Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG Gameplay Insights and Review


'Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG' is a fun adventure puzzle-solving RPG (Role Playing Game). The game offers more than 50 epic hero characters with continuous updates, including 25-28 chapters. It is a classic match 3-puzzle gameplay mixed with stories, battles, magic, and dragons. After every battle, the story grows; further, new characters and new stages are unlocked. 


In 'Call of Antia,' you are made the chosen one, who has been summoned to the fictional world of Antia. In Antia, many legendary epic heroes fight the evil forces called Orcs. The Orcs are constantly threatening the villagers and looting the treasures, and it is up to you to summon an army of warriors of different categories; Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary.



The graphics of the game are beautifully executed. The colors of the characters, dragons, and the animation during the dialogues and fighting sequences look amazing. The whole game is based around the story of how the chosen ones need to battle their way out from one village to another, fighting the dark forces called Orcs. 


The cinematography of the animations, the characters, and their dialogues is essential. The gaming studio kept that in mind, so since the beginning, the gamer gets hooked to the storyline and the missions. The quality of colors used throughout the campaign and even during the 1v1 online battle is top-notch. 


Other than that, the game studios made every possible attention to detail; for instance, when the gamer is not playing any missions or online battles, the home base castle is covered in snow if you look closely at your base camp. The screen page continuously shows the snowfall as a sign of a regular update.


Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG Graphics



The gameplay is based around the story of the main characters of the game and how they battle the evil dark forces called Orcs. The game is a match 3-gems puzzle game with a set of minimum of five games, after which there is a boss battle where you need to continuously match three or more gems that will generate enough energy to attack the boss demon. 


It is noteworthy that each attack towards any monster gives energy to the respective warriors. For example, there are five colored gems, and if you attack any Orc with one color (say Red), then the warrior who belongs to the red element will generate energy. And after a point, the warrior will be maxed up; at that point, if you tap on that particular character, they will use its signature move on the Orc, which creates heavy damage.


Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG Gameplay



The control of the game is straightforward. In the initial stage of the game comes a tutorial period where the game teaches how it should be played. There are no joysticks or buttons which need to be used; everything is done with a single touch. Since this game is a match-3 element, you need to match three elements of the same type by swiping the places of the gems. 


There are five colored gems and multiple warriors who belong to one of the colored elements. The colored gems or elements are Red (Fire Element), Blue (Water Element), Yellow (Light Element), Green (Nature Element), and Purple (Dark Element). Whenever you match three or more elements, it generates energy for respective characters. 


Each character has its special skills and powers; for instance, a character belongs to the green element. Whenever that character's energy is maxed out, to use its signature move, you need to tap on that character, and then that character will provide a healing potion to every character used in the battle. There are multiple characters, and only a few are allowed to be used in a battle, so you can choose any stronger layer to swap its position by tapping on the selected character and swapping it with the weaker one.



The soundtrack of any game is very important, especially when the game is story-driven. In Call of Antia: Match-3 RPG, the whole game is heavily driven by a story of the chosen warriors needing to fight battles against Orcs, the evil dark forces lurking in the shadows. There are multiple occasions where the game's soundtrack makes the gamer enthusiastic before playing the battles. 


During the starting of the game, when you are wandering in the home page section, there is a continuous 'Melodious Tune' playing in a loop which soothes the tone of the game and makes you feel calm and relaxed. During the campaign mode, the background score increases, and the rhythm of the game and beats becomes fast, which excites the gamer and makes you believe battle-ready to get into the mode and make more matches.



The only drawback of the game that I felt was being run only because of internet access. The game cannot be played during offline mode or airplane mode. It is a requirement as there is an 'Explore' area in the game which requires internet access. Understandably, you require internet access for the online 1v1 battle, but the pre-recorded campaign mode does not require any internet access.



The only suggestion is to make the game playable on airplane or offline mode. As I've mentioned in the drawbacks, internet access is only required for online 1v1 battles and not campaign mode. The campaign can be done offline mode; it will reach more audiences who like playing games that don't require internet access.



My conclusion for 'Call of Antia: Match-3 RPG' will be that it is a fantastic game with an exciting storyline, characters, and engaging puzzles. There are areas that need improvement, but overall, the concept is very new and gets you hooked to the game right from the beginning. The characters can be purchased from the stores and upgraded from time to time, and each character has unique skills and signature moves that come in handy when playing a boss-level fight.

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