Race to the Best with Caracoles Beginner Guide and Tips


Prepare to enter a realm where the pace is slow but the action is fast-paced and filled with laughter! Caracoles isn't just a game—it's a riotous journey through quirky races where your strategic smarts are as important as your sense of humor. Whether you're a young adventurer or a seasoned player, this game offers endless entertainment with its blend of hilarious slug personalities and thrilling one-finger gameplay.

Caracoles Beginner Guide

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In this guide, we'll escort you through the ins and outs of slug racing, from choosing your perfect quirky companion based on their unique traits like health, vigor, and that all-important quirkiness, to mastering the art of path-drawing that wins races. With tips on navigating different racecourses filled with bizarre creatures and traps, to strategies for leveraging your slug's battle cries in local multiplayer madness, we cover all you need to slide your way to slimy triumph.

So let’s play Caracoles on PC with LDPlayer, select your slug, and get ready to trace a path to victory that's as fun as it is challenging. It's time to unleash your inner competitor and laugh your way through the most outrageously slow races ever!

How to Play Caracoles

If you've found the tutorial for Caracoles a bit lacking, you're not alone. Let's break down the gameplay to ensure you start off on the right foot. Caracoles consists of two main phases in each match:

How to Play Caracoles

  1. Drawing the Path:

    • Your first task is to create a path from Point A to Point B. The goal is to find the most direct and straightforward route possible.

    • While plotting the path, avoid terrain that can slow down your progress, such as areas with obstacles or rough terrain.

    • This path will be critical because, during the race, your slug will follow the exact route you’ve outlined. Once the race starts, you cannot make any modifications, so it’s essential to plan this path carefully.

  2. The Race:

    • After drawing your path, the race commences. During this phase, you can watch as your slug follows the path you’ve drawn.

    • There are no player inputs during this phase; success is entirely dependent on the path you planned during the first phase.

  3. Scoring and Rewards:

    • Once the race concludes, rewards are distributed based on your finishing position.

    • The top five finishers receive the highest rewards, while the player in last place will not receive any reward.

By understanding these phases and planning strategically, you can improve your chances of success in Caracoles.

Game Modes in Caracoles

Caracoles features four engaging game modes: Event, Local, Online, and Join, each designed to offer a unique gameplay experience and different ways to earn coins and experience points (XP).

Game Modes in Caracoles

Event Mode

Event Mode is the cornerstone for new players, where you can earn the coins and XP needed to level up. In this mode, players compete across a series of tracks, and the winner is determined by who accumulates the highest total score from all the races. Participating in events will reward you with XP and coins, whether you win or lose, helping you gradually progress in the game.

Local Mode

Local Mode allows you to host games and play with friends using the tracks and events you have already unlocked. Progressing in Event Mode unlocks additional tracks, enhancing your local multiplayer experience with more variety and challenges.

Online and Join Mode

Online Mode expands your play options by enabling you to connect with friends or other players over the internet. You can share your invite code on the Caracoles Discord server to facilitate easier game joining. This mode is perfect for players looking to test their skills against a broader audience.

In contrast, Join Mode is designed for entering games hosted by others. If you find a game code on the Caracoles Discord, you can enter it in Join Mode to participate in tournaments and casual races hosted by other players. It's important to note that many participants in this mode may have more advanced, leveled-up slugs, which can be quite challenging for newcomers.

For beginners, diving into Event Mode is advisable as it provides a structured pathway to gain essential skills and resources. This mode prepares you for the competitive dynamics of Online and Join Modes, ensuring you have a solid foundation before facing more seasoned players.

Changing Your Name

When you first start playing Caracoles, you'll be assigned a generic username, which can make it difficult to distinguish your slug from others during gameplay. To personalize your experience and stand out, it's important to change this to a unique name. Here’s how you can do it:

Start by navigating to the play menu. In the upper left corner of the screen, you’ll notice a slug icon. Click on this icon, and a new menu will appear displaying your current username. Tap on the username, and you'll be prompted to enter a new one. Here, you can type in your preferred gamer name and save it. This simple change will help make your gaming experience more personalized and enjoyable.

Level Up Your Slug

In Caracoles, each slug possesses six main attributes that influence its performance in races. Understanding and upgrading these stats is crucial for progressing in the game:

  • Power: This is the ratio of tracking speed to slug movement speed. A higher power means you can draw the path more slowly before your slug's stamina runs out, giving you more control during the planning phase.

  • Path: This stat affects how quickly your slug moves during a match. Improving it can significantly decrease your race times.

  • Soil: Sometimes, you might need to move off-road, which typically slows down the slug. A higher Soil stat allows your slug to traverse off-road sections more quickly.

  • Slime: This determines your slug's efficiency on paths laid by other slugs. With a higher Slime stat, your slug can better utilize these paths to catch up or overtake competitors.

  • Energy: This attribute indicates the stamina capacity of your slug. Higher Energy means your slug can move longer distances before needing to stop for a recharge, allowing for more sustained speed during races.

  • Recovery: This stat governs how quickly your slug regains energy during stops. An improved Recovery rate minimizes downtime and can be pivotal in tight races.

To enhance these stats, you'll need to level up your slugs. Leveling up requires coins, which are earned by participating in various events throughout the game. As you accumulate coins and experience, you can strategically upgrade your slug’s attributes to suit your racing style and tactical preferences.

Level Up Your Slug

When leveling up your slug, prioritize Path and Energy as these stats boost your slug's speed and stamina, essential for all types of races. Consider Power and Recovery next to enhance planning efficiency and reduce downtime during races. Tailor your upgrades to match your preferred racing strategy and the typical track conditions you face.

What is the Cave?

Unlocking the Cave in Caracoles is a significant milestone for players. It opens up three new tracks and provides access to slug eggs ready to hatch, adding four new slugs to your collection. Each slug comes with unique traits and abilities, making the selection process crucial based on the requirements of each track.

To make the best choice, refer back to the stats we discussed previously. Evaluate each new slug’s strengths in areas like Path, Energy, and Power to determine which one aligns best with your racing strategy and the specific challenges of the new tracks. This strategic selection will help you maximize your performance in races and take full advantage of the new opportunities the Cave offers.

Play the Biggest Event Available

As you progress in Caracoles, leveling up will unlock more events within Event Mode. Choosing the right event to participate in is crucial, as it impacts the rewards you can earn. While it may be tempting to opt for easier events, the most strategic approach is to select events that offer the highest rewards.

Play the Biggest Event Available

Winning prices in events are directly linked to how much you can earn from it. For example, in an event where the top prize is relatively low (e.g., 30 coins), finishing last might only yield about 7 coins, which can be discouraging and slow down your progress. In contrast, participating in larger events with more tracks and higher prize payouts means that even if you finish last in every race, you could still earn between 70 to 90 coins.

Not only do these challenging events offer better financial incentives, but they also provide valuable experience on more difficult tracks, preparing you for competitive online play. Therefore, engaging in these bigger and harder events is beneficial both for improving your skills and for accelerating your advancement in the game.

Solutions for Large Fingers

One major challenge players with large fingers face when playing Caracoles, especially on devices with less responsive touchscreens, is difficulty in drawing on the game's tracks. This can affect your speed and overall gameplay experience. An effective solution is to play Caracoles on a PC using an emulator like LDPlayer. This allows you to use a mouse to draw the path, providing greater precision and control.

Solutions for Large Fingers

If you find yourself unable to draw quickly enough before your energy runs out, you can use the Operation Recorde feature of LDPlayer to manage this issue. Here’s how:

  1. Start Recording: Press F10 to begin recording your operation.

  2. Draw the Path: Take your time to draw the path from point A to point B. Continue drawing even if your stamina runs out during this process.

  3. Stop Recording: Press F10 again to end the recording.

  4. Edit the Script: A new window will appear with your recorded script. Click on the gear icon of the script.

  5. Increase Speed: Adjust the script's speed setting to 5x for faster execution.

  6. Save and Play: Save the changes and play the script to see the improvement.

By following these steps, you can enhance your gameplay and overcome the difficulties associated with having larger fingers or a less responsive touchscreen.

Take the Path of Least Resistance

In Caracoles, navigating the tracks effectively is key to maintaining speed and conserving energy. The tracks feature various terrains such as soil and obstacles that can significantly slow you down. To mitigate these impediments, strategically drawing your path is crucial.

Take the Path of Least Resistance

  1. Use Slime Puddles: Whenever possible, incorporate slime puddles into your route. These puddles help you recover energy quickly. However, it’s important to ensure that these puddles are along the most direct path to your destination, Point B. Avoid unnecessary zigzagging as it increases your travel time and energy consumption.

  2. Memorize Obstacle Locations: Certain obstacles only activate in the presence of slimes, such as bugs that can capture players with their tongues. These are often positioned on the track edges. To avoid these, you must remember their locations and choose routes that keep you away from the edges. Opt for a safer, further route whenever feasible.

  3. Study and Adapt: Familiarize yourself with the layout of the tracks and the behavior of obstacles. This knowledge will allow you to make informed decisions quickly during gameplay, enhancing your chances of winning matches.

By remembering these strategies and applying them during your game, you'll find that you can navigate tracks more efficiently and improve your overall performance.


Congratulations on reaching the end of our guide! Armed with these strategies and tips, you're now better prepared to navigate the slime-filled tracks and lead your slug to victory. Remember, every race is a chance to learn and improve, so keep refining your paths and choosing your slugs wisely. Whether you're racing alone or battling it out with friends, Caracoles promises endless fun and challenges. So keep your spirits high and your slugs faster. We'll see you at the finish line!

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