize Living Over Killing: Especially in the top lane, it may be tempting to go for a kill if you feel your character matches well against the opponent. However, survival should always come first. Over-aggression can lead to unnecessary deaths.
  • Situational Awareness: Develop the ability to judge the situation accurately. Sometimes, it's wiser to let go of the last hits on minions or a chance to score some extra creep score (CS) if it means staying safe and alive.

Remember, there's no substitute for actual game experience. Use this advice as a guideline, but the best learning comes from playing the game yourself. Dive in, apply what you've learned, and adapt as you go!

Champion Buffs and Item Selection

Have you noticed the red or blue circles under a champion's feet? These are not just decorative—they're crucial buffs that play an integral role throughout the game. It's one thing to read about these buffs, but understanding their true impact comes from firsthand experience. We encourage you to actively seek out these buffs in-game to discover firsthand how they can sway the course of battle in your favor.

Choosing the Right Items

When it comes to selecting items for your champion, guidance can be found on the official League of legend strategy board. Yes, this is Moba Legends: 5v5! But both games are similar in every way except for servers. So you can use that to choose items for your hero. While these resources provide a solid framework for beginners, remember that they are not infallible. Your choice of items might need to adapt based on your personal play style or specific abilities of your opponents' champions.

Understanding Crowd Control in Moba Legends: 5v5

Crowd Control, commonly referred to as CC, encompasses abilities that debilitate opponents while potentially benefiting allies. These skills can slow an enemy's movement, making them easy targets for faster-moving champions. CC is essential in tipping the scales of team fights in your favor. Types of CC and Their Impact 

Understanding Crowd Control in Moba Legends: 5v5

CC comes in various forms, each with its unique strategic importance:

  • Silence: Prevents the opponent from using their abilities.
  • Slow: Reduces the opponent's movement speed.

Strategic Use of CC

Understanding when and how to deploy CC isn't just about theory; it requires practice. The effectiveness of using CC depends heavily on timing and situation awareness. If your current champion has CC abilities, think critically about how best to use these skills before switching to mastering another champion.

Playing numerous matches will deepen your understanding of CC's pivotal role and teach you how to counteract it when used against you. This hands-on experience is invaluable in mastering the strategic depth of Moba Legends: 5v5!

Tips for Excelling in Moba Legends: 5v5!

Tips for Excelling in Moba Legends: 5v5!

  1. Maximize Your Income from Minions: Your troops (minions) are a vital source of income, almost as crucial as your kills. Always seize every opportunity to last-hit minions to maximize your gold.
  2. Exploit Attack Pauses: When an opponent performs a normal attack, they briefly pause. Use this moment to strike or cast a spell, reducing their health. However, prioritize minion last-hits over attacking your opponent unless you're sure the attack will significantly impact their health.
  3. Constantly Check the Mini-map: Frequently glance at the mini-map—aim for every few seconds. It provides valuable information, like missing enemy heroes or the jungler's location, helping you decide whether to play aggressively or cautiously.
  4. Use Downtime Wisely: If you find yourself idle, check the scoreboard (TAB) for useful information, such as remaining potions or wards (pink eyes) held by each player. This can influence your strategic decisions.
  5. Understand the Role of Skill and Strategy: In Moba Legends: 5v5!, lower-level play often hinges on mechanical skills, while higher levels focus more on strategic understanding. While this isn't an absolute rule, it's a common trend. Focus on improving your strategic play as you climb the ranks.
  6. Handling Trolls and Game Pressure: It's common for newcomers to face trolling, especially on servers like Taiwan's. Use the TAB function to mute disruptive players to avoid distractions. If you're new to ranked games, start with one or two matches. If you struggle, spend some time in normal games to build your skills and confidence. Remember, if you continuously lose points in ranked, take a break and refine your strategies in normal games to prevent losing interest.
  7. Smart Play Over Aggressive Play: While aggressive play can be tempting, smart, calculated actions often lead to better outcomes. Understand when to engage and when to hold back based on your current situation and the enemy's potential capabilities.


Congratulations on completing your journey through Fight to the Best with Moba Legends: 5v5! guide. By now, you should have a solid foundation in the core mechanics of the game, understand the strategic significance of each role, and possess the tools to improve your play. Remember, the path to mastery is continuous and requires both dedication and adaptability. Keep practicing, refining your strategies, and most importantly, enjoy every battle. See you in the arena!

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