Blue Archive best students for PVP

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Blue Archive  is the latest RPG game by Yostar that is full of anime characters and diverse students. Here every player is tasked to solve events in the city, and all of them are guided. Every character you see here is not suitable for making a successful PVP, and you have to earn more of the strongest ones.


There are also chances for layers to earn their best characters, and the characters in here are the students. Among them, there are also the best students to have gameplay into success. When engaging in a PVP, you have to use the best ones; Otherwise, you will lose in the tasks. So who are they, and how could you identify them? This guide is for you.


Best Students for PVP


The amount of capability for a student depends on their positions, defensive types, skills, damage types, weapons, terrains, stats, etc. So basically, for a PVP, a student must have three stars on their ranks. 


These characters are becoming the best students for the PVP due to their strongest reactions against the enemies. They are super vital against their enemy powers, and they hold the best abilities to face any problematic situation they face. 


So let's begin our list with those best students to choose from.




Aru is a Blue Archive character as a student, and she is a striker for the game. She is an attacker, and her school is known as the Gehenna. Position Aru holds the back, and her weapon is the SR. Aru can do massive damage related to explosions, and she uses light armour for that purpose. 

Blue Archive best students for PVP


Aru's skills vary with four, and we will take her Ex skill as the first. Her ex skills are going with 274% damage towards a target, which deals with massive damage. And also, this student can deal with 292& of damage to her surroundings. All the enemies surrounded in her can be vanished due to her excessive damage deals with the Ex skill.


Aru's average skill is dealing 152% damage towards the enemies. This happens every 25 seconds and will occur for one enemy at one time. The bullet will appear at an average of 50%, and it deals with a 251% damage in additionally. So all of this damage is happening to Aru's surrounding enemies.


Aru's passive skills are responsible for increasing critical damage. It improves the damage level by 14%. If she uses her Ex skill, this character's introductory rate will increase towards 20%; that is her sub-skill. 




Our next character for the best PVP goes to Lori. Her characteristics are also similar to the Aru, and she became different from her damage and the armour. They are penetration and heavy armour in, respectively. 


When using this character in your PVP, she is responsible for dealing with 350% of damage dealing with immense attack power, and when she attacks, the enemy that face it will be within an area fan-shaped. Lori's traditional skills deal with the damage of 229% &, and it happens every 25 seconds. This whole procedure can happen with a massive attack power against a single enemy. 


Lori's passive skills are responsible for increasing the critical rate of hers by 14% on average. And also, she can perform additional damage into 22.6 within an attack power as her sub-skill. Lori uses this skill when she is performing an attack where she is not covered. 




Hina is our third PVP best student, and she is also a Gehenna Attacker. The position she holds is the back, and she uses MG as her weapon. Hina's damage will be related to the explosion. At the same time, she uses heavy armours as her armour. 


Blue Archive best students for PVP


Hina's Ex skills are so powerful as it gives damage of 636& and it's her attack power that goes against fro the enemies. This power will emerge from an area fan-shaped. Hina's standard skills are activating when she is out from the ammo. She can reload her attacking power, and it will be increased to 21% within only 16 seconds.


You can see an increasing attack for the normal as Hina's passive skill. These can be increased by a percentage of 14. When she is making an attack, she can make a 2.7 attack of damage in addition to all the enemies. So these all enemies should not be covered to face for this attack. 




Shiroko is from the Abydos school, and she is also an attacker. The position will be middle with herself, and the weapon of Shiroko is the AR. Damages are related to the explosion for this character, and her armour is the light armour.


Shiroko's ex skill can damage up to 400% with her attack power, and it happens over one enemy. She is capable of throwing a hand grenade, and it is her usual skill. This grenade throwing will occur every 25 seconds in the gameplay, and it can increase the damage at a 193% rate within an attack power. This whole procedure will happen to enemies in the same range as shiroko.


Blue Archive best students for PVP


Shiroko's passive skills increase the critical rate of herself by 14%, and her average speed of attacking can be increased to 30.2% in only 30 seconds. It can happen in an attack, and those are the SHiroko's sub-skill.




Shun is a character who goes as the shiroko, but she will be from another school called Shanhaijing. Overall her typical attack damages are 153% in rate, and it can increase her regular attacking by 24.4% on average. You can see the accuracy of 26.3% in Shun.


When starting combat with Shun, she is gaining two costs of skills at the beginning. These are activating one by one in a battle. Her passive skills are increasing the attack power by 14%. And when shun is engaging with an attack, she deals enormous damage towards enemies at a 50.7% rate. So it is an attack that goes gaining in medium average for the enemies.


Blue Archive best students for PVP


Remember that these all are three-star characters, and they all belong to the S tier list. But there are also other heroes you can use in PVP as the best students in different tiers as well—the main thing to consider using them in your PVP based on their star count. If one hero is insisted with three stars, that character is the best student to use in your PVP.


How to earn these best Students?


You have to earn them by rerolling. Like most RPG games, this game offers players the chance to select their most needed characters. So in here, to choose the best students for your PVP, you have to reroll them. Following are these steps for rerolling.


  • First, log in to the game with a guest account
  • Take up to the tutorial and take all the rewards within it
  • When you want to reroll, bind your account to your fake email, and if you're going to keep the account, you can bind it into an actual email
  • Move into your title screen and logout
  • Log in to these guest accounts and keep rerolling several times


Multi-Instance Sync with Blue Archive


When rerolling, once you perform a one reroll, you might have to wait some time more than you think, and this is something that makes your time-wasting. So you can use LDPlayer as a solution to this problem. There is a feature called the multi-instance sync feature that allows players to perform several rerolls at once.


Blue Archive best students for PVP


Use LDPlayer to perform a reroll by activating its multi-instance sync feature, and it will let you perform several rerolls at once. So there is no time lag, and you can reach these best students without any obstacle.


Are these the only ones?


Obviously not. We have only explained here the best students in Tier S, and there are also other strongest characters available in here with other tier lists. You can give a try on following characters in different tiers as well. 


Tier A – Eimi, Mashiro, Neru, Saya, Tsurugi

Tier B – Haruna, Hihumi, Hoshino, Karin, Maki, Sumire

Tier C – Izumi




When dealing with a PVP, you have to concern about your using student's stats are reasonable and average. So keep in mind to choose a character that has three stars on them. If a character has three stars, they will act super vital in any situation, and you can use this as an advantage for your PVP. 

Download Blue Archive (ブルーアーカイブ) on PC
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