Beast Planet A Guide and Tips for a Perfect Battle


Have you ever thought about using different kinds of beasts to battle the monsters and defeat them? Well, if you are curious about what will happen if you do so, then you should try downloading this Beast Planet, one of the best strategy games with turn-based battles. Here you have many chances to obtain the beasts with different rarities as epic, legendary and mythic, and use them to deal with the monsters you meet during your explorations. As you are a beginner here, this guide with tips will help you be a better Beast Planet player. 

Beast Planet A Guide and Tips

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Many areas are there to explore with various landmarks and secret places. Going through each one of them will grant you the richest rewards. Besides that, you should focus on restoring the mother tree of Sophi with its elder trees to achieve the targets and unlock new areas to explore. Except for all the more awesome things to follow, you can do many things here. If you want to know the best tips for this Beast Planet gameplay, read this guide carefully and have fantastic gameplay. You can have a top-level Beast Planet on PC gameplay with this knowledge. 

Awaken Beasts in Beast Planet

You can see the beasts guarding the relevant area when you unlock a new landmark to start the expedition. And here, the game allows you to awaken one of the beasts to join your expedition. Once you start the awakening, the game will drop one beast to proceed with you, and the process is random. 

The beasts are mighty and come with different rarities. Every beast has battle skills and primeval abilities, which are unique compared to the other skills. And each beast has a specific advantage that you can have in your expeditions. And these skills and advantages will be much more efficient when the rarity of the beast is higher. 

Expedition in Beast Planet

In the Beast Planet, you have different areas to unlock and go on expeditions. At the beginning of the game, you have only one area unlocked, and once you complete expeditions in that area, you can unlock the next area. In these areas, you can see various landmarks available and go on expeditions to each landmark one by one. Exploring each landmark available in one area gives you rich useful rewards during the gameplay. 

Expedition in Beast Planet

What do you need to do on these expeditions? So simple, here you can see a grid of tiles, and beneath these tiles, you can find different rewards for your gameplay. When you tap on a tile, the adjacent tiles will become green, meaning you can delve into them. But when you tap on a tile and a tree appears, that relevant tile is blocked, and you cannot explore the adjacent tiles. 

When you explore these tiles, you can earn rewards; therefore, explore wisely, improve yourself at expeditions, and earn more rewards for the gameplay. Each landmark has a number of floors you should explore, and the number of floors will increase when you unlock higher levels of landmarks. 

Unlock Primeval Abilities of Beasts

As you know, the beasts have primeval abilities, but they are all locked and need various requirements to unlock them. One must component to unlocking the primeval abilities of the beasts is the Momento from the specific area. You can find the Momentos in the landmarks throughout the area while you go on expeditions. 

The primeval abilities are very important, and they provide significant effects for your beasts. So, these abilities must be your priority in this game so that you can benefit more from your gameplay expeditions. And also, you can level up these primeval abilities to improve their effect on the beasts, which we call the infusion. You need primeval herbs to infuse the primeval abilities of the beasts. 

Unlock Primeval Abilities of Beasts

With the primeval herbs, you can infuse power into your champions and grant them primeval ability EXP. After the infusion, you can get rewards. Therefore, it is good to infuse your primeval abilities. Now that you get the primeval ability EXP by the infusion of primeval herbs, use the EXP to upgrade the level of the primeval abilities you have unlocked for your champions. 

Earn Champions through Expeditions

The champions or the beasts can be summoned or awakened the first time you enter an area for an expedition in the Beast Planet. But besides that, you can summon new champions for your gameplay through expeditions. If you are lucky enough, you will get the champion houses through your expedition to different landmarks in the area. 

Earn Champions through Expeditions

And the champions or beasts you will get during the expeditions are the ones that are only specific to the current area you explore. When a champion house appears on a tile, you should tap on it, and you will receive the beast who lives in it. Therefore try your luck through expeditions and expand your beast collection. 

Secret Areas in Beast Planet

In all these areas you unlock in this Beast Planet game, besides the landmarks, there are secret areas you can unveil. Once you reveal these secret areas somehow, you should find what secrets lie there. In these secret areas, you will find monsters; these secret areas also provide you with much better rewards for the effort you put into exploring them. 

One of the greatest chests that provide the richest rewards, the chest of Sophi, can also be found within these secret areas. You will get them and be rich with the most significant rewards if you are lucky. As we said here, you meet monsters in exploring secret areas; once you meet a monster, tap on it, and your troops will battle against them. 

Beast Planet Battles

The creatures or the beasts that have joined forces with you are the ones you need to use during the battles for excellent victories. You can assign up to five creatures for a battle troop and assign soldiers under these champions for a march. Once you replenish soldiers under the champions, you can lead the army to attack the enemies to achieve the goals you need. Even though the outcome is unknown, you should lead the army and attack the enemies to see what will happen. 

Beast Planet Battles

Recruit Beats for Beast Planet

Besides awakening beasts related to each area when you explore, you have a recruitment system to recruit beast champions. Here you can summon one beast or five beasts at once. When you recruit beasts, you need summoning currencies to be used during the recruiting process. Though we think it is easy to get the top beasts out of the recruitment system given in this game, no, it is not. 

We cannot get the best tier beasts quickly as you think through this recruitment system. Therefore we want to suggest the best emulator, LDPlayer 9, to play this game on your PC. With the LDPlayer 9, you can experience and enjoy different excellent features for your gameplay, such as the Multi-Instance Sync feature. 

The Multi-Instance Sync feature lets you create multiple instances for this game, and after creating, you can start rerolling through all these instances. When you reroll through more instances other than one, you have a higher possibility of getting a top-tier best in no time. Therefore try playing this Beast Planet game on your PC with the help of LDPlayer 9 and have the perfect recruitment results, including more top-tier beasts. 

Enhance Your Beats

The beasts come with attributes and a level representing how useful they are in this gameplay. Enhancing the beasts will make them awesome and power up much more. So you must enhance your beasts in this gameplay. You can upgrade the level of the beasts with the requirements. When you level up the beasts, all their attributes will increase, making them powerful. 

And the next way is promoting the star level of the beasts. Promoting the star level of the beasts need soulstones and coins. If you have enough resources, you can promote a particular beast's star level. When promoting the star level of the beasts, you can unlock passive skills for them. Therefore when you have enough materials, do as we stated here. 

Enhance Your Beats

Targets to Acquire

Once you almost pass the tutorial phase, you can unlock the targets like the missions in the other games. But the tasks in the target option are always related to the tree of Sophi. These targets tell you what you need to do related to the tree of Sophi. When you enter the target, you can see various trees of Sophi to be restored level by level. 

When you restore a tree of Sophi, each time, you unlock an area to explore. The higher the level of the tree of Sophi you restore, the more areas you can unlock, and levels become greater. Besides unlocking new areas, there are more benefits you can get by restoring the trees of Sophi; therefore, make sure to achieve the targets in the target option by restoring the trees of Sophi. 

Follow Main Quests

Like in every other game, you can follow the main quests available in this game. These main quests are the best guidance to quickly clear one chapter and move on to the next chapter of this Beast Planet game. When you complete these main quests, you can get rewards for each completion, and the rewards become better when you go to higher chapters. So don't forget to clear the main quests and complete more chapters, as the chapters are the key to paving the path for many things. 


The Beast Planet beginner guide with tips is over now; though you have reached the end, you have come here with many useful tips and strategies for your gameplay. Now you can use these tips and strategies when playing this game. Be the best guardian of the tree of Sophi, restoring each one and exploring all the areas with the beast buddies you already collected.

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