AxE: Alliance Vs Empire – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

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AxE: Alliance vs Empire is a Fantasy MMORPG developed by NEXON Company. It is available on both iOS and Android. The game is set in a mysterious world where two factions battle it out to control the world's fate around them.


AxE: Alliance Vs Empire – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies


The game has quite a rich story and offers an open-world map alongside endless character customization. The game has 22 areas for players to explores and six different classes from two different factions. AxE: Alliance vs Empire is known for its unique Flying Wings mechanic alongside a pet's mechanic.


In this article, we will be discussing all the Tips, Tricks, and Strategies you need to know to get better at the game.


Collect your Daily Free Items:


AxE: Alliance vs Empire gives players free items every twenty-four hours. We recommend logging in every day so you can collect them.


The first item is a free spin at the power ball lottery. This lottery provides you with free items or some amount of resources. You also have a scarce chance of getting an epic skin or high-level gear out of it.


Another item you can get for free is a Fine Chest. People have pulled up Mythic rarity items from this chest. So, do not let it go to waste. The Normal gear Chest can be obtained from the shop as well; it provides you with six free normal rarity items every day.


Lastly, the costume chest provides you with one free costume every day of varying rarity. You should always login every day so you can collect these free items.


Purchase Items Daily:


AxE: Alliance Vs Empire – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies


AxE: Alliance vs Empire has special offers that you can avail of only once per day. These offers are beneficial when playing the game for a more extended period of time as they turn out to benefit you quite a lot in the long run.


The first deal you should always purchase daily is King's Blessing. This deal allows you to increase your EXP gain by 200% from daily quests and 200% from repeatable quests. Moreover, it increases your gold gain by 200% as well.


The second deal which is extremely valuable is the conversion of 100,000 Gold to 50 blue gems. This deal is much more economical as it's much better than buying the blue gems from the store outright as it provides you with about 30 extra blue gems for the same price.


Grind Quests Daily:


AxE: Alliance vs Empire has a reset functionality. This means that you can replay dungeons and quests that you have already done and gain the same rewards from them by paying a small upfront cost.


We recommend resetting dungeons and side quests every day. This means that you should be able to do one dungeon and a few side quests every once in a while. Doing this would ensure that you will have a steady income flow every week, allowing you to purchase more resets.


Manage your Inventory:


AxE: Alliance vs Empire has an AFK farming element built inside it. Players can quickly AFK farm entire areas overnight. While this is advantageous in almost every case, AFK farming also leads to a lot of space being hogged up by useless items during the night.


AxE: Alliance Vs Empire – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies


Therefore, we recommend purchasing bag space as quickly as possible. If you are a free-to-play player, there is only a certain amount of inventory space that you can have. Don't worry; however, you can always discard and sell items you do not need.


If you are a pay-to-play player, then you can easily purchase as much bag space as you want, which should allow you to keep grinding without wasting any of your time.


Always Select Manual Mode Before an Invasion:


Invasions are an essential part of AxE: Alliance vs Empire. We recommend changing the Character Targeting info to Manual. We recommend this for one simple reason. If this option is set to auto and you run through enemies, your character will move away from the quest and start attacking the player at random.


Invasion Quests are timed quests, and if you move away from them or spend a lot of time PvP'ing or dying, you will fail the quest. Therefore, we recommend setting the Invasion Quest Target settings to manual to ensure that the AI doesn't take you to a place you do not wish to move towards.


Complete Your Achievements:


AxE: Alliance vs Empire has an achievement system built in the game. These achievements are periodically unlocked and completed as you progress through the game. Each achievement grants you a particular set of gear, item, or resource.


We recommend going through the achievements section once in a while and claiming all your new rewards whenever you can. Usually, you can expect to get really good gear from completing achievements relative to your level.


Do Not Skip the Tutorial:


AxE: Alliance vs Empire has a very intricate skill curve. Luckily, the tutorial helps alleviate some of the issues new players face when playing such an expansive MMORPG. Moreover, the tutorial offers free rewards for everyone who completes it.


AxE: Alliance Vs Empire – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies


The rewards in question can only be obtained by completing the tutorial, and the gear you get can be sold in the auction if you do not wish to use it. Therefore, we recommend never skipping the tutorial and always completing it to its end.




AxE: Alliance vs Empire is a fantastical MMORPG game with a lot of grinds involved in it. However, the game offers a lot of deals on ways you can boost your XP and gold gain. The guild system is robust, and the combat is relatively standard compared to most other MMORPG titles.


AxE: Alliance vs Empire is set apart from other titles with its unique realistic graphics and infinite character customization options. Moreover, the addition of various new elements such as Runes and Invasions have cemented the game as one of the best MMORPGs you can play on your mobile device.

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