Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG Beginner's Guide for Getting Started


Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG starts with a Chapter-1 called 'Saving Chattingdale,' in a fictional world called Chattingdale where the villagers are being attacked by the dark forces called 'ORCs.' The game is all about beating the evil forces or 'ORCs' by solving the puzzles of multi-elements. The elements are of multiple colors; Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Purple. 


The game's introduction is done by multiple fictional characters, who are the chosen ones destined to diminish the dark forces from scratch. In the initial stage, there is a lot of storytelling done by the main characters explaining their situation regarding the Orcs and how they are attacking the villages and looting all the treasures. The initial stage is the Tutorial period, where the game explains how to play a mission and win.


It is just a puzzle of elements where you need to assemble three gems of the same kind, and when you do that, it will generate energy to attack the Orcs. Each element generates energy different from one another. For instance, the green elements generate healing powers, and the purple gem is the most powerful.


Game Modes

The game 'Call of Antia' has five sections; The Home Page, The Heroes Section, Campaign, Explore, and Alliance. Explore section remains unlocked during the initial stages of the game until you complete Stage: 4-3, and the same goes for the Alliance area, only unlocked after you reach Stage: 5-1.


Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG Mobile Game




The Home area of the stage is where your base is located. It has a castle, allowing you to expand your plots and further upgrade buildings. A community where you can connect your game to the social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord and YouTube. 


There is a Summon Gate where you can summon heroes. Heroes are warrior characters that you can unlock to make them fight in battles in the campaign area. There are two categories for Summon: The Daily summon, which unlocks after every 24 hours, and Epic Summon, which can be purchased with in-game gems. The In-Game gems can be earned by winning the stage missions.




The Heroes can be summoned from the Summon Gate. There are mainly four categories of Heroes in the 'Call in Antia' game: Legendary Heroes, Epic Heroes, Rare Heroes, and Uncommon Heroes. Their level of stars can easily define these warriors. 


Legendary heroes carry all five stars; the probability of getting them in Summon Gate is 2%. The 4-stars can define epic Heroes that they carry; they are the second-best in the category, and the chances of getting them in nearly 15%. The 3rd in category is the 'Rare' heroes, the probability of getting them in the summon gate is 40%. And lastly, the 'Uncommon' heroes who carry 2-Stars are the least strong warriors, but they have the highest probability of showing up in the summon gate by 43%.


Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG Heroes




The Campaign section of the game is the most fun part; the puzzle in this stage is heavily story-driven. All the missions are leading up to a big Boss fight. The fictional characters all have other dialogues that build up the game's storyline. After every encounter with a boss fight, a new location is unlocked, and the characters discuss the detail regarding that place in a very anime way. Other than locations, new characters are also introduced, and none of the characters shown in the campaign can be played. In simpler words, they are all NPCs (Non-Playable Characters).



There are mainly 4-5 main characters or antagonists, but they are all NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), but there are warriors who can be unlocked and are by default in the Heroes section of the game. All of them are categorized either by their stars, skills, or levels. Each of them is very distinguished according to their respective elements. 


There are mainly 5 Elements that can be recognized according to their color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Purple. According to the game, they are called 'The Fire Element' (Red), 'The Water Element' (Blue), 'The Light Element' (Green), 'The Nature Element' (Green), and finally 'The Dark Element' (Purple).


Each character belongs to a certain element, and each element has its unique advantage that makes them different from one another. Each element is vulnerable to a certain element.


  • Water is vulnerable to Nature
  • Nature is vulnerable to Fire
  • Fire is vulnerable against Water
  • Finally, Light and Dark are strong against each other but vulnerable against their elements



There is an inventory section on the top right side of the game's home page. Inside the inventory, there is a line of resources, all projecting the quantities of each respective resource. There are 5 resources:


  1. Goblin Chest: These are the rewards for the heroes who defeats the goblins.
  2. Dark Bones: These bones come from deep within the ground, and they can be used to ascend heroes.
  3. Holy Rope: A rope woven with Elvish magic. They are also used to ascend heroes.
  4. Frozen Feather: A shining blue feather. They are also used to ascend heroes.
  5. Thorn Fruit: The favorite fruit of Chattingdale's s druids. They can also be used to ascend heroes.


Some other resources are Energy, Stones, Coins, and Gems. The energy is used when you play any mission; a minimum of 4 energy units are required to play a mission. There are limited energy units that can be stored after a while; the game requires a couple of minutes to restore 1 unit of energy. The rest is Stone, which can be earned after winning a game and can be used to upgrade buildings. Coins are earned by winning missions and can be used to upgrade characters.


Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG Rewards



In conclusion, Call of Antia is a fun RPG (Role Play Game) with every possible element required in any RPG game: sound effects, dialogue from characters, fun missions, puzzles, and many more. The game is driven by an adventurous story where you encounter multiple interesting characters and face many tough demons to surpass a level. You will have a lot of fun playing this game as it exceeds all expectations from a mobile game.

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