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Wanna play a cookie character?  Guess you are lucky today by playing this Cookie Run Kingdom game. All of you can play the role of a cookie because the game is an action role-playing game (ARPG) with some gacha elements. Cookie Run Kingdom is a multiplayer video game and the 8th game of the Cookie Run series. The game consists of many unique cookie types with unique abilities, but today we will explain to you about the Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac Cookie. 






What are the main aspects the players have to complete in the game? Here, the players have to build the cookie kingdom while collecting different types of cookies using the gacha mechanics given in the game to engage in battles. There are many adventures ahead of you, such as exploring new kingdoms, battles with monsters made of cake (Cake Monsters), and many more. In order to battle, you need to upgrade your cookies, and out of many powerful cookies, we will know more about the Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac cookie. 


This guide's main objective is to understand better the Lilac cookie Cookie Run Kingdom and its toppings. So, Lilac Cookie Run Kingdom lovers, are you ready to hop into the guide to know more about Lilac cookie Cookie Run Kingdom?


Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac Cookie

Lilac Cookie is a cookie character in the Cookie Run Kingdom that comes with epic rarity, and he is in the support class that should be positioned in the middle. Players first encounter this Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac cookie in the update of Tropical Soda Islands. 


Lilac Cookie Run Kingdom is a cookie with unique abilities, and they always try to be located between the healing and magic cookies. This cookie cannot act as a damage dealer because they are specialized in supporting the team from behind. 



Is Lilac Cookie Good Cookie Run Kingdom?

The Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac cookie can be considered a niche cookie. But if the player is not running an attack speed-based composition in the arena, this is not the cookie for you because the Lilac cookie has neither high Damage Per Second (DPS) nor an Area of Effect (AoE) damage.  


But this has a good attack speed that will nail in battle arenas, and with his attack speed, Lilac cookie can eliminate all other enemy opponents without giving them time to think of dodging the attacks. 


More cookie introductions with details can be taken from our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list


How to Obtain Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom With LDPlayer

If you are interested in the Lilac cookie, you must know how to pull it out. There are mainly three ways to pull him.



  • Regular Gacha: there is a 19.28% possibility to pull out a Lilac cookie here, but the players must have the patience to wait until they pull a Lilac. Players can even use crystals to summon him, costing 300 crystals for one pull and 3000 for ten pulls. In the regular gacha, players can also use Soulstones, a unique in-game currency, to pull out the Lilac cookie, and to do that, they will need 20 soulstones.


  • Special cookie gacha: Players can try whether they are lucky enough to pull him out by using the cookie cutters.


As you see above, it's not easy to pull out a Lilac Cookie the first time, and it makes you spend more time on the summoning section in the game than in battling. Okay, but we have a solution to help you to summon your favorite cookie quickly without spending much time. That is the best android emulator: LDPlayer, the top gaming emulator trusted by millions of users. 


The Multi-Instance Sync feature in the LDPlayer lets all the players run multiple in-game accounts, which makes it much quicker to pull out the character you need without spending more time. So, it's wise of you to play this using the LDPlayer. If you still haven't downloaded the world's best emulator, trusted by more than 100 million, now it's the right time to take the right step. Hold on to the guide; we are close to knowing the best toppings suitable for Lilac cookies.


What Is Topping?

When talking about toppings, pizza toppings are the first to come into our minds. A topping in this game is something that adds extra value or strength to the cookie. Once you equip toppings to your cookies, they can have additional skills. 


At the beginning of the game, players can equip one topping for one cookie. But when the cookie levels up, players can unlock up to five toppings slots. These toppings also can be upgraded using coins or some topping pieces. So, upgrading your cookie toppings is best to get more extra rewards constantly.


Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac Cookie Toppings


As we said earlier, the toppings are essential to upgrade cookies. Let's see the best toppings for the Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac cookie. 


Searing Raspberry

This topping can be used to utilize the offensive skills of the cookie, and by using this topping, players can double the speed of attacks and buffs. When you use this topping on your Lilac cookie, he will be powerful enough to beat all the other opponents in arenas fastly. 


But we recommend the players to use this topic only if they aim to execute other enemy players with the attack speed. 


Solid Almond

The next topping we recommend the players to use for Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac cookie is the Solid Almond. Players can use this topping to increase the damage resistance, allowing them to be alive longer because its cooldown time is worse when compared to the other cookies.


But by using the Solid Almonds as the topping, players can further reduce the cooldown time, which means the minimum time needed to wait after using the skill once before it can be used again.


Swift Chocolate

Players can also use swift chocolate topping to reduce the Chakram Throw's cooldown time. Another benefit of this topping is that this topping can increase the damage done by attacks. 


Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac Cookie Skills


The primary skill in Cookie Run Kingdom Lilac cookie is chakram throw, and he can use it in various rounds over a specific time. The Chakram Throw can increase the damage done by regular attacks compared to the boost rate of their attack speed. 


The Chakram Throw also can cause 180% massive damage in a single hit with 13 seconds of cool down. 



The cookie run game is all about cookies, and we choose the Lilac cookie out of many other cookies to make you understand the toppings to use for him and his skills. The decision is in your hands. Considering all the above information, you have to choose whether to use the Lilac Cookie Run Kingdom or not.  

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