Top 18+ (Adult) Mobile Games to Play 2022


The choices and the interests are not the same for the people. What you prefer will not be the exact thing preferred by another, and the things you like will always depend on your interests. Same here in the gaming world. There are a lot of titles for the games in the gaming world, and among those, all RPG, gacha, and strategy games, some would like to play 18+ games or adult games. We bring you up with this top 18+ mobile games list for those interested in this side.






When discussing the android games, the space it creates gives you more entertainment than many channels, and Google Playstore comes with so many options to choose from a player. Every genre you would like to enjoy will be placed in the Google Play Store, and you just have to choose. If none of these genres and new games is making you interested, you can just give it a try for a different section. And that is how you can meet the top 18+ mobile games section.


Just to make you aware, these games are not for the kids, even though the games seem like they were built for the kids. These are strictly built by focusing on adults, and they have visual treats that can please the minds of adults. The special thing is that these games come along with their own storyline, and there will be so many challenges to be accomplished. Note that every challenge will only be suitable for adults.


So here we are taking you into the top 18+ mobile games list that can offer you a unique experience, and this list is solely made for adults. Let's start.


Summertime Sage

As usual, it is highly oriented toward adults, this game takes first place in the top 18+ mobile games list. When we say about adults, know that it is all about extremely adults. The game features a young man who lives in a suburban town, and you will get to interact with so many characters here.



We need to warn you extremely about this game because its graphics are too adult-oriented, and more than those adult things, there will be so many exciting mini-games and locations that you can stick with this game for hours. The enjoyment of the gameplay as a one from the top 18+ mobile games list will be daily increased because it comes for free, and it has huge updates to add features day by day.


Dreams of Desire

Here is your chance for the players who want to dream of their desires from the top 18+ mobile games. You can generally fulfill your desires in this adult game, and it comes with a visual novel on it as well. There are so many interactive features as elements in this Dreams of Desire, and the storyline will also be very engaging and outgoing.



Here, you will see a young man who goes to school in the game with so many growing-up issues. And he now wants to fix them. So you, as a player, will challenge this young man to grow out and take his most valuable decisions to impact a good life. The game will progress with many goals, and you want to prevent facing the troubles here.


Best Wars Escalation Heroines

This game is not your comfort place to relax because it has an extremely adult theme. But still, this game is for you to have some enjoyment beyond limits. Best Wars Escalation Heroines is the next game that comes under our top 18+ mobile games list, and yes, it is highly suitable for adults with so many RPG battles. 



You will lead some powerful Escalation Heroines here, and since an evil organization puts the earth in danger. All the beautiful heroines are going to fight to protect the peace. The story will go with so many quests and campaigns. Know that everything in this game, even the interaction of enemies, will revolve around intimacy.


Secrets Adult Game

As you can see from the game, it is all about adults. The Secrets Adult Game is coming as the next pick for our top 18+ mobile games list, and it is way more popular than you think. Everything around this game will be rolling around choices, and you will play one role of a character. And after that, players are going to control the character's life. There are so many scenarios this character should be engaged with and if you need to have your most wanted outcome, then have your best possible choice here.



Every scene of this game will come along with a newly made twist, and players have to make their desired decisions based on that. If you make the right decision, then there will be so many secrets to be revealed. So you are going to experience a fascinating story right here with this game from the top 18+ mobile games list.



If you aren't interested in downloading a game and installing it, your perfect choice is the Mikandi. This is not exactly one game and features many of them within its own app store. There it features games that are themed for the adults.


Mikandi comes with so many comics, HD videos, games, and apps, and it also supports VR features. This is entirely free, so you don't have to worry about playing this game to fulfill your desires.


The Roommates Adult Game


With our next game from the top 18+ mobile games list, let's move into a college. We will be taken to a college right here, and we literally get the chance to form a relationship with another as per your wish. Whatever you want to do in your life, you can design it here, and there will be both male and female roles to play as well.


Either you get to be Max or Anne, or you will dive into your own crafted life here. If you want, you can switch the role you previously selected. Roommates are all about taking a balance between your relationships and your studies, and you need to make your life well balanced to face many other things in life here. This game is more like a deep view of college life, and you will never see anything serious here, just like a college student.


Magicami DX

Again, not your typical RPG game and is not going to be ordinary gameplay as well. This is the Magicami DX from our next game for the top 18+ mobile games list. Magical girls are here roaming, and you will be going around with the unlimited possibilities. There are demons, mysterious girls, and so many disappearances. 



A young boy is taking charge of the 12 girls with magic, and players have to create bonds among them throughout the battles. So finally, you will unlock the unlimited possibilities for them. The battles are made in 3D here, and we can customize our magical girls as per our wishes.


Mist Train Girls

Let's focus on a turn-based RPG as the last game for our top 18+ mobile games list. In 2021, this game was crowned as the best game, and it also managed to earn the titles of best scenarios, character, new game, and best-selling adult game. 



The gameplay of Mist Train Girls will take you to the military girls, and we want to take them into the adventure. There is a wicked mist wrapped around Iris, and we need to adventure to get rid of it. Mist Train Girls will literally take you towards so many possibilities and attack the enemies with a deep RPG system. The story of Mist Train Girls will be more profound, and there are so many characters to make your gameplay more enjoyable as well. 


The games we are talking about under this list will have their own PC and mobile version. But if your PC lacks exceptional features like storage to run these games, you can turn your head to the mobile version and play it on a PC. The best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, will provide the opportunity with more added features to enhance the gameplay. 



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And that is the end of our top 18+ mobile games list, and once again, we would suggest you go with these games only if you are an adult. These are some kind of unique evolvement with unique stories, and the content that includes in each game will be suitable for a matured desire. So if you are an adult who would like to play some different kind of story, here is your chance with the top recommendations.

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